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Godmars290  +   967d ago
"Maybe the Reapers kept wiping out organic life because organics keep evolving to the state where they would use biotics and dark energy and that caused an entropic effect that would hasten the end of the universe. Being immortal being, that's something they wouldn't want to see."

So they introduced recursive circumstances in which societies developed along a certain path which furthered the effect? Nevermind that they were only dealing with a universal sized issue only on a galactic scale. Or that because of their organic cores Reapers should have been either capable of biotic abilities or modify a race which could.
WitWolfy  +   967d ago
Nah.. They should've just said that the dark energy was the reapers main source of power/fuel.. And with the races starting to evolve faster and faster with each new cycle the dark energy got more scarce(seeing that biotics and synthetics use it as a power source themselves) not to mention that it takes aoens on aoens for dark energy to manifest from debris floating around in space and some other space magic thrown into limbo..

Something like that...
Blankolf  +   967d ago
The f*cking indoctrination theory! Do it Bioware!
PureSophistry  +   967d ago
Here's the original story
JohnShepard2154  +   966d ago
Doesnt matter how it 'couldve' ended. What we got is already there, and sucked. Heres my idea for what ME4 should look like, it would fix the ME3 ending AND be a sequel at the same time
RE_L_MAYER  +   966d ago
Yeah its the only way out of this mess is to make it look you got brainwashed otherwise they will destroy mass effect 4 from start of the game
sdnprime0013  +   966d ago
I really don't get why everyone had an uproar over ME3's ending. If you played all three games, read the dialogue, and thoroughly analyzed what was going on. There would be no problems.

The ending made perfect sense even though it could of explained what happened a little more. But simply put... Shepard got indoctrinated. The three choices represented the three main characters that were related to the reapers methods of keeping the cycle going. "Control"- Illusive man Synthesis- Saren Destroy- Shepard.

Don't you think that's what the story could of lead up to? Shepard throughout 3 games is trying to learn of/ then destroy the reapers. Little does he know that this is EXACTLY what they want him to do.

I want a lot of people to play me3 again who know the story to play as renegade Shepard and READ his dialogue. It's very ironic to the fact that he doesn't know the reapers are actually controlling him (influencing) to do what they want. Which is a way of indoctrination. Not just turning someone into a husk.

The ending wasn't crappy developing. It was all in his mind! It's kind of obvious. The "citadel" is made up from images that Sheapard has seen in his past! Hence that technology that was suppose to be ONE of a kind in ME2's shadow broker DLC.

And if you notice. When Sheaprd got on the Geth ship, the entrance looks just like the area of the 3 choices on the "citadel"

And what's even crazier... after sheapard went into the simulation to "find out the geth/turian's past" Shepard said what if this is all a simulaton now? I havent seen one person point that out. Maybe going into the geth chamber thing was to fully open up shepard's mind to the reapers.

Please people. Try to play the game... read... and understand the story. It makes complete sense. That's why the developer's didn't comment on indoctrination! That's the point! You don't know if you're indoctrinated!

Man I love talking about ME's story.... it really is something genius.
Hydralysk  +   966d ago
Ahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha hahahahahahahahahhaha.

Sorry, uncontrollable laughter just tends to happen when people bring up ME3's indoctrination theory and insist that it's genius and CLEARLY what Bioware intended.

First of all, the fact that Bioware released the EC blows your theory out of the water, unless you believe that Bioware spent a couple months and paid people to write/design/voice act 3 extended 'fake' endings. Instead of, you know, using that time to do the indoctrination theory they had already apparently foreshadowed.

Second, you are giving the Bioware writing team WAY too much credit. Look at Bioware's other games, they pretty much all follow the same kind of pattern (need proof? http://politetimesplitter.f... ), and the stories themselves have never been particularly subtle or filled with hidden meanings. Now, all of a sudden, you believe they are able to create an entire ending only understandable if you put together vague clues hidden in (optional) dialogue? Even though they refuse to say it's true (either by mouth or by action), which apparently for you CONFIRMS that it's true somehow.

Third, the best part about this post is the fact you think reused assets are proof of the indoctrination theory. We all know that Bioware would NEVER reuse game assets from previous levels (LALALALALA I can't hear you DA2), so that naturally must mean that this reused asset is a message that the story we're being told is a lie! That's the problem with IT, any questionable design decision, any out of place art asset, any nonsensical plot development, any of it's flaws AT ALL can just be explained in IT by going "Oh it was supposed to be stupid, because Shepard is indoctrinated and we can't trust what he sees/does". When Shepard's viewpoint is the ONLY viewpoint we ever get to see, and there's no reveal that shows Shepard to be an unreliable narrator, then unless otherwise told we have to assume that what's being presented is what's going on. Otherwise what's there to stop me from reinterpreting the LOTR story as a bunch of 9 friends in the distant future playing a matrix-like virtual reality fantasy RPG? I mean it's not like Tolkien ever specifically stated that wasn't his intention.

In summation, there's no concrete evidence to support the idea that the IT was ever the original intention. It's just a bunch of leaps of logic by fans looking desperately for any explanation that doesn't completely ruin the plot of the trilogy. In fact, going by some of the stupidity of the writing in ME3 (Fuck you Kai Leng. Fuck you right in your cliched cyborg ninja ass.) and the mess that was the central plot of ME2, assuming that Bioware is capable of the amount of subtlety that the IT would require is frankly absurd.
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sdnprime0013  +   966d ago
Yes. I believe it was clearly intended. If you paid attention to the story.

I understand reused assets in games....... I played both DA's. It's obvious that its his mind..... play all the mass effect games.... pay attention.... analyze. It's not that hard to realize.

It isn't looking desperately for evidence either. I feel like the EC was made so that whiners would stfu and Bioware's rep wouldn't be destoryed. The EC messes up the story imo.

When i first completed ME3, i was just as dumbfounded as anyone. Thinking to myself "the trilogy is ruined" Then I heard of indoctrination on shepard. I looked into it for a little. Played ME1, ME2, then ME3 again.

Its right in front of your face! Play the game. Read the dialogue (especially the irony of renegade Sheapard in ME3. Read the codex entries.

The evidence is everywhere.
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sdnprime0013  +   966d ago
The whole point of the three choices was to show that no matter what the reapers still win!
Auchtain  +   964d ago
I agree with you that Shepard was indoctrinated, but, I felt BioWare failed to bring closure to the game. It was too vague. What happens after Shepard wakes up? What happens to the Reapers, do they succeed, or fail, or what? These are all questions most ME players are dying to know and I hope in ME4, the ending of Shepard's story will be revealed.
reaper159  +   963d ago
Well I dont wanna believe the indoctrination theory but look at first 2 scenes with the little kid.

Only u see the kid in the vent. Ok anderson may not see him but surely he would ask who your talkin to. Then the kid disappears down the vent or is that all in shepherds head.

The next time u see the kid panicing before getting in the rescue ship. Now look at all the rescuers. They dont see him or help a scared little kid into ship. He climbs in himself with no help whats so ever. Thats a major hint in my opinion even though I think the indoctrination story is absolute donkey dirt.

Why would you make a game trilogy where you fight against all odds to say at the end ha haaa you loose. Ok you do get an endin or 2 where you survive but man that endin sucked arse. Anyway thats my opinion rant mode off.

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