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Abriael  +   962d ago | Funny
Lollollol +1 Shuhei.
-Mika-  +   962d ago
It not funny... Yoshida twitter reply to scott sounded really unprofessional and when scott replied backed and brings up a valid point about PS4 eye camera support. Yoshida ignores him and just post a smiley. Yoshida did not handle this situation well and he did not answer the question about support for the PS4 eye. I have a feeling the ps4 eye camera might turn out just like the ps3 camera.
Mr_Nuts  +   962d ago | Well said
That's nice dear

I mean Scott dosen't even have a clue anyway, look at his last tweet

*** Odd that many are interpreting the PS4 camera story as a dig at Sony. Not at all. But the future of motion control for PS4 IS seemingly grim ***

See that last part "future of motion control is grim"...who cares, most of us don't give a flying f*** about motion control. We should be glad it's just an option with limited support then like Kinect where it's shoved down your throat...IGN should know this but instead Scott makes it seem like it's a bad thing when it's not

How people get good jobs like this baffles me, it really does
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Majin-vegeta  +   962d ago
All i hear is bla bla bla.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   962d ago
Shuhei knows the people at IGN very well. He was just correcting them.
Lionalliance  +   962d ago
You got no sense of humor whatsoever lol, sad.
BIGBOSS08  +   962d ago
it should end up like the PS3 camera, an irrelevant extra. consoles dont need cameras.
WalterWJR  +   962d ago
Take popular subject, criticise it and praise the opposite. Basic trolling 101.

I will give you one thing tho, you are bloody persistent.
ballisticvoodoo  +   962d ago
The "journalist" didn't handle the conversation professionally. Yosh said everything was correct but.... Then the so called "journalist" goes on to henpeck about not having strong support for the ps4 camera? Typical tabloid journalist BS. Yes I know IGN is not a tabloid but that doesn't mean the hacks they hire as journalists aren't.
gamer42  +   962d ago
You can hear text? Cool.
don't you guys have a sense of humor?
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KwietStorm   962d ago | Trolling | show
Utalkin2me  +   962d ago
Sony could have bundled the camera in and still beat MS on price. they would have done a camera bundle and PS4 for 349.99. Considering we already know the camera is 59.99 stand alone.
3-4-5  +   962d ago
Do we buy gaming consoles for games or camera's ?

Do we buy camera's to take pictures, or to game ?


People make the biggest deal out of stuff that rarely matters and the stuff that does matter rarely gets talked about.
VitaOwner  +   961d ago
Why do you still have bubbles?
Masterdon   961d ago | Spam
Lord_Sloth  +   961d ago
@ Masterdon

It's very hard to even try and take you seriously with your incessant use of the letter Z and typing "u" as a substitute for "you".
Groo  +   961d ago
can i ask you this, would you have bought a PS4 if the camera did come bundled with the PS4? Would that have caused you to jump off of MS's boat? I have a feeling your answer is no..
Syntax-Error  +   961d ago
We are not stupid
Only real gamers know this is the case. Only fanboys will dismiss the fact that Sony dropped the $100 off because the EYE is not comparable to Kinect as far as funtionality and doesnt constitute the price increase. If the EYE could do motion detection and voice recognition that integrates with the function of the console then you would have seen a $499 PS4
Nick_515  +   961d ago
He is friends with a lot of IGN. It was just a joke, but kind of correcting him at the same time. Shuhei is a really fun guy. He is always joking with them over Twitter.
illtornworld  +   961d ago
There was no situation, lol, its just a stupid camera and price
--Onilink--  +   962d ago
Well it doesnt sound particularly promising that was the only thing he could say about the article. I understand that most people here(me included) could care less about the pseye. But in the end its a piece of tech that costs Sony R&D/ marketing money and they have effectively killed it. Just as any other peripheral on any console that is not included on every device
ZodTheRipper  +   962d ago
Yeah Sony killed the cam to save the console but Microsoft killed the whole console with it's always-on, always-listening cam ...I prefer Sony's approach and will probably get a camera some day, but I don't want to be forced to buy/use one.
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Hayabusa 117  +   961d ago
Are you trolling or being sarcastic? Or do you work for Sony's R&D department?

First of all they haven't spent any money marketing it because it hasn't been released yet. Secondly, yes, it's Sony's money, they can spend it on whatever they want. Do you have any idea how much cash these companies are prepared to risk on R&D? That's why it's "research and developement" they already know that every idea won't be making a return.

Sony, who have already spent money developing the device, have decided the camera isn't worth putting in the PS4 box for some reason...but you want them to anyway because we should feel sorry for their investment?

I just don't get it.
MWong  +   961d ago
Was the PS4 originally going to be released with a camera. The likelihood of that is yes. Smart move by Sony to not add that additional $50 on it's consumers.

I don't think I will ever purchase or have a need for the camera. Didn't get it with my PS2-PS3, never saw the need.

So thank you Sony for not shoving it down my throat.
YoungKingDoran  +   961d ago
KwietStorm + 5h ago | Mika Bubble Vote Added

Bubble up for making fun of Mika
GunsAndTheBeast  +   961d ago
no headset for xbone package, you gain something, you lose something
Yeah the camera is one thing, i like at how IGN made it look like Sony is hiding something too.. making it look bad. But the reality is that when you compare both the advantages of between the two consoles is that, PS4 you lose the camera, which is not that useful anyway, also having to pick to get a camera or not is good unlike Xbone they actually force you to pick one.

The logic here is that, with the PS4 you have a choice.

Also, the specs between the two, PS4 is on the winning side, and you don't get the headset for the xbone, you have to buy it separately. You gain something, you lose something.
--Onilink--  +   961d ago
not understanding most of the replies... (the disagrees were obvious because it was a "negative" comment about Sony).

I am not saying Sony that I would prefer the idea of a PSEYE being included on every console, because I could care less about it, the one I got on PS3 I had it for less than a month before I sold it.

Im just stating(just like the article does) that Sony has effectively killed almost every change they had at making the PSEYE succesful. As it has happened with almost any device that is not included with every console (wii motion + adapter, pseye, even kinect sales pale in comparison to the amount of 360s sold). So im just talking about the other side of the coin, while im perfectly happy to just pay $400 and let sony be the one who decides what to do with the device

@Hayabusa 117

I particularly liked your idea that if I find something I dont agree/like about a console I have to be either trolling or sarcastic. I had forgotten that these companies are perfect and never make mistakes...
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pixelsword  +   961d ago
If I may dust off an old chestnut...

darren_poolies  +   961d ago
*couldn't care less

It infuriates me how many people get that wrong.
fermcr  +   962d ago
Ir makes no sense putting a light bar tracking device on the PS4 controller, if the PS4 doesn't come bundled with the Eye Camera. Why put that tracking device on ALL controllers, if only a selected few that buy the Eye camera are going to use the technology. That's just wasting money... it's a bad economical business decision.
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CGI-Quality  +   962d ago
"I don't think so, Tim."


OT: Thank you for the clarification, Mr Yoshida.
BitbyDeath  +   962d ago
Light bar isn't for the eye. The eye can be used with it but it's primary function is to let players know which controller they are using eg. player one lights up blue etc
admiralvic  +   962d ago
At first glance you might be right, but you got to look into things more deeply than that.

For instance, one of the biggest problems with the move was the low adoption rate. No one wanted it and no one supported it (in the grand scheme no one did, I know there are games / exclusives). By building it into the controller, Sony can effectively stop making Move wands (saving money) and will have larger numbers incase other developers want to implement move features.

Personally speaking, I like this choice. I am paying less than the Xbox One and always have the choice to upgrade to the "full experience" for at most $60 dollars. This will give me time to see if there is a need and it won't hurt me if there isn't one.
JokesOnYou  +   961d ago
Personally I don't have a problem with what sony is doing, they are treating it as a peripheral so if you want it then you have the option to get it. This strategy like all peripherals make the future support hit and miss for dev support but hey at least you weren't forced to buy it. On the other hand this is a point of distinction for micro because most games will benefit from the added options that Kinect brings and it will only continue to grow far more rapidly than ps eye compatible games.

Sure we are forced to pay but the cost in the longterm is easily worth it to me when you consider the additional features it adds to not only the basic functionality of X1 but also more immersion ranging from subtle interactions like body leaning in Forza5 +controller or wheel to avoid other cars or even more cool things that I heard on a podcast journalists were talking about a micro engineer who gave a demo of a game where touching your temple in a fps activated your charachters x-ray vision. To each his own but Id enjoy engaging my games in new ways like this.
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DJMarty  +   961d ago
@fermcr - The light bar has multiple uses, it can be used with the PS4EYE and also as away to tell which players are playing.
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CrimsonStar  +   962d ago
@ mika
Lol Mika I respect your enthusiasm , and your solidarity to post your honest to god opinion . I do I truly do , but damn you need to take a breather and stop trolling PS3 and 4 articles .
Kingnichendrix  +   961d ago
@Masterdon the reason people are not too keen on MS is because they are seeing what Microsoft is actually like, the whole drm thing pissed of many gamers and when they saw how many people they were losing from their fan base they reversed everything. Make no qualms about it microsoft care only for 1 thing $$$$ if not go and find out how Xbox came to be.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   961d ago
Report this mika fool as spam
Narutone66  +   961d ago
As someone who replied to Mika, there should be a bubble named Mika, but I say there should be a bubble named corporate shills, so it would apply to GreenPowerz, JokesOnYou and others.
Aceman18  +   961d ago
i find it sad that the people who are complaining about this just because they are forced to use the one on xbox. also complaining about lower price point is stupid.

id rather a system with no camera lower price, then one with camera and higher price.

besides its an option and if i feel like i need one i can buy it later.

ign and those making a big to do about this truly have nothing better to do with their time.
kenshiro100  +   961d ago
You never give up, do you Mika.
DarkBlood  +   961d ago
i dont get it mika hates nintendo and is now saying something bad about sony, wtf dudette make up your mind lol
Narutone66  +   961d ago
As long as it's not MS, it is bad.
andibandit  +   961d ago

"most of us don't give a flying f*** about motion control"

I guess that's why the Wii failed so hard.
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Gameatholon  +   961d ago
Hey Mika whats it like when 90% if the site thinks you are a troll and disagrees with you?
S2Killinit  +   961d ago
I see Mika is at it again. This guy posts in PS4 articles more than he does in xbox ones. He is a Playstation fan, he just doesn't know it yet.
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komp  +   962d ago
I wonder if he pondered using the old 'trout slap' pic at some point prior to posting that.
1OddWorld  +   961d ago
Most people responding to this article are forgetting that the kinnect support from third party developers will in all likely-hood port over, so as long as sony supports this feature in some form the PSeye will have plenty going on this time around.

Very smart move on Sony's part for letting us make the choice and letting Microsoft take all the risk pushing the peripheral.
Mr_Nuts  +   962d ago
theWB27  +   962d ago
How? The only thing he got wrong was camera support with game demos. It was corrected. But if it weren't for Microsoft...the PS4 would have been bundled with a camera.
Mr_Nuts  +   962d ago
Oh here we go, a typical MS fanboy trying to make MS look like a hero on an article which is purley about Sony, IGN and the PS4.

***But if it weren't for Microsoft...the PS4 would have been bundled with a camera. ***

You don't know that and I highly doubt that would be the case anyway.

Your nearly as bad as Mika you know
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Muerte2494  +   962d ago
Even if Sony would...
have bundled the camera in the ps4, it would still be cheaper than Xbox360. My question is why is Microsoft system, less powerful, cost more than ps4? Even if you remove Kinect, it shouldn't even be the same price as ps4.
Fluke_Skywalker  +   962d ago
Dunno why people are disagreeing with Muerte^^
He's right. The PS4 camera is priced at £45 so even if you add that on separately it's still only £395. Still £35 cheaper than Xbone.
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karl  +   962d ago
how u figure that?

ps cameras have never been the focus of a playstation console its treated as a camera that can be used to play games..

MS has made a few E3s about kinect and its part of the console since its needed for it to work...
CrimsonStar  +   962d ago
I respectfully disagree , the reason The Ps4 isn't bundled with all PS4's is because its not a mandatory feature . The PS4 will operate with or without the camera .
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BitbyDeath  +   961d ago
@Muerte2494, MS aren't a hardware company.
Kinect 1 cost $150, Kinect 2 is likely costing even more.
Kaneda  +   961d ago
M$ camera is more improved then last gen camera. That is the reason why it is more expensive and of course, company wants to make profits too.
theWB27  +   962d ago
The title of page says it! Yoshida confirms and says your mistake was saying no games were using the camera. IGN editor says he corrected it. Heres the article.

It isn't purely about Sony,IGN, and the PS4. It's about the price and Micro including the Kinect and how Sony took their camera out in order to undercut the price.

Disagree all you want...but the article and Yoshida's response is right there. Holy's all right there.

Unlike Mika..I go after people who post falseness just cause its cool to downplay anything Micro. I don't praise the Xbox much actually...but this is much more fun. To see and article and YOshida confirm what they did and loyalists still act like there's doubt cause it's Sony. Show me where what I said was false.
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Utalkin2me  +   962d ago
It would have been 50 dollars cheaper regardless, sheesh give it a rest kid.
theWB27  +   962d ago
So why take the camera out if it were going to be cheaper anyway? No guarantee it still would have been.

Ok...not proving anything. But people jump on Micro for including Kinect and forcing it down our throats. Sony had the same idea and only switched to get a lower price point. They built the controller to function with the camera and now a feature they planned on having from the beginning is gone just to get a lower price point. If you can't see that in the article...oh well.
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sarcastoid  +   962d ago
Yes... they chose not to force a stupid camera down our throats. They thought about it, of course. But they chose not to. They didn't go one way and then flip, they simply made the pro-consumer choice from the start, not AFTER they saw they were failing. There IS a difference there. I'm not sure exactly what your comment is trying to prove wrong.
maniacmayhem  +   962d ago

you're arguing with a brick wall here on N4G. Any use of common sense that doesn't favor a shred of Sony will label you a Xbox fanboy.

In the tweet one person even says:

"Shu, the PS Camera was originally planned to be bundle with the PS4?is that the correct part of the article?"

Which Shuhei Yoshida replies:

"no comment, sorry"

If the PS4 was never intended to include the camera then why say no comment. Just say no, it wasn't.
The PS4 was more than likely was intended to have the camera included which is why they showed off a lot of features for it and the combined controller.

Now they'll have a device that will sit on the store shelf since its not needed and will hardly get supported (maybe?) just like the Move.
miyamoto  +   962d ago
PS Eye Sacrificed? PS Eye Abandoned?
What a laugh!

You cant spell IGNorance with out IGN.

I am an avid PS Move gamer and I support the PS Move system because it is fun playing with my nephews


Unlike M$ or Nintendo Sony knows best not to force motion gaming on PlayStation core gamers. Its an optional peripheral and feature as Sony knows not everyone is into motion gaming as core gaming is still heavily grounded on controllers.

For Scott Lowe to say the camera was axed to give the PS4 lower price advantage is pure guess work and uneducated deduction.

The DS4 is not heavily dependent on the PSEye.

"The light-bar doesn’t require the camera to function. It’s just a different way of identifying the player. In terms of using the LED [as in the Dualshock 3, with] numbers like 1, 2, 3 and 4, it looked a bit odd. The SCEI people wanted some smarter way of doing it, and the use of a full-color LED came up," Yoshida told Edge.

All these make sense.

Scott really got owned.


Sony showed support with PSEye and Move control system with their demo on last Feb PS4 reveal. And I know Media Molecule has something creatively genius with that 3D do-it-yourself- game maker game.

Not because they did not show some demo at E3 is reason enough to say the PS Eye is sacrificed, or abandoned. Sony has spread all their game announcements on all coming major trade shows.

@ you and @maniacmayhem

And based on your argument about Kinect kudos to Sony for letting M$ copy the "Wrong PS4 System" set to be unveiled at E3.

M$ fell 4 it!!!!

M$ has copied the PlayStation for the last time.
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Dacapn  +   962d ago
@thewb27 & maniacmayhem

You can argue about maybes and possibilities, but I prefer to look at what is.

I have no (read none at anytime ever) interest in motion controls of any kind.

That being said, I like that I have the choice to not buy it for the PS4. Kinect is the sole reason I will never get an Xbox One. If I didn't have to use Kinect, I would get an Xbox One. It's that simple. Something so trivial is what Microsoft is using to completely alienate some of their customers. I know not everyone shares my sentiment. Some people actually enjoy playing an overly simplified tennis match in their living room with their hand and an imaginary ball instead of just going outside. I get it. But I also know that there are people that feel the same way I do. The PS4 accommodates both people. The Xbox One does not. That's what is. The people who want Kinect or don't mind paying an extra $100 for something they may or may not use will buy the Xbox One. It's not that serious. Quit trying to convince people to like everything about the system. Personally, I love everything about the Xbox One...except Kinect. It's a dealbreaker.

If you're saying that Sony did this to undercut Microsoft on price, then thank you Microsoft! You helped make the decision for me.
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Hicken  +   961d ago
What are you even talking about?

The camera is priced at $60. The console is $400. Combine them, and you get $460, which is still less than the $500 price tag of the XBOne.

You don't have to be a loyalist or a fanboy to see that. It's just damn common sense.

Or basic math.

Either way, it's pretty freakin simple.
Imalwaysright  +   961d ago
What use of common sense? Does he work at Sony to know that the PSeye isn't included with every PS4 to keep the cost down? Does he have prove of that?

Couldn't have Sony have made market research and get to the conclusion that making the camera optional would make the PS4 more appealing to consumers that don't want to be forced to buy a device that they don't want and they'll never use?

Giving options and not forcing things down our throats, believe it, or not is consumer friendly and that is all the common sense I need.
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tarbis  +   961d ago
I suggest you guys watch the damn PS4 reveal and Xbone reveal on youtube and come back here and tell me which one of them is shoving the damn camera feature from the get go?
theWB27  +   961d ago

Market research didn't do it. Microsofts price point did. Ill leave the link for you too.

Yoshida is a president in Sony's entertainment division.

I suggest you read the links too. Last minute scratch. Are you guys really that blind? Yoshida confirms the story that they scrapped it last second to undercut the price. Everyone is reporting it would have been the same price as the X1. If you don't want to believe the president, him confirming the story, IGN, and all these links confirming they scrapped it in order to drop the price...then I'm done debating it. The proof is right there. There's nothing you can tell me that's different from what Yoshida confirms and all these different links say.
#3.2.10 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report
Imalwaysright  +   961d ago
@ WB27 The only link that works for me its the 1st and it confirms nothing, its just a rumour.

Your 2nd and 3rd links just lead to the google homepage. Could you please post the correct link?
Hicken  +   961d ago
"According to sources," reads your only real link, as the others are just Google search results.

And that conflicts reports from directly Sony saying they were happy when they heard the XBOne's price, because they knew they had a better one.

It also doesn't make any mathematical sense, as a bundle almost invariably CUTS the price of the total content, rather than raising it.

Please, tell me: what sense does it make to remove a peripheral in order to cut $100 off the price, then sell that peripheral for 3/5 of the difference? Any other such bundle would see the multiple components costing MORE by being sold separately, not less.

Care to explain how this would have been different?
moparful99  +   961d ago
@WB You're argument has MAJOR holes in it.. First of all Sony had NO idea what the price of the XBONE was going to be until the MS E3 press conference.. So for your theory to be sound in reason that means Sony decided in the few hours between MS' presser and their own to drop the Eye from the bundle and have enough time to modify their presentation accordingly? Sounds very far fetched.. Not only that but the EYE is $60 so they were going to undercut the price of the XBONE whether they decided to include it or not... Why couldn't Sony have just decided in the days or weeks leading up to E3 just decide from a marketing standpoint that it made more sense to them to NOT include the EYE in the box? All of this price undercutting stuff is pure speculation and not grounded in facts...
Prcko  +   962d ago
So this is Confirmed now,hahah good one
Angeljuice  +   961d ago
SONY SAID THEY WERE*LISTENING*, The community was up in arms about mandatory kinect, Sony heard that and responded. Whether the price would have been higher and by how much, we don't know. Maybe it was the difference between making a profit per console or breaking even. Sony said all along they were targeting $399 !
gamer42  +   962d ago
Oh Shuhei!

Related image(s)
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jahfen83  +   962d ago
Great move dropping the camera. Options! Consumers want options and Sony knows this.
RiPPn  +   962d ago
Yep gives consumers choice and a great price point, also gives privacy advocates a great option especially when both the Xbox One and Wii U have cameras built into their systems.
#6.1 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
clearelite  +   962d ago
Yes and having to connect a camera to operate a system is almost as bad as having to be connected to the internet all the time to play discs you paid.... oh wait!
CrimsonStar  +   962d ago
I agree . I like the Kinect 2.0 , but the mandatory always connected thing is kind of strange.
moparful99  +   961d ago
They did it to force 100% attach rate of Kinect for marketing and PR purposes.. There's NEED for it to always be hooked up it just benefits Microsoft more that it is..
Belking  +   962d ago
Ps4 camera is nothing more than last gen with a extra RGB camera. Not a significant upgrade.
KwietStorm  +   962d ago
You sure stay busy.
Why o why  +   962d ago
I think you need to add a 'belkin' bubble request to you 'mika' one....... ive always preferred netgear routers anyway.

Those guys are 24hour cheerleaders....I cant call them shills as they ain't even getting paid...smh
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RiPPn  +   962d ago
Motion gaming is so last gen.
Utalkin2me  +   962d ago
Sorry i like the route Sony took was focusing on the machine making it the best possible they could. I mean they could have made the camera the focal point to try to screw over gamers....errr wait, somebody already did that.
#7.3 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Williamson  +   962d ago
You must really hate sony, did they kick your dog? Well if you have one.
MizTv  +   962d ago
No I killed it with my owl
karl  +   962d ago
OMG u only compare them because MS has one...

u wont even use it...
reko  +   962d ago

how do YOU know? and oh good luck with your kinect hahaha
#7.6 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Belking  +   962d ago
Because I saw the There is a reason sony is keeping quiet about their camera. The thing only cost $59 so how advanced could it It's still not even 3d or 1080p like kinect.
ShwankyShpanky  +   962d ago
It's a stereoscopic camera, so yeah, it is "3d." ToF isn't the only way to determine depth, you know.

Of course, stereoscopic isn't a "significant upgrade" over monoscopic. Mm kay.
reko  +   962d ago

ps4 camera... mandatory... and
ms worker post a link you troll
#7.6.3 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report
insomnium2  +   961d ago

Ummm.. even if everything you say is what? Games like Okami HD and such are the only reason i got myself a Move. Move has buttons. Move is accurate. everything else is just BS. Im enjoying the living s**t out of Okami HD though. What was the point of your comment again?
DJMarty  +   961d ago
@Belking - You are an idiot.

PS4Eye specs

PS4EYE(min 60FPS - max 240FPS) is better than Kinect 2 crappy(min 30FPS(LOL) - max 30FPS(LOL).
#7.7 (Edited 961d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Mister_G  +   962d ago
Who cares about the camera? I don't :)
clearelite  +   962d ago
Definitely an afterthought. I've been too busy thinking about all the great games I'll be playing on my PS4.
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Angeljuice  +   961d ago
Yeah, also if developers create a really cool pseye feature in a must-have game, the eye will sell in huge numbers anyway. Thats a big incentive for Sony to push the developer to make good use of the thing. If they don't, no-one buys it!
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   962d ago
Haha Shuhei is the man....
RandomDude655  +   962d ago
Nicest troll around. He has a way of making people like him, and then drops bomb on them.

I kid......I think?

I like the guy. Good to customers, and ruthless with competition
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JohnS1313  +   962d ago
I don't really care about having a camera for gaming. I haven't seen many games that are so great they need it. I guess if you want to be the character in your game it's okay but I prefer things like better RAM.
mkotechno  +   962d ago
Nextgen wars in a nutshuheil.
Soldierone  +   962d ago
I like it as an option, and when I have the money I'll buy that option. As long as I don't have to yell at it to turn my PS4 on and can keep it unplugged whenever the hell I want, then I'm fine.
Puppy_Farts  +   962d ago
I agreed with you. I don't want nor care for any type of camera sitting atop my TV. I like the option, and prefer it to remain an option. 399 is the day-1 purchase sweet spot for me!
reko  +   962d ago
good job yoshi!
jahfen83  +   962d ago
If Sony really wants to drive the nail in the coffin they should bundle in the camera for free... BOOM!
Argus9  +   962d ago
TheEvilWithin  +   962d ago
I think with him posting a smiley could only mean that it is a remark to take as Wait and see. Like as in wait till Gamescom and TGS. I'm sure there are plans for the camera and motion control. One game I read about was a horror game that was supposed to use the move controller but I haven't heard anything about it since like last summer. Maybe at Gamescom they will talk about that. People at IGN need to stop jumping the gun about SONY and it's game support. When will people learn???
Argus9  +   962d ago
Nah, that's just Yoshida's trademark style. He called IGN out on their shoddy reporting and he knew it. :)
insomnium2  +   961d ago
"One game I read about was a horror game that was supposed to use the move controller"

I actually saw a clip of that sometime. Move was a flashlight or something and s**t looked INTENSE! I would buy a game like that in a heartbeat.
TheEvilWithin  +   961d ago
Yea same, I'm a sucker for horror games lol Hope this is brought up cause I would run out and buy a camera and move that following weekend lol
Argus9  +   962d ago
IGN must really be grasping at straws to try to call out the PS4 on this. Honestly, it seems very few people care about the Kinect 2.0 and would rather pay $100 less if it meant not having it. Sony is giving their buyers the option and I think it's the right way to go about it.
N311V  +   962d ago
I think Sony did the right thing. They're target market is gamers and that market is mostly disinterested in any form of motion gaming. It's a smart move (see what I did there?).
Thomper  +   962d ago
Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Sony originally say the the camera was included with every ps4?
tarbis  +   961d ago
When was that?
Thomper  +   961d ago
I thought they said that at the first reveal. I could be wrong though.
insomnium2  +   961d ago
You can confirm it quite easily buy looking at the reveal again. Tell us what you find.
PSjesus  +   962d ago
Yosh is the new face of PS.i really like his attitude and direct connection with journalist and PS fans good job Sony
0pie  +   962d ago
its not the 1st time he said something like that at a "journalist"/reviewe r.
I love this guy.
VideoGameJimmy  +   962d ago
Guess no one cared to read the rest of the replies... Clearly Shu is looking out for Scott.
NateCole  +   962d ago
Unless it is use for real VR i dont give a flying fuck about any camera for gaming.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   962d ago
Thank god screw these cameras and motion controls as well. Unesscary things I'm not gonna use
GraveLord  +   961d ago
I don't know how I'm going to live without that camera. It is so useful and a console just isn't complete without it! My PS4 feels naked without a camera watching my every move.
Popoffboy187718  +   961d ago
!!! Ps 4 me. Ps 4 u p s 4 everyone!!! Open the gates Sony !!! make it flood playstation 4!!!!
N8  +   961d ago
I might get it just because they did this. Just to be that guy with the PS eye for no reason
YoungKingDoran  +   961d ago
I love this guy.
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Rivitur  +   961d ago
So IGN is trying to take a shot at Sony for not catering to a gimmick fan base shame on those dirtbags.

Doesn't matter as the Oculus Rift shall own all. <:0
ltachiUchiha  +   961d ago
I agree also to mika^^ their is nothing wrong with not adding the camera, sony is giving the consumer choice. Oh how sum of u loyal xbox fans forget how microsoft launched the 360 with no wifi & gave us controllers with no usb cord to charge our controllers. What kinda company does that. Force us to grab a wifi adaptor for $100 more & buy a 360 controller charger if not you will have to buy AA batteries every week. Then on top of that u had to pay to play online but we didnt hear no complaints about that & those are features that came with the ps3 str8 out the box so who was screwing who? Thats right, the company u bend over for lol.
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kewlkat007  +   961d ago
Sony had no confidence in that toy...

Good business move...your only going to loose money.

Developers will feel the same, why waste the time? Everyone wins.
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