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andrewsqual  +   834d ago
Well they got it instantly wrong out the gate. A game that looked incredible on the Mega Drive and pushed boundaries at the time with its unique use of technologies and what do they do? Release it on the most generic, over used engine of the generation making it look like so many other games out there. What a complete and utter waste.
Snookies12  +   834d ago
As a HUGE fan of Flashback when it came out... I'm going to wait and hold any judgement until I get to play it. The original certainly had a unique look about it, and I'm a bit sad that they didn't somehow incorporate that into this new version... Yet, I know not to judge a book by its cover. We've only been shown a brief trailer. Give it time, and wait until you actually try it before knocking it. :]
stuntman_mike  +   834d ago
i have to say the animation in that demo looked a bit ropey, even compared to the original flashback. also i hope they release it on ps vita.
weirdo  +   834d ago
it lacks the rotoscoped charm of the original. currently playing it on my amiga

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