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DivineAssault  +   878d ago
too bad oddworld is PS3 only.. Wouldve been nice to get the vita version too
kupomogli  +   878d ago
So US gets screwed again with PS+.

Europe is getting games that US has already got, but if you were to look at every single month that Europe has got, every month has been hands down a far better month.

This month we get nothing but PSN games while they get all full games(except Payday.) I will agree that every game they've got this month we've already received, but they've received on a regular basis better offerings than we've got and there are many games we haven't received. Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, Dead or Alive 5, and the list goes on. Dead or Alive 5 they got a mere six months after it released, eight months with Sleeping Dogs(even though I bought this day one.) I bought DoA5 finally because I wanted to play with friends and it just never hit the PS+ over here, probably will soon though.

I purchase PS+, and pretty disappointed at the crap offerings we get in the US in comparison to Europe.

Maybe Sony is doing this trying to even out the screwing. Europe gets screwed with PSX and PS2 localizations. We get screwed over and don't get near the amount of quality content they get on PS+.

Europe Playstation fans. I envy you. Just kidding. I just wish PS+ was fair. It should be even across the board and it doesn't feel that way at all. Compared to Japan even Europe is getting screwed. Over 100 PSX games. It's unfair when we all pay for the service. Atleast it's not as bad as Live. Pre 2013. "We have a product for people who want to pay a yearly fee without getting anything in return. It's called the Xbox 360."
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_FantasmA_  +   878d ago
Nobody cares. Sign up for EU's PS Plus if you're still hurting. If you really want, you can have an account for each region. Besides Europeans pay more for their games and they usually launch later over there. You can't really complain about free games.
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   878d ago
Lol wtf are you going on about US members are currently getting Deus Ex revolution along with Saints Row the third. EU IS GETTING FUCKING CATHERINE.
BitbyDeath  +   877d ago
Eu already got Deus Ex last year and is getting saints row 3 this month.
cell989  +   877d ago
Gentlemen gentlemen seems to me we have a serious case of "I want what you have" guys go to eBay purchase a PSN card for the region you want the games from and set up another account just for those games, sure you get no trophies but you get access to da gamez
ghostrider32  +   878d ago
Shotgun = Hate mail
_FantasmA_  +   878d ago
I know some people will hate me for this but I'm really diggin Square Enix right now because they have given us Just Cause 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, and half off on Tomb Raider for Plus members. Dues Ex was my favorite game of 2012 (I know it came out in 2011, but I didn't play it until a year ago, and Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider are my favorite games of 2012 and 2013 so far (I still haven't played Bioshock Infinite or Last of Us).

Sleeping Dogs especially is the first sandbox game I have enjoyed from beginning to end and every mission is unique. Tomb Raider is what Uncharted should have been, and Hitman I have a feeling will be coming soon to the US like it did in EU. Thanks Square Enix, I know people hate you for Final Fantasy but I don't play RPGs so you guys are okay with me!

LOL at Xbox. Assassins Creed II is so old that I tried to give away my PS3 copy away and none of my cousins wanted it. Besides I think it was ranked as the "most platinumed game" for PS3 trophy hunters, so there's very few people who have yet to play it. Its dirt cheap too. And Halo 3? Damn that thing came out in 2007. Micro$oft invented full retard. Its almost an insult and big F U to gamers everywhere to offer such old games.
black0o  +   878d ago
and this will help BF series as well means anyone who try BF3 and likes it will jump and get BF4

still Sony wants domination
cell989  +   877d ago
Can't wait for COD lone wolfs to try and play this team-based game, noob slaughtering is going to be good
sAVAge_bEaST  +   877d ago
I lone wolf in battlefield sometimes.,, Just have to be smart/ballsy enough to do squad wipes, and take down tanks , by yourself.
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kingPoS  +   876d ago
Except you have to use two log-ins PSN & EA. It's a situation that's not fun if you've changed your psn email.

I forgot about the double sign-in since burnout paradise. I play nba jam offline with family, so it's a bit frustrating to setup to get online with BF3.

The setup for the Final Fantasy XVI beta is even worse.
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   878d ago
This, was the worst fucking time to buy PlayStation Plus. I ALREADY HAVE Battlefield 3 and the rest of the games are just heaps of shit. Man wtf is this shit, why are US gamers getting Saints Row 3 with Deus Ex revolution, whilst we get this shit.
buynit  +   877d ago
Gtfo, bf3 Free! I still havnt played the game!

I am going to buy a bigger hdd Today. I've only had plus for 2 months and not only do i not have enough hdd atm i just can't keep Up! I don't know how you guys that's had it for yrs do it..

Ms should be ashamed of them selves wit that bs free games thing they are trying to do.


Ps+ is doing great things and i hope Sony plans on keeping it, i will never pay for live again why would You?Guys and this is coming from someone that paid for live monthly up till about 2yrs ago when my s model stopped reading games. At that point i turned to the ps3 that has seen many 360 come and go and i said im sorry. Since then i haunt looked back and i don't plan to.

Oh and i will be buying a memory card for my vita too, i got one last Sept. But haunt played it much till recently when i got plus.. All i need now is the Ps4! I feel the love coming out of Sony.. They have improved so much compared to the ps3 launch..

Now its time to see if ms has the legs that Sony had proved they got.. Cause if you think about how things was for Sony when they launched the ps3 to how it is now, imo that is an amazing accomplishment..
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Orbilator  +   877d ago
i recommend a 512gb ssd , you might pay more but you can always remove it and install it to your ps4 when it comes out, pretty sure the PS4 will make a lot more use of it too.
buynit  +   877d ago
How much does it go For?
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solidt12  +   877d ago
I can't wait to play BF3 online on the PS3. I have it on PC but I am not a real PC gamer (not a mouse and keyboard guy) do I get owned online. Im sticking with single player multiplats on PC and online on Console.
ala_767  +   877d ago
Meanwhile on Xbox Live Defense Grid: The Awakening
cell989  +   877d ago
But but but Gold offers more value, and it's miles ahead of PSN, we have advertisement ads and cross game chat an over rated feature used to justify $60 a year...
Orbilator  +   877d ago
awesome wow really, gonna go buy an xbot today...
FITgamer  +   877d ago
You can buy xbots?
cell989  +   877d ago
Yes!! More noobs to punish in Battlefield 3
Orbilator  +   877d ago
SO who cares if we have it already, not me, biggest problem i ever had with BF3 was it crashing cause of a really sensitive to dirt disk.
Now its installed to my 512gb SSD hard drive, result, love the game.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   877d ago
did you ever get the disappearing gun? if the disk was a little dirty,.. their would be no gun,. Won't have that problem again.
o-Sunny-o  +   877d ago
I was going to get my friend to buy this but no need It's free wow. ^~^
jahfen83  +   877d ago
is the mp included in bf3 free download?
Raoh  +   877d ago
I don't have any room on my 320GB hard drive.

I downloaded Saints Row third but can't install it cuase I have no space.

Damn You Playstation Plus... Damn you to hell...

I need to delete some games and/or upgrade to a 750gb or 1TB drive very soon.
H3ADWOUND81  +   877d ago
Yeah I upgarded to 1TB, i've got 760gb spare space, it's awesome!
Bring on thedownloads!
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H3ADWOUND81  +   877d ago
And the titles just keep coming...
Crack your umbrellas out XBL, Plus is pissing on you..
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buynit  +   877d ago
Kidmyst  +   877d ago
Played BF3 on PC but will for sure download this on PS3, some good MP and Single player was OK.
MasterCornholio  +   877d ago
The last battlefield game that I played was Battlefield 1942 and I loved it. I can't wait to download Battlefield 3.

Motorola RAZR i
PurpHerbison  +   877d ago
Good man! You know about that real authentic Battlefield back in the day.
HG_69   877d ago | Spam
dkeat  +   877d ago
they need to send me a text alert when the store updates.
TomShoe  +   877d ago
And I just bought this game 2 weeks ago. T_T
Aleithian  +   877d ago
I bought it two months ago...
PurpHerbison  +   877d ago
I don't even know where my PSP is for that Metal Slug :[ Stoked for Jet Set Radio though.
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Spontogical  +   877d ago
And next month is DmC :D :D
Aleithian  +   877d ago
You serious?
Spontogical  +   876d ago
Yep! At least from what I saw on the Neogaf thread. June and July's PS+ content was predicted 100% correct, so I assume August's is the same.
CautiousLobster  +   877d ago
Wow, we get an arcade game that Ive never heard of and Sony give out a AAA title for free to their players. I am so going with the PS4 next gen.
Goldenarmz  +   877d ago
PSN Members get BF3....Xbox Live members get Halo 3? -_-
dohdeaux  +   877d ago
Just updated my PS Store to download and it's undergoing maintenance dammit. I wanted the digital version to get rid of my disc.... Get back online store!!!!
Aleithian  +   877d ago
Pure epicness.
koston3647  +   877d ago
This is fuggin' awesome! thanks for the free AAA game.2
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shuuwai  +   877d ago
Sad, sad.. PS3 HD that's 300 gig is full. Damn you sony! damn your free games, damn you discounts on games. Damn you for making me buy a 32 gig card for my vita. Damn you for Cross-buy! Damn you for listening to your customers! Damn you for those second tier sales for games for non PSN+ user.
jdawg222  +   877d ago
i am probably going to subscribe a lot sooner than I thought now. I wanted infamous 2 and BF3. hell, why not LBP karting as well. now I can get all 3 and more for 50 bux. sweet.
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