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Popoffboy187718  +   962d ago
Sony beat their machine out the box is this a joke about cloud.u think ps4 can't work. In the same way with cloud services.hold on 2 something I guest?This company brings nothing 2 the table the name speaks idiot box loud with a mean raw!! They want your money with no good product in trade.lose that kinect next if they want to sell more than 200,000
Concertoine  +   962d ago
good grief, you people are willing to believe ANYTHING bad about microsoft. where's the proof that they paid ubisoft to level the field? there is none, and most likely they based it off the inferior platform to not make people lean towards one version. you know, like they did all last gen...
Deku-Johnny  +   962d ago
I'd like to know about the Wii U version, basically how they're going to use the Gamepad. If they use it well that's the version for me if they just stick a map on there then it's the PS4 version.
windblowsagain  +   962d ago
Game wise your looking at a 30fps increase on PS4.

BF3 on 7790 is 42
BF3 on 7870 is 72

This is at 1920x1080p
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Popoffboy187718  +   962d ago
What Microsoft do for u to beleave them when they talk there any thing good on thief track record that give u hope in thier goal. Sony beat them no cloud can help that console.They got money but no talent to be great!!!!
mrmarx  +   962d ago
basically ps4 is better.
alb1899  +   962d ago
you guys transform every information against Microsoft......can you sleep at night, is just a console....wao!!
Flames76  +   962d ago
What i seen at E3 the Xbox One games blew away every game the PS4 showed when it came to graphics.Guess its gonna be like last gen about all that power the PS3 had but could never match the Xbox 360 lol
threefootwang  +   961d ago
Words can't even explain how stupid your post is...and Yes I owned a 360 last gen too. ~Face Palm~
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Supermax  +   962d ago
Basically all multiplatform games will look exactly the same for the slow people out there.
CaulkSlap  +   962d ago
Considering they both use the same hardware architecture you can sure bet PS4 multiplats will look better. All the assets will be the same obviously. But it doesn't take much effort to crank up anti-aliasing or other post processing effects. They may not bother in the rush to get the first wave of games out, but eventually there will be a clear fidelity and/or framerate advantage.
seepamann  +   962d ago
Obviously ps4 is more powerful we all know so watch dog will be more graphical with extra frame compared to xbox version of watch dogs
busytoad  +   962d ago
Glag i got my ps4 preorder'd woot. Xbone is fail, heck even a wii-u is better than crapbox one.
meplaygames  +   961d ago
Hahaha I love Sony fanboys....easily the most retarded sort on the web. You guys make Xbox fan girls look like Einstein.
jessupj  +   961d ago
Considering xbots were more then ready for MS to bend them over with the originally intended xbone, I'd say they are the obsolete worst fanboys out of every single industry by far.

Anyway, back to The Last of US goodness.
swerve121  +   961d ago
Your 100% Fanboy not a gamer.
RealtorMDandDC  +   962d ago
Read more at http://www.escapistmagazine...
I've been saying the same thing for years...check my comments. I really do not know why people do not comprehend this. Microsoft will not except a inferior game on their system.
Hozi  +   961d ago
I personally think most Dev. will make multiplats almost equal in graphical fidelity. Reason? Because they would be shooting themselves in the foot if they release the same game on 2 diff. systems with diff. graphical details because say XBOX version of BF4 looks worst than PS4. MS is gonna complain to the Devs. and the fans sure will too.

So I think most devs. will try to match the graphics in multiplats. and the only real way to see which system has the better graphics would be to judge from Exclusives just like we've been doing this Generation.
PAYNEinc85  +   961d ago
Why did LA Noire, Final Fantasy, and Battlefield 3 run better on PS3 than they did on 360 then if microsoft has this policy in place?
sashimi  +   961d ago
Because some developers have to balls to? M$ obviously wanted FF13 bad to so they don't even care lol

LA Noire is published by Take-Two know the same publishers they piad $50 million for GTA4 timed exclusive DLC, are you saying they'd deny this game in the off chance it'd piss them off?

BF3 i don't even know, its EA the 2nd largest publisher; but you know there are exceptions to every rule. But that doesn't mean the rule doesn't exist.

But than again at the end of the day it doesn't matter because M$ will continue to throw money at backdoor deals and that will not stop.
batbatz  +   961d ago
I say no difference in GFX, in time PS4 will look better as they know more
swerve121  +   961d ago
So all this crying about GDDR5 being better most of our eyes wont be able to tell the difference. This is kind of like when everyone was screaming PS3 has 1080p then all of a sudden M$ does a update and boom 1080p levels out the playing field
threefootwang  +   961d ago
That's why exclusives exist. PS4 exclusives are going to blow away any exclusive game the Xbox One will offer. Plus I'm sure most companies will tell M$ to f*ck off and let them do what they want for multi-platform games.
OSIRUSSS  +   961d ago
Lawlz! Xbone fans paying 100 dollars more for a game that looks the same on a cheaper system! Fools!
Favre-orite  +   961d ago
On the original XBOX that had PS2 ported third-party games, the vastly more powerful XBOX, with few exceptions, showed no better graphics quality than the PS2 version. They were just straight ports.

The way for the PS4 to outshine the XBOX One is for Sony to have substantially more and better exclusive games.

I don't know how many exclusives M$ will put out this gen, but it says here on N4G that Sony has 30 exclusives up its sleeves. More overall fun and popular PS4 exclusives will be the best way I can think of to move more consoles than their "friends" in green.

I'm guessing this next gen's console race will be a bloody war - even more so than PS3 vs 360.

I personally hope the PS4 does better cuz I just reserved one, lol. That and the fact I just don't like M$ buisness practices, and I got fed up with their hardware quality and customer service.
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