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Golden30  +   766d ago
No PowerBrick?
My_Outer_Heaven  +   765d ago
Yup just like PS3.

Microsoft don't build their systems to be that efficient. Xbox One is freaking huge and ugly.
GentlemenRUs  +   766d ago
Too much excitement!

Also, Is it me or has everyone got a disagree? Guess it's the witching hour...

This Image reminds me of those who disagree anything about the PS.

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Relientk77  +   766d ago
I want it, so hardcore

I need a PS4
ShwankyShpanky  +   766d ago
"the console, the DualShock 4, a HDMI cable, an headset, a power cord, an USB cord and the instructions. What we didn't yet know is how some of those components will look."

Well, we've seen numerous pics of the console and controller, and a few of the earpiece. Sooooo... we didn't yet know what a few industry-standard cables looked like? Lemme guess... long and black with metal bits on both ends.

I guess the pic of the manual is new. Oooh.

C'mon... this is a pretty darn weak "article."
mochachino  +   766d ago
I want a PS4 SOOOOOO badly.
STEWIE_PLAY_PS4  +   766d ago
I per-ording PS4 ok, um where is PS eye eh?
MikeyDucati1  +   765d ago
<Insert Homer Simpson mouth agape and drooling, here>
elda  +   765d ago
I'm loving the sexy black slanted sleek (Japan-centric)look of the PS4!
CyberFlux  +   765d ago
It looks like it's wearing it's PS2 boots, the similarity is lovely, and that instruction booklet is sleek. We've got a real winner on our hands here Sony, I feel like it's paying a major humble patronage to the PS2, with the power of more than a PS3 in there! Brilliant stuff.
RE_L_MAYER  +   765d ago
Thats awesome if hdmi included, my hdmi cable needs a replacing
mippledipple  +   765d ago
It's nice to know this stuff really exists! #excited
The xbox controller supports 5.1 headsets, what is this garbage.
kryteris  +   765d ago
i was at gamestop today, asked about transfering my ps4 preorder to the store nearest to my house. And she said to wait as she went back to see if they had enough day one ps4's! whoa, say what!
shadowsatey  +   765d ago
As long as I don't get "Disc Read Error", please emulate away @PS2.
THE-COMMANDER  +   765d ago
OMG i can't wait to unbox this and read that blue Quick Start Guide while looking at my PS4!!!!
TOMBSTONE4U  +   765d ago
No interest in this console until Sony makes the kind of Socom game the fans have been begging for since Socom 2. If they don't want to make a true Socom and are still anti-fanbase they can at least support David Sears H-Hour kickstarter since he's the only one willing to make the kind of game most Socom fans have been waiting for. Bring Socom or H-Hour:World's Elite to the PS 4 and I might just get on board. Other then that I have no care for a company who butchers a fan favorite franchise with numerous overhauls and then flips off the fanbase when their horrendous overhauls fail to sell many games.
Harpers_Ferry  +   765d ago
Am I the only one who actually liked that the PS3 didn't come with a mic?

The few additional steps required to voice chat seemed to filter out a HUGE amount of kids too stupid to understand the vile shit they spout online. Don't get me wrong, PSN has plenty of stupid kids with mics, but compared to XBL it's like adult swim at the local pool. I'm going to miss that.
csreynolds  +   765d ago
"Potentially leaked"? Either it is leaked or it isn't - you can't potentially leak something...

On topic, is this ground-breaking? An HDMI cable is an HDMI cable (we all know what those look like), the PS4, DS4 and mono headset were shown at E3 two weeks ago, and a power cord isn't anything to get excited about really - is it?

I'm not even sure why this is news. Hooray for gaming journalism, huh?
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terrordactyl  +   765d ago
No demo disk?

The PS3 had a demo disk
csreynolds  +   765d ago
I'm only guessing, but I reckon you'll be able to download a handful of demos from the PS Store come launch. I imagine Sony's view is "who needs a disc when you can access demos online?". After all, digital distribution has come a long way in the last 5 years...
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karan7  +   765d ago
reason why they leaked this pictures is so that , 'they would want to know what everyone is expecting & not liking' so for ex...everyone is saying how the booklet looks shit...they gonna just switch it up on launch. start saying things like we aint to happy about the headset too, to get a better one, happy bout the hdmi tho ;)
KingKevo  +   765d ago
Well, to be honest. We have seen tons of pictures of the console, the DS4 and the headset in very high resolution on Sony's flickr page and I do not need a picture to know what a power- HDMI- and USB-cord looks like.

The only thing I take away from this is the longer USB-cord which is good, because the old one was bad if you wanted to actually use and charge the DS3 at the same time. That's why I did use the longer cable that came with my A40's.

And the manuals... they look like manuals. Nothing special, it's just the new PS design and a bit nicer to look at compared to the PS3's manuals, but who does really care.
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lyliade  +   765d ago
it looks poor for a cheap price beurk i prefer xbox one with more and better games
Guide2Anything  +   765d ago
Made a vid on this yesterday for anyone who's interested:

Related video
Psychog  +   765d ago
Yes looks like hdmi cable included I won't have to use my ps3 one then - winning ..... Winning .... Winning
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