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brandonw00  +   623d ago
I wonder how much it costs to remake a game like RE2.
ape007  +   623d ago
OMGG, im signing

pleaaaaase remake it resi 1 gamecube style but in next gen
fardan85  +   622d ago
Man, I'd love a remake of RE2. It's my all time favorite survival horror game.
I don't want much, just upgraded visuals, no need to increase the enemy numbers or ammo, adding extra areas, No QTE and no damned car chase+ plane ..etc, Ammo + herbs + weapon parts scattered around "no purchases", They should bring back my sweet type writer with the save room music, character control like RE6 but make the melee attack less powerful.
For once, Capcom should ignore COD fans and concentrate on RE fans.
Cod Fans have COD, if Capcom wants a piece of that pie then they should make a fps game better than COD & leave RE as a survival horror.
Matt666  +   622d ago
resi evil 1 on ps1 was better in my opinion
Speed-Racer  +   623d ago
Will 30k be enough though?
nick309  +   622d ago
I think 300k will be enough Lol
bohangirl84  +   622d ago
Unfortunately, I am doubtful, but I hope that the petition continues to get attention.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   622d ago
Signed. Bring it and REmake to PC too. It would never be uninstalled.
DarkBlood  +   622d ago
Mr_Nuts  +   622d ago
It's sad when you need to do petitions to grab a companies attention to do the most obvious thing fans actually will want and something which will get them a ton of money.
DarkBlood  +   622d ago
they need a fixed amount of statistics to certain sales is why
wtopez  +   622d ago
A classic game made even better by adding a load of QTEs! I'd really be into this if it was made more like the Gamecube remake of the original RE.
ifritAlkhemyst  +   622d ago
That is exactly what we want!
FalconR289  +   622d ago
I'd like the game to be remade like the original one was on the gamecube. Further more I would like Paul Mercier to voice Leon again and Sally Cahill to voice Ada Wong again. Now is this a lot to ask? Maybe, but I find there voice better then the two that voiced them in Operation Raccoon City and RE6. And for the love of GOD do not please the cod crowd that's what cod is for!
wtopez  +   622d ago
I love it when people express what I'm thinking in a much clearer way.
Auron  +   622d ago
where do I sign?
gazgriff2k12  +   622d ago
Id rather have a resi 4 remake on ps4
Shoul  +   621d ago
Would love a remake!

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