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overlordror  +   967d ago
Still seems kind of expensive for a handheld that can't really be taken anywhere if you want to do serious gaming.
MooseWI  +   967d ago
Very. I'd much rather get a 3DS or a PS Vita.
ABizzel1  +   966d ago
It's a better deal now, but I still think it's going to fail, however, it goes to show that the PS Vita and the 3DS really need a price drop considering all the advantages SHIELD has yet $50 more than the PS Vita, and $130/$80 more than 3DS and blows them both out of the water technically speaking.
ginsunuva  +   966d ago
Until Geforce GRID is released next year.
hellvaguy  +   966d ago

I was with you on the expensive part, but then you totally lost me on the "cant be taken anywhere".

It's a handheld, so not following you there at all. I thought that was the whole point of it. I mean the thing does have full access to the android market and whatever games are on nvidia's lineup.
vitullo31  +   967d ago
this thing is actually coming out? LOL
Software_Lover  +   967d ago
Man, everyone backtracking lately.
hellvaguy  +   966d ago
Backtracking a negative, the glass is half empty view, imo.

Some might say, they listen to what the market is telling them from pre-orders. And why wouldn't you do that, if it was your business?
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mushroomwig  +   967d ago
A price drop before it's even released is never a good sign.
Software_Lover  +   966d ago
I have an AMD GPU, so the thing would not work for me as is.
hellvaguy  +   966d ago
Completely irrelevant unless your AMD is portable. Steaming games from your pc is one side, minor feature and isn't required to play android games or nvidia ones.
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Psychotica  +   966d ago
I would be interested if it could stream all my PC games but the last time I heard it was only select PC games.
ginsunuva  +   966d ago
No, not select games, but select GPUs.

I'm pretty sure it can stream every game you own.
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azshorty2003  +   966d ago
I thought that was gong to be the original price. That's after a price drop?!

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