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BadboyCivic  +   872d ago
No, its the most ambitious GTA yet
US8F  +   872d ago
The problem with this article is it didn't mention what made Red Dead Redemption. Traveling the world with a horse. Can't be RDR without horses.
minimur12  +   871d ago
its has a weapon wheel.......

Piegoose  +   871d ago
Exactly, if anything the next Metal Gear is Red Dead 2.0

But the whole topic is pointless anyways since they are all going to be good games most likely. And I would LOVE a Red Dead 2 anyways.
Derekvinyard13  +   872d ago
The article states that gta V may have taken some tricks from 2010 game of the red dead redemption....Does that sound like a bad idea to anyone? Red dead was amazing !
Fil101  +   872d ago
Red Dead is still amazing.
JoGam  +   872d ago
Honestly, I agree. They are taking some things from RDR but RDR was awesome too. Now will that hurt the game from being GREAT? Doubt it.
Dan50  +   871d ago
Loved the weapon wheel in RDR AND the shooting felt a LOT better than GTA IV.
HammadTheBeast  +   872d ago
It's not fair to call it RDR 2. It takes the best elements from Rockstar's best work and blends it together for awesomeness.

Max Payne shooting mechanics, RDR Open dynamic mission system, GTA IV graphics I guess improved upon, San Andreas style stats and vehicles, GTA IV style robbery missions and tons of things to do like in Bully.
badappe  +   872d ago
agreed with everything except the San Andreas vehicles. from what i see so far, the vehicles aspect feels more like Midnight Club.
Eyeco  +   872d ago
I'm kinda glad really, I was never a fan of the driving physics in GTA games, in fact I thought GTA 4 has some of the worst driving physics in recent memory, I always wished they drove like Midnight Club, i'm glad to hear this.
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ape007  +   872d ago
one of the most improved/impressive sequels I've seen in my entire life if not the most impressive one
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Ezz2013  +   872d ago
RDR is one of the best games i have played this gen
if GTAV is any thing close to it and have a good story and good gameplay

then i will be happy and will put it on my best games list
i hope to god it's not just the hype
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Wizziokid  +   872d ago
God I would love a RDR 2 however GTA V is going to be amazing, defiantly a step over what they have done in the past and a top game of this generation.
Fil101  +   872d ago
Technically Red Dead Redemption was #2
PersonMan  +   871d ago
No, technically the first game was called Red Dead Revolver. Then, they came out with Red Dead Redemption. So technically, there can exist a Red Dead Redemption 2.
slapedurmomsace  +   872d ago
How is GTA 5 anything but an unreleased game?
Dunpeal  +   872d ago
kinda how I saw it too. it looked as though they found a way to mix in the best aspects of RDR's engine and apply it to GTA, which should only make for an awesome experience

so yeah in a nutshell it seems like RDR 2.0 in an urban setting
PepperjackJig  +   871d ago
RDR used the same engine as 4
g4me_he4d  +   872d ago
Well calling it red dead 2.0 isn't a bad thing I absolutely enjoyed that game. But in terms of scale and content this game is on another level. By combining the good parts of red dead, all the fun aspects of past gta games and adding new features what you end up with is a masterpiece.
MrTrololo  +   872d ago
GTA & Red Dead is the king of open world games. Also how is GTA V a red dead 2. There is so many thing you can do in GTA that red dead can't.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   871d ago
I'm actually stoked to play a round of golf, then hit up the tennis courts.
QuantumWake  +   872d ago
I remember a lot of people back when Red Dead Redemption was about to come out saying it's just GTA with horses. It ended up being hands down one of the best games I've played this generation.

GTA V is going to be amazing. I'm so excited for it! :D
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stage88  +   872d ago
I hope not. RDR was a chore to complete.
Ezz2013  +   872d ago
i know it's different opinions and all
but i find RDR to be the best R* game ever
and i put it along with TLOU and Demon Souls as the best games this gen
Dunpeal  +   872d ago
sorta agree with this, but for me that was part of the charm up until the part where you had to kill a mountain lion with a knife :(
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iceman06  +   871d ago
I was half expecting them to throw a kill 2 bears with a knife challenge in there too!!! lol Good times though and poor some out for the many horses that lost their lives in pursuit of that one challenge!
dafegamer  +   872d ago
Lol leagues better than the mediocre gta 4
SpideySpeakz  +   871d ago
We'll always find something wrong. Games cannot be perfect, but RDR was a masterpiece, not perfect, but a very defining moment in gaming.
Fez  +   871d ago
Yeh I agree, the world was too empty and there was too much slow travelling. Gunplay was good though.

I think GTAV looks like an open world Max Payne 3, which is fine by me. Max Payne 3's gameplay was a lot more fun to play than Red Dead Redemption.
plaZeHD  +   872d ago
No, Grand Theft Auto V is the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.
evilhasitsway  +   872d ago
I really feel like this could be one of the most massive games out there yet not just in size but depth of what the player can do. reserved mine and cant wait to play that game.
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Agent_hitman  +   872d ago
Ma!, what fascinates me about GTV is the multiplayer called GTA Online.. That was so cool if you imagine what it can do.
dafegamer  +   872d ago
Red dead redemption craps all over GTA 4, its not even funny. Its like GTA 4 was made by amateurs in comparison to RDR
Goro  +   871d ago
Red Dead Redemption will still probably remain my GOTG...
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Paytaa  +   871d ago
Does no one remember Red Dead Revolver?
Y_5150  +   871d ago
Didn't know it exist until a couple months after the release of Read Dead Redemption.
ArtificiallyYours  +   871d ago
Two completely different Eras in America. Idiotic comparison.
desertpunk86  +   871d ago
red dead redemption is one of the best games i played this gen i love the story,soundtrack,gameplay,char acters and atmosphere the only game i bought dlc for and i still play the mp to this day,such a master piece.

games like cod 4 and fallout 3 that revolutionize the way we play games hell even cave story a indie game made by one person is such a masterpiece that i played the game through out the hole summer of 2012,rockstar are the masters and gta5 will not disappoint,man feels good to be a gamer!
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CaptainYesterday  +   871d ago
I hope we get to ride horses or at least be able to go to the horse races and bet on the ponies :)
Red_Devilz  +   871d ago
RDR was truly epic. The only thing that can take its place will be RDR 2 (hopefully prequel)
Dungus  +   871d ago
No it isn't.
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Mr-SellJack  +   871d ago
Lol gtav is mediocre compared to rdr gfx and story are still miles better and that was 3yrs ago,good luck with ur opinion
aLucidMind  +   871d ago
GTA5's graphics are clearly superior to RDR's, that's just fact. As for the story, could I borrow your time machine? Considering I doubt you've played it and, thus, couldn't know how the story plays out. Even the most dull premises can turn out to be incredible stories.
Mr-SellJack  +   871d ago
Snow,capturing the feel and looks of the west which is very difficult,horses,trains,severa l wild animals,john with his scares alone are clearly better than GTAV.With the story r u kidding me rdr is better A 40hr story on a singleunique main character placed in the west vs 3characters of 20hrs and bland story that is pretty much expectable and done b4
aLucidMind  +   869d ago
While RDRs graphics are damn good, GTAVs are superior. Thats just fact. And no story is original, what matters now is how it is presented and I dont think you have anything that proves Rockstar wont manage to one up RDR, regardless of the fact that it is among the best of the best we have seen this past generation. Until the game is out, you can hardly claim you know whether it will be bland or boring, let alone completely inferior to RDR.

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