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Pancit_Canton  +   953d ago
I guess Naughty Dog is not making New Uncharted pretty soon. Probably a New IP from Naughty Dog again or New Jak games in the making. This guy is just floatiing around doing some part time gig.
CalamityCB  +   953d ago
Or maybe voice acting is his full time career and doesn't want to be remembered for voicing one guy.
Kamikaze8  +   953d ago
At the same time, I hear his voice so much that I really don't appreciate it anymore.
brodychet  +   952d ago
Not really a surprise.

Didn't you guys know?

Nolan North has voiced a character in every game ever created.

Just look at his Wikipedia :P
Blaze929  +   952d ago
lol this guy:

you know its a problem when you start a new game, and now instantly recognize him as the voice damn near every videogame.
CrossingEden  +   952d ago
Nolan North has performed in 236, so i guess the other 235 voices that he did were just part time gigs -__-
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   952d ago
Cool, I may use it if I do a second playthrough.
Y_5150  +   952d ago
This game is sounding out to be a good fun.
CrossingEden  +   952d ago
hell yes, troy baker AND nolan north in saints row

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