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HacSawJimThugin  +   656d ago
Has Sony even bothered to change the PS3 interface/dashboard...just asking cause we 360ians get updates on the reg.
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SITH  +   656d ago
The only thing I ever saw that PSN had going for it, was free online gameplay. That ends next gen.
edonus  +   656d ago
XboxLive has always been leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Sony and Nintendo had to give theirs away for free just to stay relevant. The Ps3 didnt even launch with a unified system and for most of the years were playing catch up all the way til the end. The last iteration of PsN with Ps+ is a good competitor remember things werent always that good. Ps+ make up ground by giving more stuff away but its kind of late.
Now next gen with Ps+ being required MS take the advantage again. They have a bigger stronger cheaper network for devs to use. So we should see more games with dedicated servers making for a better gaming experience. MS already has started doing the giving games away as extras thing. So MS has a better system ready to go.
Jakens  +   655d ago
Glad that Sony is charging for MP. lol.
Arturo84  +   655d ago
Balls in sonys hands they now are gonna get more cash hopefully its all used to actually make psn a completely stable and secured network
gamer2013  +   655d ago
@ razor76

You have nothing to say so you resort to personal attacks. How mature.
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