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TheLyonKing  +   968d ago
It's all software as Microsoft are showing so that means web the world is ready for always on stuff they can re add it easily.

As for drm I am glad it has been done away with and hope we don't hear about such controversy again.
romancer  +   968d ago
The main point of this article appears to be: "I think that a lot of publishers will design games to be used online heavily, which was a major trend seen at E3. Games like Watchdogs and Titanfall thrive on online interaction, even in single player mode. Another thing they can do is incentivize digital versions of their games; give gamers a reason to buy online instead of on disc. From exclusive in-game items which cost the publishers nothing, to slightly discounted prices."

In other words, there are ways for publishers to advance their interests in a more subtle and seductive manner. MS, at least, was trying to address issues that are not going to go away. As the need for physical copies of games declines, and digital sales increase, the same issues that provoked controversy in recent weeks will return and will need to be dealt with, rationally.
lowlight  +   968d ago
I think the main point was that DRM of some sort may be needed to keep the industry alive, but Microsoft's attempt was too strict to use today. So other options will have to be used to make the transition lighter
Honest_gamer  +   967d ago
getting people to buy games online is easy heres an example
store: £39.99
PSN: £49.99

do you see the problem here? online was made out to be cheaper as they dont have printing, packaging and shipping costs to take into account but for 90% of the games that come out, its dearer, if publishers wnat to be over greedy let them fail for all i care, if EA or Activision where to fail due to over pricing games it would send huge shock waves through the industry and people would have to start selling there games cheaper or risk it happening to them, but games cost so much to make now that its almost silly now much some AAA games cost, again they need to reel in their spending, instead of letting games drag on and on for years draining up resources just cut the game, and hold people responsible for blow 100m on a game that last 5 hours.
EffectO  +   967d ago
They can't be cheaper even if they wanted to,Gamestop would just say fuck you,order less new games and under cut them with $5 cheaper used.

They don't want to lower the prices though,digital on consoles is designed to rip-off people.Good thing that console industry is about to collapse soon.
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oof46  +   967d ago
@EffectO: That's the problem. Publishers and console manufacturers are beholden to retail.

I agree with the first half of your post.
SpinalRemains  +   967d ago
Hold back the gaming industry?

The gaming industry is a hundred billion dollar industry.

This generation was fantastic and millions of ppl rented and purchased used games.

Just stop lying and showing big publishers as victims.

Here's an idea. Maybe the successful publishers will be the ones who employ the best developers.
Veneno  +   967d ago
Holding back the industry? My god those people are idiots. If The last of Us is "holding back the industry" with its offline gameplay then take me back to the stone age cause that's what I want. Quality games. Guess I'm just a simple mind.
creatchee  +   967d ago

Tell THQ about the 100 billion dollar industry. Oh wait...
Sayai jin  +   967d ago
Wrong. It's was good for gamers and the industry. MS had a bad policy in the DRM and this would have spread through the industry like a cancer. The industry will do just fine.
fsfsxii  +   967d ago
Where are the xbox fans calling the X1 names like its the "FUTURE"
I wanna know what they think now about the DRM removal.
I'm pretty sure the industry would be fine if MS hasn't joined
Honest_gamer  +   967d ago
if they hadent joined i would think that it would be in a better shape, they wont have to spend money making multiple version, dev kits, licenses and all that BUT then again microsoft farts out 50m a time for timed exclusivity so then again maybe it would be worse for the smaller publishers that need that cash.
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CoLD FiRE  +   967d ago
I'm one of the people who were looking forward to buying an Xbox One but now that they've changed to the 1998 model of disc-based gaming I'm not as interested as I was at first. By reversing their policies now the industry is gonna be held back for the next 10 years because of all the whiners who don't want to get with the times and want to live in the past.

Anyone who wants to keep playing disc-based games for the next 10 years are nothing but luddites. They're no different than those who complained the original Xbox required broadband internet for online play and wanted dial-up instead.
fsfsxii  +   967d ago
So, people defending their rights are considered moaners and bitching?? WTF?? Restricting my rights is considered innovation?? Removing DRM is a step back?? WOW!!
I have nothing to say.
Imalwaysright  +   967d ago
Yeah i want keep building MY library of games. I like owning MY games without having companies telling me what I can or can not do with them and I'm not going to apologize for it. If you don't want disks just download games to your HDD. What is stopping you? Are you so stupid that you don't realize that you have options? Is that it?
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MasterCornholio  +   967d ago
I know that a lot of people are complaining about this getting removed because they wanted to take advantage of the family plan. But its already confirmed that the family plan isnt anything like people were hoping it to be.

In the end the removal of their DRM system will increase sales for the platform which equates to more 3rd party support which is a good thing to have. Unless of course you want the XBOX One to pull a Wii U.
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colonel179  +   967d ago
I don't understand this. What I get is that if applied to cars, I sell a car, I get the money for it. Then the person who bought it from me, sell it to someone else, I get a portion of the money he gets only because I sold it to him in the first place? Obviously not! I already got the money for it!.

Developers and publishers want more money when they already got it. Why would someone selling his games which already paid for affect them?! This is beyond nonsense!

If are not getting enough profits, then either revaluate their pricing strategy, or make more value so that more people buy their games. Period

We don't see any other company for any other product whatsoever crying that they want money out of used sales! Why would gaming companies have the "right" to do so?
Bolts  +   967d ago
Right on. This line of thinking regarding consumer ownership must be stopped. Do I not own the music I bought from Amazon either? Am I destroying the movie industry and hurting Christian Bale career by buying a used copy of The Dark Knight? Such fucking nonsense.

The logic behind Microsoft and the publisher DRM is cancer and we can not allow it to spread.
Veneno  +   967d ago
Yeah I just don't understand the slaves out there saying we gamers are too entitled. The gamers responded to Microsoft's practices in a completely natural way. They told us what their product is, and we refused to buy it. Simple supply and demand at work here.
CoLD FiRE  +   967d ago
False analogy. Software =/= Hardware. When you buy a disc-based game, the disc is merely a medium that allows you access to that game. You DO NOT own the game!
mydyingparadiselost  +   967d ago
The only people benefiting from DRM are the publishers and devs, digital is only going to hurt the customer if it remains a closed market monopoly style system as it is today. While prices may, repeat, MAY go down in a digital marketplace those prices would only go up as time goes on. Once the initial profits are made from the ending of a physical open market how is continued growth supposed to happen? Sure, for the first 5 or 10 years everything would look great, people get new games for (hopefully) cheaper and sales would snag in anyone else unable or unwilling to pay the full price. But profits must always go up with these companies and after the only way to get your games is from the source how is that source going to increase its profits if the user base stays at about the same level? If anything has been made apparent over the last decade it's that prices only go up even if it's not overly apparent at the moment.
Those 30-40 dollar games would go right back up to 50-60 dollars the moment publishers decide the profits need to go up to satisfy shareholders and the lack of trading and selling would simply mean more costs with half the functionality of a physical product.
Devs and publishers are not suffering from the current free market system, they are simply looking for ways to increase their own profits and limit ownership options instead of dealing with what is really hurting the industry at the moment which is stupid huge budgets and ridiculously long development cycles. Games have also simply been pushed too far too fast without the tech catching up to a point at which profit can be obtained without selling multi million amounts of copies. The industry is getting ahead of itself, and in doing so is tripping over itself and saying the customer stuck its foot out to trip them when in actuality we're just hanging out and trying to have a good time.
sovkhan  +   967d ago
Let's make it clear here, at least in Europe, the licence you buy, be it online or on disc is yours, and the publisher must find a way in the digital form to allow consumers to sell theirs. European court ruling.
So sooner or later this will be enforced. In European lands for the benefits of consumers.
The whole fuss about used games is irrelevant and what is more totally illegal then.
Rather than trying to steal away our rights, as a move to survive ( laughs )these compagnies must question themselves about their own wrongs, mismanagement and stagnation.
It is their lack of innovation in concepts and gameplay, this foolish move "movies industry mimicry"( in all of its insane folly ) and the constant run after wow graphics - their sole innovation??? - that what threaten them the most.
When a compagny of 20 people can do as good as one with 6800 devs, here the main issue, here is where the real questions arise.
mmj  +   967d ago
Let the too big to fail collapse, indies and responsbile developers will pick up the pieces and we'll start again without DRM riddled games.
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