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killerips   943d ago | Spam
SatanSki  +   943d ago
Yeeey, miss botox...
iconic56  +   943d ago
Let's just set the record straight...

How the fuck do you prove you're a gamer? Just because a whole bunch of MALE exec's say they are gamers, you believe them because they know their content.. and of-course, men like to game.

If a woman were to come out and bullshit us and says she games all the time, we'd call bluff and be like this is PR shit.... why else? Because women don't really game... not like us men do... please..

Get with it, internet. Being a gamer (which is diverse as hell in itself) has NOTHING to do with how well they run a gaming company. Jack Tretton is awesome because he observes and listens to his consumer base... but whatever.. I'm sure he's hardcore gaming 24-7... whatever you want.
RGDubz  +   943d ago
R.I.P X-Box 187, we hardly knew ye.
Kidmyst  +   943d ago
"Larson-Green previously served as the head of Microsoft's Windows division" Hopefully Windows Vista wasn't her doing. Not being a gamer is concerning.
NeoRatt  +   943d ago
She took over Windows after the release of Windows 8.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   942d ago
Serious?? (I don't feel like researching a.t.m.) because win8 is the worst OS, I have ever used,.. my wife got a new laptop last week. I had to use a 3rd party app, just for the start button. So un-user friendly, I thought chimps designed it.
NeoRatt  +   942d ago

She took over after, so she is in charge of Windows 8.1 which is reversing many of the direction 8.0 went...
lgn15  +   943d ago
Fuck... Well now we know there isn't a gamer leading the company. At least if it was a guy I could have the slightest thought in my mind that maybe, MAYBE, he had player video games before. This chick will ruin Xbox. The only decisions ever made will be business oriented so we will of course get a crappy product next gen.
NeoRatt  +   943d ago
This article is wrong. She is only leading the hardware and studios group. The operating systems (aka the platform services) is being led by Terry Myerson. There is also a Cloud computing leader Satya Nadella. And an Apps leader Qi Lu.

So, the four of them will define the Xbox from each of those four aspects.

What MS seems to be doing is changing from a vertical product organization to a horizontal product organization.
airgangstarr  +   943d ago
Ask her what her favorite game of all time is she well say sega !!! lmao
EXVirtual  +   943d ago
I knew it! I knew MS wouldn't give the position to an actual gamer.
DevilishSix  +   943d ago
Awful just awful. This just confirms MS is more interested in apps, television, movies, software than in games. This individual is well versed in software, apps, etc based on her work experience. She has NO experience in games, game developement or its related experiences. This is a horrible move by MS, but its what Ballmer wanted and what Ballmer wants he gets.
blackmanone  +   942d ago
No offense to her, but I have a hard time believing someone has good judgement when they do that to their lips. That's crazy.
HOLLYWOODLAND   942d ago | Spam
brianunfried  +   942d ago
I would be worried. Not because she's a woman, but because she has no gaming experience. Also, I wouldn't trust anybody with that much botox in their face, tells a lot about someones personality.
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kingdip90  +   942d ago
This move makes sense I guess. Microsoft want you to own a windows pc, an xbox one and a widows phone. So they will have a hand in all of your forms of entertainment. Putting their windows 8 lady in charge of xbox one will make sure the xbox and other windows devices will comunicate well. There is a lot of potential money for a buisness if the can monopolize a versitile media hub like that. Its a shame for them it won't work
S2Killinit  +   942d ago
aaaannnd she has nooooo gaming background whatsoever. Well done.
PS: You know she is all about Silicon Valley when she has that much of the stuff injected into her face. lol jk
PSS: she looks like a cat lol also jk
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mippledipple  +   942d ago
Well Julie, you've been given a gift by having the standard-setter of the industry handed to you. Don't mess it up!
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D-riders  +   942d ago
standard setter?
Groo  +   942d ago
Feminist Propaganda bro
D-riders  +   942d ago
yeah seeem s like a bad hire to head the game industry im gonna check her credentials.
she ahs a ba in business admin and a master in computer science. how does this relate to game design.
her exerience is in user experience, meaning she would be great for a customer service lead but to head a ame division is as bad a move as the rrod fiascal. wtf MS first you spit on us and then this.
I work in IT and my boss is a woman. i have nothing against women, but although she does a lot of customer experience and know a ton abou tcomeputer. I wouldnt even have her hook up my ps3.
wow great move MS..
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dollison27  +   942d ago
She's one odd looking woman...can't put my finger on it buy something seems off about her.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   942d ago
It's called Botox, and bad plastic surgery,.
It subliminally tells you that she is not confidant in her true-self,. and is a Yes-wo'man,.. more concerned in what others think, than of having her own beliefs,. -Def. not re-assuring.
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sync90  +   942d ago
face like a bulldog chewing on a wasp. plus she works for microcunt!
zoks310  +   942d ago
Good luck to the Xbox division. It will never be the same for the Xbox brand.
Groo  +   942d ago
I pray Im way off base with this rant but get ready to be bombarded with Bravo and Lifetime crap.. cause everyone just loves the real housewife shows.. and some people actually believe reality TV is real.. Sports reality shows and cops are the only ones genuine. I can't even watch NFL network anymore w/o the female broadcasters talkin about crap that has nothing to do with football etc.. I can see it now.. Wealthy Female Buisness Exec in charge of a product that males are the majority comsumer... ah the possibilities are endless...
Gamers_United  +   942d ago
Well done Jules
wishingW3L  +   942d ago
they went from bad to worse. The Xbox brand is doomed.
VonBraunschweigg  +   942d ago
So from xBox 720 we're now down to Botox 180. Great.
Indo  +   942d ago
Could of been worse.
GraveLord  +   942d ago
Ouch. Microsoft is going through some changes that will potentially mess up the Xbox One launch. I couldn't be happier!
sync90  +   942d ago
Dat face! anyone ever heard the expression 'a bulldog chewing on a wasp?'
LiarasBoobs  +   942d ago
At least shes better to look at than that rat-faced mattrick fella. Next E3 will be fun.
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sync90  +   942d ago
Shes as ugly as sin!
LiarasBoobs  +   942d ago
Oh I agree, I was just saying still better than Mattrick.
Deltaguy  +   942d ago
uhh someone posted article on yahoo talking about N4gs reaction to this...
LiarasBoobs  +   942d ago
lol oh Rebecca Greenfield, you silly silly "journalist" you.

The problem here isn't that shes a woman, the problem is that she does not have the gaming experience that the head of a gaming division should have.
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sync90  +   942d ago
Also she has a face that resembles a badgers ass! far more important.
Drasill  +   942d ago
Don was a gamer and a former developer and people didn't seem to like him much. Maybe an outsider will be beneficial.
GodGinrai  +   942d ago
I dunno about this one,man. Ill asy this though, maybe her lack of experience will cause her to listen to the gaming community and devs. She is smart enough to know that she must learn a particular area before leading in it. So maybe she will let guys like harrison and spencer do what is needed and just sign it off.

EDIT:well im hoping thats what she will do...dont get no "bright" ideas, lady...
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