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ThatKanadianKid  +   775d ago
That's how I felt as well while playing Halo 4. Just felt like something was missing, and it kinda downgraded the experience for me. Great game all around, just didn't get that feeling while playing it like I still do playing the original Halo games. Hell, I still go back and play those games just to hear the soundtrack while I'm playing.
darkslayer208  +   775d ago
halo 4 was disappointing, the story is weak and without dual wielding the gameplay is weak..It was not the same halo I use know without Bungie M$ ruined it ..

EDIT: Halo 3> Halo 4
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loulou  +   775d ago
halo 4 is a great game. but Marty is sorely missed. he should have been offered a fat salary to join 343
General Shrooms  +   775d ago
Agreed, but I'd go as far to say that Halo 4 is the worst of the halos.
Sam Fisher  +   775d ago
Halo died when cortana died, end of story. And this halo was mediocre with alot of things, i do miss dual wielding, 343 is killing the beauty of halo imo
Ausbo  +   775d ago
I thought the music in halo 4 was beautiful. Not taking anything away from marty, who is awesome, but i really did'nt miss him. The music was still epic, and it sounded like halo
Mr_Nuts  +   775d ago
Halo 4 sounded more like a Hollywood movie, however there were some parts that sounded Halo like but not alot, even the main theme of Halo (Chiefs theme) was only added a little bit in one of the songs.

Assassins Creed 3 had that problem, it sounded too different and sounded like a Hollywood blockbuster

I always felt some of the old music had a little bit of an Irish jig to them.

2.17 onwards is the best.....I always remember trying to do the last mission to go with the music, like I just get the warthog on board as soon as the music hits it's epic finale.
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PockyKing  +   775d ago
Ugh nostalgia, why do you do this to me lol. "goes and plays Halo 3"
Convas  +   775d ago
I kind of agree, and then I disagree.

Halo 4 was the start of a new trilogy and thus a new identity would be needed for the music. I will miss Marty's music, but I think Neil Davidge & Kazuma Jinnouchi have done a great job so far, especially with the allusions to the original Halo trilogy music in the OST.

Sacrifice, from the 2nd part of the Halo 4 OST has replaced 117 as my favorite, listen as the piece heads towards the end, reminded of anything? The brass and string work is absolutely FANTASTIC.

117 however is an incredible homage to Master Chief and I feel it is the true theme of Halo 4. Once again, the allusions to Marty's music are strong in this one.

And last but not least, Atonement, which is an interesting hail back to Marty's Halo 2 Menu Music - which is arguably better, but you still get that sense of familiarity from it, especially with the tender Halo theme trail off on piano at the end of the song.

I'm a musician, and Halo music is what solidified my love for the series, sorry for the wall o text.
PockyKing  +   775d ago
The music Neil did was great no doubt, but you just can't hear it while playing. There's no audio settings to balance it out either which disappointed me. Still have high hopes for Halo 5 though, can't wait to see what's next.
CalamityCB  +   775d ago
From what I have heard from Kazuma, I wouldn't mind if he was the main composer for the next game :)
Sacrifice is one of my favorites too :D
BALLARD32  +   775d ago
Racing through the Pillar of Autumn with the intense music in the background was epic.
ironmonkey  +   775d ago
I think its one of the best halos on 360. Its the only game i enjoy most right now and graphically beautiful.
hankmoody  +   775d ago
I'll never get the hate that Halo 4 has received. I probably spent more time with Halo 4 than any of the others in the series. I had a blast with that game and the Spartan customization and specializations kept me coming back to it. 343i did a hell of a job with that title and for the record, the music was fantastic. While I miss O'Donnell's work, Davidge's compositions were really good and fit the visuals perfectly.
SIRHC13  +   775d ago
Specializations and Perks aren't exactly what made Halo multiplayer so popular.
hankmoody  +   775d ago
No but it added a whole new element to the multiplayer to make it stand out from what had come before. I'm not a fan of the same old thing every game, I think the slight changes they went with changed things just enough to make the game engaging.
SIRHC13  +   775d ago
Those were NOT slight changes. You must understand that they completely toyed with the Halo formula, and it's only logical for a fan to get pissed off.
PerryCaravello  +   775d ago
I don't know who that is, and I don't care.

If he's a voice actor, good for him. It's all about show business. If he's someone else, whatever.
LAWSON72  +   775d ago
The problem with Halo 4 is that MS thinks they should take elements from COD and try to add more fans to their already huge fanbase. Guess what happened they destroyed their fanbase. The other problem is where is the new content. 343i has done 1 major update and a few minor ones and has made zero maps or any kind of new content except Forge Island. Certain Affinity has done more for the game then the actual developers. Is the idea to make a new Halo game instead of support the current new title? That is the message I am getting so I think I can sadly say Halo is dead and I will play Reach until BF4
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greatcrusader44  +   766d ago
I can't remember a single song from Halo 4, and considering hoe amazing all the other halo games music were that is a problem.

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