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reef1017  +   958d ago
Playstation plus is not required for Free-to-play. Just sayin.
ProudGamer  +   958d ago
Nor Netflix. Just sayin.
Ron_Danger  +   957d ago | Funny
Or Dragon Ball Z... Just saiyan...
Edward75  +   957d ago
Don't you need ps+ now to play online?(for the ps4). I know that many other features will still be accessible, but I thought the ability to playonline next gen for the ps4 required ps+. Not that it's a bad deal.... But please someone correct me on this if I am wrong.
Edward75  +   957d ago
Maybe free to play titles don't?
Serg  +   957d ago
Yes, for pay to play titles you have to have PS+ now. But Sony stated that Free2Play publishers will be able to decide if they want the PS+ paywall or not. Sony is not putting theirs behind PS+ (Planetside 2, DC Universe Online), and I think I read somewhere that Warframe and Blacklight will not require PS+ either. Honestly any company who puts Free2Play games behind the PS+ paywall has no idea what the hell they are doing. Free2Play games have a very large number of players, but more than half of those are never going to pay, locking out a huge chunk of the consoles installbase will only hurt them.
isa_scout  +   957d ago
Sony has already confirmed that free-to-play titles will be just that...Free. No Playstation Plus required.
Edward75  +   956d ago
That's good to know.
Edward75  +   956d ago
I know that pay to play games on the 360 ( I think there is only one now, use to be two) don't require Xbox live. For example Final Fantasy 11 you don't need to be a gold member, and you can still use cross game chat while playing it. That has to be an exception I am guessing, but still now you can do it.
Serg  +   957d ago
Yeah, I haven't read the full interview, but from what I gathered he would save him and his team a whole lot of headache if he went with the Playstation platform. Be it PS3 or PS4. PS3 onviously would require a lot more work to port, but most likely not as much as trying to change Microsofts view on certain aspects that affect their game(s).
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r21  +   957d ago
Serg, can we have the link where F2P publishers says they can choose to charge with PS+? As far as I've read here or there on the net, F2P titles will be free to all PS gamers, whether they have PS+ or not.
ltachiUchiha  +   957d ago
We have some new details on PS Plus for the PS4. It will be required to play online but not for free-to-play games or MMOs. One subscription will grant access to all accounts on that system.

Cross game chat and other media functions won’t require the subscription. This includes services like Netflix.

This article was from 2 days ago.
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Serg  +   957d ago

I got my information from the interview with Shuhei Yoshida that was mentioned in the video. It's a little older than the article ItachiUchiha posted though. Things may have changed, for the better.
nukeitall  +   957d ago
Nope, that will come on PS5.
HammadTheBeast  +   957d ago
Or... you know PS gamers can play it on PC along with Titanfall. Lol.
ATi_Elite  +   957d ago
1. 60 million World of Tank players ( I say most people have 3 accounts so I would say 20 million UNIQUE players)

2. Instead of wasting time with a console version just continue to improve the PC version.

3. Can't wait for a PC ONLY dev to make a World of Tanks clone now that WOT has sold out to consoles

4. Consolers will NOT enjoy WOT cause it requires THINKING and not mindless casual gaming.

console = Casual Gaming

5. every PC game doesn't need to be dumb downed and transported to console in hopes of new revenue. You only ruin the PC game and lose money chasing after consolers..see #6

6. Dust 514 was a TOTAL FAILURE so PC devs need to stick with PC Gamers and NOT sell-out. Now I gotta wait longer for CCP to finish World of Darkness after TOTALLY losing their Butts on that CRAP Dust 514.

should of stuck to the PC only, hard lesson learned!
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isa_scout  +   957d ago
If you think only casual gamers play consoles then you're an idiot.
Bonerboy  +   956d ago
Although Im a PC gamer, I must say I agree with isa_scout, you are an idiot.

Oh, and it's "should HAVE" not "should OF"...Play less games and read a bit more....(re-read 1st sentence)
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gazgriff2k12  +   957d ago
nor youtube lol
and dont forget free cross game chat
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kingPoS  +   957d ago
How can it even be called free to play if you need xbox gold?
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FaSCoRP  +   956d ago
who cares about a crappy tank multiplayer game, there are ton of better games to play
towelie1288  +   956d ago
thats one thing about Xbox one that pisses me off, the pay-walls, it sucks
but i already have Live anyway so it doesnt really matter but i really like how sony is going about all these F2P games and i will definalty pick up a Ps4 in a year or two.
i will just Pre-order a Xbox one first
Bonerboy  +   956d ago
What the hell was this guy expecting? That MS would offer someting for free?! Bahahaha. Good god, get your head out your ass man!
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