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HG_69   948d ago | Spam
danthebios  +   948d ago
Ps4 won the next gen sorry M$ hahaha.
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plaZeHD  +   948d ago
It hasn't even begun.
NeoTribe  +   948d ago
Doesn't need to. Microsoft forfeit at e3.
plaZeHD  +   948d ago
Smart move Microsoft. They know that Sony can't release Playstation 4 on september. Very smart move.
urwifeminder  +   948d ago
I am looking forward to my day one console on another note just got back from the hospital my first child was born got very hands on the single most amazing experience I have ever been apart of seeing a life enter the world wow a dad at 40 so happy.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   948d ago
DivineAssault  +   948d ago
Whats wrong M$? You guys had it all planned out before & now your changing things? I thought you guys were going to KILL sony @ E3 but it seems like the opposite happened.. Now your reversing the DRM, reversing the decision not to have a headset, whats next? Going to take kinect out of the box & no longer make it required?? lol Doesnt matter, the world sees your true GREEN colors.. Greedy ass company is now in panic
vigilante_man  +   948d ago
Baroness Thatcher (ex UK Prime Minister) is turning in her grave at the thought of more U-turns!!!

Her famous speech in the house of commons referring to the many Labour party U-turns "You turn if you want to but the Lady ain't for turning!"

Seems she was a fortune teller to boot..
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solidworm  +   948d ago
Todays U-turn......pathetic Microsoft.
Flames76  +   948d ago
Keep up the good work microsoft and keep doing the right thing
TXIDarkAvenger  +   948d ago
More and more MS reverses their stuff. Sure its a good move but it just shows how pathetic MS is and why they didn't do this stuff in the first place. I like the One's lineup of games but MS decisions are just poor and then they go back on their word. It's really hard to trust them now...I'll definitely be getting a PS4 first.

On a related note, did MS really think that using a kinect as a mic while little kids say they fucked my mom over Xbox Live through the TV speakers was a good idea? Facepalm MS.
Brute_Shot_Adam  +   948d ago
I think I'll stick with Xbox One this gen. Seams to be the best choice for me and I think I'll enjoy it more. Plus the games (mainly halo) are what I've always liked, plus the XBL is and voted by many people to be better, regardless of the free games. I could get either of the 3, plus a wicked PC. But I think the next Xbox One will rock.
Funky Town_TX  +   948d ago
I have ps+ and the games are a rental. No ps+ = no play.
NeoTribe  +   948d ago
Atleast ps plus gets free games, and tons of them. Not corny little arcade games either. Ps plus owns live by a longshot. Fact.
samekratos  +   948d ago
TalonJH  +   948d ago
Someone needs to update the article. Gem made a mistake. It actually isn't coming with the system. That being said, no matter what console you own, you should buy a nice headset. Including one is great for when you first make your console purchase but do yourself a favor.
TBONEJF  +   948d ago
TalonJH  +   948d ago
It does play used games now.
TBONEJF  +   943d ago
They're going too loose this next generation anyway even if it does play USED GAMES
AceBlazer13  +   948d ago
honestly i don't see how people can actually go back to no fan or anything and i never had intentions of getting the console but after someone tries to bullshit you in so many ways it's kinda intriguing to me how many people are actually willing to buy the console
Funky Town_TX  +   948d ago
Like Sony has never changed a console before launch. If they change the Kinect thing then I may pass on PS4.
Funantic1  +   948d ago
I know X1 fans are catching up. 2 weeks ago it was pure hatred towards the X1. Now the comments are looking a lot better. Imagine in 5 months.
DarkBlood  +   948d ago
would be great for a bundle without a kinect, but i doubt it at this point
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