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buynit  +   761d ago
The way i see it is if sony did include that camera at the same xb1 price it wouldnt oflooked good for sony..

If im not misteaken, kinect is ahead of pseye by much more than the difference in power the consoles have them selves..

I dont think pseye can fvck with kinect.
scissor_runner  +   761d ago
Sony has no good motion based games so this was a good move plus I'll get it just for god of war which doesn't need a camera.
Utalkin2me  +   761d ago
Well i can tell you this. Moves works way better then what kinect does. Now far as the new Move and Kinect. I don't know, i haven't used either.
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spoonard  +   761d ago
I fond myself not caring a whole lot about the PS4 camera. But you know what's cool about that? Is that I have a the CHOICE to have it or not. It's not forced on me.
Bowzabub  +   761d ago
Children don't understand these things.
PFFT  +   761d ago
talisker  +   761d ago
Now, Kinect is bundled. How many games we saw at E3 had camera support to justify that you have to pay for it. I know there was a tech demo but what else?
darkness625  +   761d ago
Serve ign right. Bias criticizing jerks.
kryteris  +   761d ago
Should of sold the PS4 at 429.99 w/ the PSEye. I'd say at most that's a $15 loss on the camera, hardware parts will get cheaper over time and dev. support would be a guarantee. Perhaps a 1/2 bundle day one deal, or free PS+ with it?
Beta_Ray_Bill  +   761d ago
people acting like devs will support something just because it's included with the console is a little silly. Devs will only make games that support kinect in a big way if gamers want it. Look at the wii. Does anyone remember the tons of devs who rushed to make waggle supported games?
TOMBSTONE4U  +   761d ago
All I want to know is since they have pretty much abandoned the Socom fanbase will Yoshida at least support H-Hour World's Elite kickstarter so that Socom fans have some sort of option on the PS4? At least unlike Sony David Sears cares about the input of the fans from the original most popular Socoms.
TheFamous1  +   761d ago
I want some sake with Shu....
Animal Mutha 76  +   761d ago
Heres a thought...

Apart from the obvious competitive advantage that having a cheaper launch package its quite possible that:

- Sony is using gamers antipathy towards motion control to get a one up on MS as they did with DRM.

- Sony, once having got wind of the Kinect 2s specification ( which is impressive without a doubt), realised that their attempt to mimic it is a bit rubbish and that it would never be as good so better to appear that they aren't that bothered and concentrate on the PS4s strengths. Truth is they wanted a slice of all the £s that MS made with Kinect but their product has missed the hands free 'honeymoon' . Gamers don't care about motion much now so why bother.

Also early adopters of new consoles are often the more hardcore and less likely to give a stuff about motion, wouldn't be surprised if we see a PS4 pack with camera a year in at a cheaper price when there are some second wave motion titles aimed at the casual PS3 upgrade crowd.
H3ADWOUND81  +   761d ago
KUDOS to sony, don't want it, don't need it, wouldn't use it & I don't want to pay for it. Yet another good decision by the leaders of the industry..
project_pat36  +   761d ago
What a very nice man. Good Guy Shu
"no no, I wanted Scott to be respected by readers, so correct info"
Coighty  +   761d ago
I applaud the Internet for giving every Tom, Dick and Harry an anonymous soapbox from which to spew nonsense about which they do not understand.
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Link2DaFutcha  +   761d ago
I hate how they're talking like the camera just doesn't exist anymore. I've been using my kinect often, the workout games are great, and the voice stuff is a lot of fun. I plan on buying an eye, and I hope it gets support. Who cares if it isn't bundled, it makes more sense, no reason to needlessly throw more stuff in that not everybody wants. It's a great move by Sony to sell it separately so that those that ARE interested can get it and those that aren't are not forced to. Personally I can't wait to see what kind of cool things they get for the camera on PS4. And no, i'm probably not getting an xbone, i Like the kinect, but I don't want it on all the time.
dlocsta  +   761d ago
You do realise you can disable the functionality of the Kinect so that it is not "always" on? Happy to here you are buying the eye. I think the point of the article though was to point out that devs may not program for the eye as much because they will prefer to wait for large adaptation which only comes if there are games that are programmed for the eye. It is that conundrum that the author was speaking to. Whereas with the Kinect being bundled with every unit means the devs know there is a large scale adaptation for the inclusion of the tech. My guess is the eye stuff may turn out to be Kinect 1.0 because of lack of mass intergration. Let's hope not.
dlocsta  +   761d ago
So now a Sony exec has confirmed that the eye was initially supposed to be bundled with the PS4. I think it will hurt Sony game development in the end. Like motion control or not including it gives the devs the option to use the tech. And if you don't like it you don't have to use it bundled or not. And before you disagree and you fanbots go crazy tell me which one of you has a cellphone that doesn't have a bunch of software on it you never downloaded, don't want, and can't remove because it was preinstalled by your service provider?
givemeshelter  +   761d ago
What this means is almost next to no support for the PS Eye by Sony and especially 3rd party developers... The same way as it was with the PS3. Nothing to see here....
Just like 3d gaming...
PerryCaravello  +   761d ago
The Order:1886

this game is gown be gooood
contradictory  +   761d ago
hey, if i don't have to buy an useless toy with my console that makes me happy.
redwin  +   761d ago
It's only useless if you are not going to use it and someone's trash is someone's treasure. You just have to keep an open mind. I remember when people used to say that computers where silly but Microsoft kept pushing it. I remember when Microsoft came out with the first smartphone but people said it was silly. Mmmmmm, I remember when everyone though that the movie MINORITY REPORT was cool because of the electronic board. Now it is here, you are just slow adopting it.
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redwin  +   761d ago
I would love that original STEEL BATTALION game from the original Xbox used with the kinect on Xbox One. I love that game along with the 40 buttons controller ... Lol. It was awesome.
DJMarty  +   761d ago
Ther nothing stopping Sony doing bundles for games that need camera eg a PS4 dance game with or without camera. That would boost the camera useage and still give choice.
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