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Lboogieskells  +   821d ago
This is the most least impressive looking next gen game.
1lawrence  +   821d ago
have u seen ryse?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   821d ago
really doesn't look great. A man thinks it looks like a very restricted linear quicktime event of a game with lots of pretty backdrops. It also appears to make you feel insignificant and lost in the buzz of the battles. Quicktime fighting is not next gen. It's like they looked at GoW and said "let's just do the finishing moves"
gamertk421  +   821d ago
Also in the news today, several PS4 games will have superior graphics to the 3DS versions of the same games. LOL!
strifeblade  +   821d ago
ps fanboys are acting like wind and waves can only be done on ps4- lol
Abdullahbeyond  +   821d ago
I don't want anybody to tell me CLOUD power ever again..
Go to hell xbots!
Nocando  +   821d ago
Your reaction is a bit over the top, considering we are talking about a video game.
assdan  +   821d ago
I don't think this is news. The PS4 is stronger. I'd expect that the PS4 will have slightly to decently better graphics.
Tzuno  +   821d ago
why? because Sony spoke to them?
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ziggurcat  +   821d ago
also, fish AI?
mrmarx  +   821d ago
what about the cloud lol
SynestheticRoar  +   821d ago
So it begins. That was earlier than expected.
bahabeast  +   821d ago
PS4 i love this game
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christocolus  +   821d ago
Fanboys at it again ,we have just 4months to go. Then you can dissect, compare and contrast every multi plat game to your hearts content. Use magnifying lenses to find out how many jaggies and rough textures each pixel on screen has, you guys can even break open the consoles to use a magnifying lense to count the no of i.cs and resistors on each console panel....patience is a virtue....:D
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Dorwrath  +   821d ago
Series is slowly dying. Bought all the games so far on release, Revelations was disappointment, AC3 was a borefest. For AC4 it will be bargain bin or used, if I get it at all.
flunkers  +   821d ago
All these threads are same. Doesn't matter what the title is it just ends up in a slanging match.

Ps4 may was well have better looking games in 4 years. If that is the case I'll shelve the Xbox and pay the £100 for the ps4 that it will prob cost and then I have both.

Everyone's a winner. :)
Relientk77  +   821d ago
This game is gonna rock PS4
condemmedman  +   821d ago
Better wind lmao

Have that better effect psbore boys your so desperate to win this one. :-D
Gamers_United  +   821d ago
To genius that said troll account umm I have all Sony PlayStations so stick that where sun don't shine

And for the rest of the dreamers..whatever makes you happy there isn't any competition Xbox One is much more powerful system and features plain and simple
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extermin8or  +   821d ago
You sir are an idiot. I suggest you go relearn basic maths skills and how to read. Then return and look at each's specs and I swear if you bring up the cloud I may have to smite you right where you stand... (in an impressive manner-maybe a lightning bolt? or an army of evil pumpkin headed carniverous sackboy's-all powered by clouds that materialise out of their arse's).
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solidjun5  +   821d ago
"And for the rest of the dreamers..."

This is coming from a guy who was raving the "Cloud?" So we're dreamers? Whatever you're smoking - and all creating multiple creating multiple accounts - make sure you don't make it improperly.
Dead_Cell  +   821d ago
Superior Wind animation on PS4 - OMFG Best thing ever power of the PS4

AI Fish - Hated

Makes sense.
enkeixpress  +   821d ago
Let's hope that those improved graphical features are also implemented into the PC version since there is far more powerful hardware on gaming PC's for the game to take advantage of :)
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thetruthx1  +   821d ago
And I bet these features will hardly be noticed by the human eye. It will be all about the games just like with last gen and the xbox one is winning with their amazing looking exclusives
spoonard  +   821d ago
But but but...what about "the cloud"??? 300,000 servers... They can do ANYTHING I thought... OMG! I think i'm gonna throw up!! /sarcasm
Krosis  +   821d ago
"Teh cloud" original. Christ I'm tired of hearing that expression. No originality from a 12 year old is no surprise I guess.
Anyways, the quote can be misinterpreted as it's ambiguous. I'm sure he meant the PS4 version (most likly xbox one too) will be superior graphically compared to the 360/ps3 versions...which isn't saying much. But what is an N4G article without a deliberately misquoted/spinned/ambiguous title? Generates site traffic.

Little will change this generation. PC will always be the go to platform for top end graphics and PlayStation will have a slight edge over the Xbox One graphics (ps3 was "way" more powerful too and it's exclusives were marginally prettier than the 360's--a PC onlookers opinion, own all three consoles) . It's the games that count as usual and that comes down to preference and opinion. If graphics quality was all that mattered you wouldn't own a console.
extermin8or  +   821d ago
I generally agree, except please come on... The ps3 exclusives had one over the xbox exclusives and multiplatforms on consoles by a fair bit. But as I say iff the dfference is a new GPU for 'better wind effects' and no impact on gameplay... waste of money in my opinion. I'll buy my console and PC gamers can compare their games all they want as can xb1 gamers but thing is the difference will for several years be negligible, and then even when the difference grows it'd still cost double what the console cost at launch to achieve the better graphics-bettor of waiting for the next gen to start at that stage.
Krosis  +   821d ago
Not to my eyes. Halo 4 for example , while a crap game to me (long time Halo fan), graphically was beautiful and held it's own with ps3 exclusives. As a guy that games on a PC primarily and builds them as a hobby I humbly say I have a bit of an idea what these console specs mean, past gen and next. Throwing specs aside for the sake of brevity, the reality is this: the $100 difference between PS4 and Xbox One is purely Kinect--that's a fact. So without it , you have two even priced consoles with very simalar hardware, minus the RAM. Because of a cost cap, one both MS and Sony must abide by, these machines are in the same tier of hardware cost-wise and performance. The PS4 does have some components that are "better", however like it was with PS3, the diffeerence on screen in the long run will be negligible and not night and day (like fanboy zombies blither about). This is the reality when loyalism is removed.
It's the same every generation: one console has a higher number than the other and kids get excited thinking it means supercomputer vs calculator. Take the cost cap out of the equation and only then can console companies have an ability to drastically out preform one another graphically. $500 only gets you so much in the relentless hardware world. This is the sole reason, along with cooling, that Pc will always be graphics king: no cost cap.
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extermin8or  +   821d ago
Ofc- no cost cap is just it though,something plenty of people on here seem to just ignore-ofcourse sky's the limit. And Halo 4 whilst it looks great I personally still don't think it has anything on TLOU graphics wise or killzone 3 or even Crysis 3 (either console version). But at the end of the say as much as I like pretty graphics there's a line I have to draw where the cost no longer becomes worth the increase as gameplay doesn't change. Which is why I mainly use my PC for other functions.
Krosis  +   821d ago
Someone ought to write a book on the phenomena of "fanboys"'s sad and pathetic. It'd be easy to study the subject matter...Man, advertising FOR a company and YOU pay THEM? Do you guys bite down when sustaining rectal trauma?
Heisenburger  +   821d ago
No, I thrive on it.

And yes, I AM referring to the rectal trauma.
Krosis  +   821d ago
A funny joke from fellow German? Prost!
CyberFlux  +   821d ago
Cool, it's like the PS3 and its cell processor, from what I've heard it had bigger capabilities than the Xbox 360's but it was harder to program for, glad Sony unlocked the PlayStations' hidden potential.
extermin8or   821d ago | Bad language | show
Bolts  +   821d ago
The fanboys infestation in this site is worst I have seen anywhere. He said nothing to suggest that the PS4 version is superior to the XBOX One. The AC franchise and UBI Soft is typically know for being middle of the road platform wise, with exception to the PC, all their games are optimized to look the same.
SSJBen  +   821d ago
Lol more marketting bullshit from Ubisoft as usual.

Next they're going to say AC4 on the Xbone has better cloud simulation and better NPCs as well, because of the cloud.

extermin8or  +   821d ago
They are comparing the ps4 to ps3. Because both PS versions of AC4 and watch dogs 100% certainly have an hour-2 hours of extra content, that will be a free download on launch day. Both for PS3 and PS4. They've announced it on the ps blog themselves-therefore he must be comparing PS3 and PS4. (Don't get why they do that... he must KNOW what the reporter is actually after/means and how his answer will be interpereted.
condemmedman  +   821d ago
Sony fan boys are so boring. They are so last gen.
ghostrider32  +   821d ago
Lmao at these comments.
DOOMZ  +   821d ago
Funny how they have said the same thing about the X1, and not only for this game, but for Watch Dogs as well, lol!
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