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STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   954d ago
What is great ps4 Magazine girl? Ok I will take ps4 Magazine into my bathroom ( earthquake )
What wrong? U heard me I say nothing love my Magazine PS4?
PFFT  +   954d ago
danthebios  +   954d ago
NGO(New Gamers Order)..PS4 4 life whoooooo
DivineAssault  +   954d ago
Ive noticed that M$ fans are HATERS! Theyre defensive about everything & always have to talk mess about everything to try & prove a point.. News flash! Xbox one is NOT better than PS4 when it comes to gaming so get over it!
Bolts  +   954d ago
There's stuff about games in this magazine? The only thing I noticed is the ultra hot babe.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   954d ago
Let's face , with the exception if Wii, Playstation has dominated for nearly 2 decades. The 360 is in third place this generation, and next gen X1 will only be competing against Wii U for second place. I'll be saying told you so in about 7 years.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   954d ago

1. Weakest console always wins the gen.

2. People who really know the specs understand that the difference in actual performance is neglidgble.

Nothing at E3, with the exception of Ubisoft's The Division, looked next gen.
Golden30  +   954d ago
Hehe Sony needs to keep these kind of pressure on MS untill console release and beyond.
Sarobi  +   954d ago
First Edge Magazine and now this. PS4 is definitely getting a lot of positive exposure.
carlocgc  +   954d ago
if Microsoft get a low amount of sales then they will no doubt release an X1 without the Kinect. I'll set my watch and warrant on it.
MasterCornholio  +   953d ago
People will claim that its impossible to remove Kinect from the system because the console was designed around it. However, they said the same thing about their DRM policy and look what happened. My guess if the Xbox One fails due to its high price point Microsoft will just flip a switch and make Kinect optional and release and SKU without the camera.

Motorola RAZR i
Adolph Fitler  +   953d ago

"I wish we get a whole new MS after this console nosedives (hopefully)completely. As they are MS is nothing but a parasite to this industry ever since x360 launched imo. They always give less than they take."

Yes, but the problem is, that the more MS anally rape it's consumers, the more c%$k hungry MS fanboys arses seem to get. Bill Gay-tes & co. pull down these clowns pants & stick it to them, without so much as lube, or even a bit of spit, & the more these MS loving butt sluts love it. I can only put it down to that whole thing of if you are abused long enough, you become accustomed to the abuse, the abuse becomes the norm for them.
I mean, there are no redeeming qualities about MS, they are the ones that have gone a step closer to making online paid services the standard for consoles (once Sony's customers flock in droves onto PS4's + service, then expect Nintendo to either follow suit with Wii-U, or otherwise there next console,..if they survive long enough).
MS consumers ignored the fact that they released a console that devoid of quality, that it had a 100% fault rate for it's 1st 3yrs of production of 360, so MS now know that lack of build quality is not something that will stop masses of idiots buying said faulty crap....& make no mistake, buying something, then keeping on supporting that product & especially company, when they not only allowed something of such poor quality, into consumers hands, then kept it rolling off the production line for a further 3 or more yrs, when these things are guaranteed to fail within 4yrs of purchase, was criminal & people from MS SHOULD HAVE GONE TO JAIL, yet, MS's totally rabid fanbase, downplayed, ignored, & totally showed the low intelligence of the human race, for LETTING MS get away with the whole RROD fiasco. I mean, brand loyalty should end with problems as serious as MS unleashed upon the game playing public.
Adolph Fitler  +   953d ago
What was scarier, is that the damn gaming media & 99% of it's pathetic so-called journalists knew about this, & instead chose to blow stories out of proportion about Sony, with absolute ridiculous crap, like Ken Kutaragi saying, "people will want to work overtime to afford a PS3", I mean, for the $100 or $150 extra (depending on model), I would prefer a machine that was guaranteed to blow up within a year (& remember, if your machine failed before the 3yr warranty was brought in, then you paid for it to be fixed, not to mention if you only had 1 RROD instead of the 3yr warranty covered 3, as well as the disk scratching problem, etc, etc, you were not covered).

Sony got really unfairly screwed over by the gaming media (wonder why, when most of them are U.S. based), & by rabid fanboys alike, when in actual fact, PS3 has turned out to be an awesome machine, & from Motorstorm & Resistance, on day 1, to Unchartered, Killzone 2 & 3 at halfway, to The Last Of Us & others at the end, it has proven to be THE CONSOLE TO OWN.
I won't be buying Xbone, especially on day 1, but I will own a PS4 on launch & MS & it's fanboys can go get screwed.....& they can brag about ALL that MS has done for the console gaming industry, when the truth is, they have done nothing but bring negatives to aspects that were already happening, & going to happen. Just look at how Sega brought in online gaming to console, yet MS rabid fanboys, forget that & credit MS for the feat, when all them pricks did is ensure that we would incur a charge for the right. After paying our ISP's, you'd think we should have the right to play our computers or consoles, & whatever games we also have to incur the expense of, online, without having to pay another fee for online access. But nope, under MS's dictatorship, you will pay, pay & keep on paying, until you can barely afford to pay anymore, then I'm sure MS will find something else to charge for.
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