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buynit  +   964d ago
I prefer ps+ over live. Ive only had ps+ for barely 2 months and already have more games than i can get to. I supported live since the launch of the 360 till about 2.5 yrs ago and now that i go back and think about i got no value for it other then to play online.

The 3 month subscription i got that i think cost me like 17 buckshas already paid its self back with gravity rush, that pinball game, sly cooper, sleeping dogs( i didnt know how good of a game it is) beloeve or not i got uc 1 and 2 but never got 3 but thanks to ps+ i do now! Wipe out and a few others..

I just cant believe the value you get with ps+ shit you even get discounts! All those damn yrs i been paying monthly for live and i got like 2 free games?! One was over some fuck up i forgot what it was but it was a ok arcade game.

My biggest problem is hdd space, good thing i can get a large hdd for cheap! And i also need more memory cards for vita i only have 2 8 gigs. I wish i supported the ps3 more than i have this gen but as of now i dont see me canceling ps+ any time soon, not over xbl any way and i will be spporting the ps4 a lot more that will be my primary console for nxt gen.

Ps+ ftw
BLAKHOODe  +   964d ago
I've been a PS+ subscriber for about 2 years and have filled 500 GB with it's free games and deals. Every so often I have to go in and delete stuff I'm not playing just to make room for the newest releases, which is fine, because I can always download them again later when I'm ready to play them.

Still, above and beyond, GREAT service! Sony needs to do a better job marketing it, though, because it seems so many people are still clueless how good a service it is.
buynit  +   964d ago
I was one of those clueless ppl! Until i had to train a guy one day and we started talking about the ps4 then he told me all the games he has. It got me to look and hooked me when i seen uncharted for vita and gravity rush free and all i got was a 3 month sub.! I was happy..

Even if i dont re subscribe, trust me i will, i still got to play and beat those games and if i really wanted them again, probably not, ill just buy them knowing i will love it.

Question.. So i have sleeping dogs but havnt beat it i really want to play uc3 but my new hdd isnt here yet i dont want to lose my progress, if i delet it and re download will i lose my save?
BLAKHOODe  +   964d ago

Your save files are separate from the game file. You can delete one without it affecting the other.
BLAKHOODe  +   964d ago
I'm amazed Microsoft isn't even trying to compete with the Playstation Plus service. This free game promotion is nice, but it's only good till the end of the year. Playstation is giving us a free PS4 game every month on Plus.. that's amazing! I don't know if it'll be a stripped down version or not, but still.. that alone makes Plus worth it's $50/year pricetag.

I think Microsoft should kind of create their own Instant Game Collection by giving access to the ENTIRE original Xbox library to Gold members, while their Gold accounts are active. They are old games. I doubt Microsoft is selling a lot of copies of them, but they would be a great incentive to go Gold.
RockmanII7  +   964d ago
First of all for a game to be featured it has to be on Xbox's GoD service

Secondly we've seen two MS games (Halo 3/Fable 3) and one non-MS game (Assassins Creed 2)

Thirdly, Fable 3 is the most recent game with a 2010 release date and Halo 3 is the oldest with a 2007 release date (AC2 was 2009).

Fourth, we have a FPS, a RPG, and a Action/Adventure game so genre's don't look to be a repeating thing.

Based on all of that, I would guess the next games will A: be Kinect, Racing, Family, Sports, and another Action/Adventure (As they're the most popular unused tags and A/A has a ton of games). B: release between 2006 and 2010. C: MS won't want an outdated sports game like Madden 10 so they'll likely avoid the yearly sports games.

My guesses are: A) Alan Wake, Crackdown 1/2, Mirrors Edge, Dragon Age 1/2, or Darksiders
B) Just Dance 2/3, Kinect Sports Season 2, or Child of Eden
C: Burnout Revenge/Paradise, Dirt 2, Grid, Banjo Kazooie: N&B
D: Kameo: Elements of Power or Lego: ________ (Star Wars or Batman most likely)
E: Backbreaker, Fight Night Champion, FIFA Street, Virtua Tennis 4, or SSX
badkolo  +   964d ago
its a good deal for gold members until x1 release, then what, we still pay for multiplayor and no free games, now ps4 will also be new, adn might not have many free games either for a while so it might be a wash on that end
BLAKHOODe  +   964d ago
Sony said at E3 that 1 PS4 game will be added EVERY month to the Instant Game Collection. Plus continued support for PS3 and Vita. So, I think we'll be okay as far as Playstation goes in the free games department.
Alexious  +   964d ago
Basically it's a limited, dumbed down version of PS+.
annus  +   964d ago
Wow, "for the rest of the year" makes it sound even worse. So they are only giving away free, old 360 games for ~4-8 weeks?
gamer2013  +   964d ago
I understand why Sony offers free games for PSN+ with the PS3. But I don't see this continuing after the PS4 launch. People will be paying for PSN+ anyway and Sony will just be shooting themselves in the foot continuing with it.
Corpser  +   964d ago
These ps+ games are good right now because that's the only reason anyone would subscribe to ps+, once the majority of the subscribers are ps4 owners that subscribe because of online, will the games still be good? Sony already said that money will be going to improve the service, they won't be used for acquiring games like they are now
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   964d ago
MS and free on LIVE don't go together well tho! Unless its pointless avatar clothes!
Enigma_2099  +   964d ago
Ladies and gentlemen... the ugly side of the console wars.
romancer  +   964d ago
not very informative story. We already knew about the availability of Fable 3. Common knowledge by now.
arm57rong  +   964d ago
I think its worth noting MS stated "Keep the games, no matter what"

I do believe Sony requires a consistent subscription to Plus in order to keep your games.
oof46  +   964d ago
Nice...if the damn thing would download. I've tried several days and I always get an error message. Some free game, Microsoft.
JohnS1313  +   964d ago
So this deal is just the rest of this year and then it ends? They won't be giving out more free games after this year? Seems cheap to me. And what if people have all of the games? They should give out good games that didn't sell as much so more people will get free games.
talisker  +   964d ago
Good to see Microsoft trying to compete. PS+ will get even better thanks to that. Well, if you can go any better than offering games like Battlefield 3.
HurstDarkStar  +   964d ago
I actually enjoy the fact that we can argue over how wonderful our deals are but on the side note let me explain to the people that don't have plus works.

Imagine going to a shoe store and signing up for a subscription.Now this subscribtion is the price of the average sneaker ($100)FOR THE YEAR!! no for this membership you get to wear any current selected shoe for as long as your with them. now for the normal person this is insane imagine having all these things just for yourself for a simple price of 1 DAMN sneaker????like wtf
Main_Street_Saint  +   964d ago
I only have one question, why not have it continue long after the end of the year?
MikeyDucati1  +   964d ago
Good deal for XL Gold members.
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