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Asuka  +   520d ago
this game looks awesome!
CrossingEden  +   520d ago
i could really use an ORIGINAL, (as in no anime weaboo otaku bull characters), jrpg, cause dark souls is the only one -_-
Blastoise  +   520d ago

There's also Demon's Souls...
CrossingEden  +   520d ago
demon's souls is extremely tedious compared to dark souls
SonyPS4  +   520d ago
I love me some Atelier.
MoreRPG  +   520d ago
So how long till this game comes to NA
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TheEvilWithin  +   520d ago
So getting this! I miss the old school JRPG's SOOOOOO much... Played through Ni No Kuni and LOVED it.

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