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fattyuk  +   726d ago
Get through the first episode by the 3rd your hooked.
thorstein  +   726d ago
Agreed. And he should have played it on PS3 or Xbox 360 because the problems that ruined the game for him didn't occur for a plethora of other people.
Megaton  +   726d ago
I just finished episode 5 about a half hour ago. It was pretty good, but I would have liked some of the decisions to have more impact. I also didn't really like the canned ending. I made choices in the hopes that things would turn out one way, but discovered you always get the same post-credits cutscene no matter what. Same goes for unavoidable deaths. You should be able to get around losing some people if you made the right choices.

Good game, overall. Looking forward to the next season, hopefully full of improvements.
Galletto3  +   726d ago
I agree with the unavoidable character deaths. Some felt unnecessary. Yes, i get that no one is safe with the zombie apocalypse but why should it matter (as a player) how i treat XX if they are going to die anyway and never be mentioned again. For me thats just sloppy storytelling.

But then again this is the thing with games that brag your decisions impact the game. The developers first and foremost have a story to tell, and they will create the game around that. Constants and variables, all that. I mean how would season two be made if they had to create two different games for two different storyline endings. People would still cry foul that their choices did not matter.
Wni0  +   726d ago
Choose your own story book!
Jovanian  +   726d ago
I came into it as a fan of the comics expecting an interactive comic in video game form and got exactly what I wanted
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