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ganesrianrangga  +   615d ago
@greenpowerz ps4 and XB1 dont support 4K gaming. how old are you??
Dark_Overlord  +   615d ago
There's no point arguing with greenpowerz, even with facts in his face he would still be in denial, isn't that how trolls work?
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Mkai28  +   615d ago
A game can be PAC -MAN and run at 4k..also, @Loki I think it's also possible for turn 10 to make dynamic weather, rain, cloudy, snow and night in Forza 5 through the cloud..
Supermax  +   615d ago
Can't wait day one Xbox one
Belking  +   615d ago
To all you saying sony can do this thing like MS are dreaming. Sony isn't software technology company and they will never be able to outdo MS in this area. This would be like saying MS can make a better TV than sony. This would be false because we know samsung are the ones that does Just kidding, but you get where i'm going.
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Dark_Overlord  +   615d ago
"To all you saying sony can do this thing like MS are dreaming."

Ever heard of updating an SDK? As long as the hardware can support it (Which it does in this case) it can be implemented into the software.

All this is is MS's own implementation of PRT (which is AMD's implementation among others)

Its nothing revolutionary, just a different way of doing something that is already available.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   615d ago
Check this video out from yesterdays MS dev conference.
Supermax  +   615d ago
Thanks for that link frigid
sAVAge_bEaST  +   615d ago
The demonstrator said not on current aps for android phones, and tablets,. but win.8.1 and ""next gen consoles"" like xbone ./not xbox exclusive, but next gen consoles.
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