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MasterCornholio  +   958d ago

Motorola RAZR i
worldwidegaming  +   958d ago
Well sir, I think its in your best interest to take that job
zynga was offering since you will most likely not be working here so you can go out in stlye. "Cough"
Golden30  +   958d ago
He left becouse he knows whats coming to Xbox fans, another RROD fiasco but worse.. so he decides to go away before the console release
Skeith  +   958d ago
Sony truly crushes Micro$uck !!!
Relientk77  +   957d ago
Microsoft are so lucky he's gone, I would have fired him if I was head of Microsoft
TXIDarkAvenger  +   957d ago
Well in some way this is good news. We just don't know who is taking over. One can hope someone better.
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