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PositiveEmotions  +   964d ago
Destrania  +   964d ago
Great news. Let Playstation domination commence and continue.
ironmonkey  +   963d ago
One for the 60" tv in the mans den and another for my computer room for more of a competitive gameplay using a monitor. It will look nice beside the computer.
Sarobi  +   963d ago
This should be interesting.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   963d ago
Esp. if xbone's yield issues are still a problem,
Prcko  +   963d ago
crazy stuff...
sony domination is so huge!!!
jasonen  +   963d ago
Sony's going for the Kill.
WickedLester  +   963d ago
To quote an industry insider...

"Sony's design team absolutely smashed it this time. No PS3 style production issues or expense. Amazing job by Mark Cerny!"
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wynams  +   963d ago
Was just told this by Gamestop this morning as I traded in my fat 40GB PS3, extra Dual Shock and blu-ray remote ...

158.60 towards a PS4!
reko  +   963d ago
nice nice!
isyourhouseonfire  +   963d ago
Sony better cash in while it can because when the reviews start to come in the purchases will stop.
reko  +   963d ago
MS better watch out.
Cryptcuzz  +   963d ago
What are you saying? Can you speak present time language and not your future time language? Since I cannot understand how you would be able to know this.

isyourhouseonfire  +   963d ago
Refer to current generation's results.
kydrice  +   963d ago
You mean how Sony beat Microsoft in worldwide sales? Or you mean in just America because to you, that's the whole world?
reko  +   961d ago

sony beat ms in worldwide sales ms troll.
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Zechs34  +   963d ago
Refer to this generations results?

Ok... Here goes.

Overtook Xbox sales WW? Check
Best and highest rated exclusive games? Check
Still the best Blu Ray player? Chek
Actual high def and 3D output? Check
Console most used for movies (Netflix, amazon)? Check

K. Thx. Bye
isyourhouseonfire   963d ago | Trolling | show
S-T-F-U  +   963d ago

Where did you get that ridiculous information from?

"-XBOX 360 sales are nearly double the PS3"

No. PS3 has marginally over took the 360 in world wide sales. Considering the PS3 came out 1 year later than the 360 I would say that's quite a achievement.

"-XBOX 360 puts out 1080p, PS3 720p"

No. Both output MOST games in 720p. There are a select few that are 1080p across both platforms.

"-XBOX 360 higher streaming audience on Netflix/Amazon"

I've no idea about this so I won't comment.

"-XBOX 360 highest fan and critic ratings for exclusives"

You've been smoking crack haven't you? Naughty boy.

"-PS3 has Blu-ray"

10/10 for observation. It also has a power button that when pressed makes it power on and play games.
Zechs34  +   963d ago
Poor Kid, he must still be living in 2007... SMH

This is why we cant have nice things people! Please take note of "isyourhouseonfire" on how not to behave so that you may be a likeable person.
LOL, that guy just pulled some 360 stats out of his ass. Worst trolling ever.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   963d ago
you mean SKY-ROCKET, from word of mouth.. and friends showing friends..?..!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cryptcuzz  +   963d ago
"Refer to current generation's results"

Last time I checked the PS3 worldwide sales are ahead of the Xbox 360.

Your comment makes no sense.
Rockstar  +   963d ago
He may be referring to north american sales. I think they are somewhere in the area on 44 mil to 26 mil in favor of the 360.

He's still full of it though.

Don't feed the trolls.
ryanhoward6  +   963d ago
The only way Xbox will win this gen is with a HUGE price cut. They have lost hardcore gamer's trust with the DRM (even tho they reversed it), and if u wanna get casuals, you hafta be cheaper than Nintendo's box.
shadyiswin  +   963d ago
hardcore gamers actually understood the drm was for the good of the community it was only you idiot cry babies who didnt get it,so instead of developers making more money and gamestop making less,cheaper new games and cheaper used games,we will stuck in the normal way of here $20 store credit for a game we will turn around and sell used for $54.99 and pocket 100% really idiotic of the industry to allow this and people want game prices to drop,dont happen anytime soon,if the policy didnt change you would of seen new releases for $39 more frequently till we eventually got away from gamestop all togther,but of well,my money goes to walmart anyways,i never buy used and there games get marked down fairly quickly,that said can anyone give e a legit reason to own a ps4? what are the must have titles for 2013?
T2  +   963d ago
Haha you cant even pick one intelligible statement outta that mess ... Where did you get the idea ms would gift you cheaper games ? Kookaid drinker right here !
One good reason to buy a ps4 ? HAHAHAHAHA
MasterCornholio  +   963d ago
"hardcore gamers actually understood the drm was for the good of the community"

Yeah which is why hardcore gamers started campaigning against Microsofts DRM plans which lead to Microsoft dropping their DRM policy's due to an incredibly low number of preorders.
Heavenly King  +   963d ago
Unlimited Pre-Orders?

Fakdafakinfakerz  +   963d ago
My wallet is wide open too.
T2  +   963d ago
Thats what she said
PurpHerbison  +   963d ago
I said I wouldn't support GameStop last gen and I did on a few occasions.. But this gen, I will not. Amazon is the way to go.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   963d ago
this is where a man preordered because he gets free shipping
Chevalier  +   963d ago
My store it's definitely the case. I came into work and was told to take as many preorders as possible.

Results so far:

PS4 = 136 preorders (sold 47 units in day and a half)
Xbox One = 16 preorders (out of allocation of 30)

So then I guess this Article is obsolete now lol THIS IS INSANE THOUGH!!

Now, how about you do the same for online retailers sony lol now a days alot of people have preference of online shopping over walk ins. well, atleast it looks that way.

I am beyond excited. this is going to be an amazing year.
MohammedAlShalan  +   963d ago
quantity over quality?
ElementX  +   963d ago
Once again people have to start a sales war. Both consoles will sell at the end of the day it doesn't matter how many, just as long as developers are making enough profit to continue making games.
shadyiswin  +   963d ago
the ps4 will be delayed,you'll be lucky to get one before xmas preordered or not,guarantee it. Isee the xbox one in limited supply for 11/15/13 or very close too,i run the electronics dept,i dont pre-order anything,ill have the consoles at my disposal before they go to the sales floor,one of the many perks of my job. Ill be posting pics of the ps4 and xbox one when they do come in.
kydrice  +   963d ago
I certainly hope they're churning out PS4s by now.
Darkshader01  +   963d ago
C'mon Nintendo gamers, time to pre-order your PS4 :)
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Kos-Mos  +   963d ago
Where are the pc loyalists? I reckon this is a mediocre system compared to normal specs today. Isn't that why it's cheap to produce?
Uncertain to agree or disagree to my post? Let me give you an even more difficult standppint: I'm no fanboy to Sony, ms or pc.
Objectivness ftw.
mrmarx  +   963d ago
buying 3 selling 2..canou say "COME UP"!
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   963d ago
I really hope I do get my launch console for sure through GameStop then... I'm fully paid up!
Chevalier  +   963d ago
If you preordered before our cutoff that we had then yeah you will for sure. We were told by Sony to push for sales because EB?Gamestop have a deal in place that guarantees our units. They will pull stock from every retailer EXCEPT us. Hope that helps ease your worries!
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   963d ago
Thank you! I sincerely appreciate it... it's just I remember when I preordered my 360, I wasn't even going to get it at launch but then a dude dropped out of his reserve so it freed one up for me and I was next in line!

I was just hoping it would be a smoother transaction this time around!
meday354  +   963d ago
Hmmm, sony how I love you so.
dollison27  +   963d ago
I guess this is bad news for the people planning to scalp their consoles on Ebay...
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jessupj  +   963d ago
I just hope Sony gets the sales they deserve, since they always cater to their core gamers by providing games all through out the generation, unlike a certain other company.
Der_Kommandant  +   963d ago
Give me all, I'm gonna build my own Skynet.
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