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cloak365  +   968d ago
I could be mistaken but isnt it really hard to pirate blu ray disc based movies/games? so if that is the case why is drm needed?
Shreddie  +   968d ago
The consumers decide the success of DRM with their wallet and with their feedback, Microsoft has unfortunately put themselves in a horrible position by now. Everyone is backing off, including huge publishers.

EA`s own Peter Moore is claiming they had no part in imposing DRM or restrictive used games policies (which tells us that Sony is absolutely right on the money when they distanced themselvses from these ridiculous ideas) - and alludes to their own failed "online pass"

“Online Pass was more trouble to the consumer than it was worth. It was a mistake. The consumer’s feedback was that this thing gets in the way of a good experience so let’s get rid of it.”
Peter Moore - EA
spoonard  +   968d ago
Flocking to a platform that is terribly outsold by the competition means that it's the publishers that made the mistake. Consumers ultimately decide what stays and what goes. If they are allowed and are able to think for themselves and not be blinded by their stupid brand loyalty then they will choose against this DRM shit.
SpinalRemains  +   968d ago
All this DRM is horseshit. I'm sorry.

According to the idea of these restrictions, video rentals, libraries, RedBox and Gamefly are criminal enterprises.

Make no mistake. They are not.

What we have are a few, having a temper tantrum because someone else is creating revenue for themselves. This is free enterprise and if you manufacture a disc, and I buy the disc, you no longer own the disc. You already sold it. Done deal. Walk it off.
ghostgaming  +   968d ago
I do worry about companies like Activision enforcing a used game ban even with the PS4 - think about it, MS has made it very easy for them to block used games, I can't imagine them using it for one console but not the other. For example, they could easily put an activation code with every PS4 game and the user would not be able to play the game until the code is activated - That is the only thing I worry about with the PS4, however, we do know their first party games will not have that issue.
T2  +   968d ago
So then give activision the big f u ... Boycott their games.. Honestly there will be tons of games dont be worried
solinox  +   968d ago
Gaming is a hobbie, it's nto by force. If the publishers think we are forced to buy their products, they will go bust like they did in the 80's. Why? Because many of us wil find new, cheaper hobbies.
Monkeysmarts  +   968d ago
This whole thing has been ridiculous. DRM is only a discussion because of the assumption that everyone has to follow Microsoft, who finished this generation in THIRD PLACE. Nintendo gave the whole DRM thing the finger. Sony pretty much did. Then there's Microsoft, with their anti-consumer garbage console that so many people for some reason think everyone else must follow. Ehhhhhhhh wrong.
evilhasitsway  +   968d ago
doesn't matter cause all those games that are exclusives are they are also on pc so not really exclusives.
greedybear88  +   968d ago
M$ are making a big mistake with all this DRM and online check-in crap. Just look at the Amazon top 10 list for gaming and the number of pre-orders everywhere for PS4 outnumbering xbone preorders.
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Panthers  +   967d ago
Everyone talks about not being able to sell/trade games, but no one seems to mention the fact that you also cannot rent games (at least without some hurdles). This is the biggest issue in my opinion. Before I made good money (and the internet was not nearly as big) I got burnt on a lot of video game purchases. I still make it a habit of renting some of the lesser known games before I buy. Also, without renting, I would have never tried Gran Tourismo or Resident Evil.
SpinalRemains  +   967d ago

isyourhouseonfire  +   967d ago
Sony is operating like its 1995, Microsoft is operating like its 2020. I don't know about you, but I hate to be stuck in the past. The XBOX ONE is the way to go this time.
Monkeysmarts  +   967d ago
Not really.

Sony is operating like people have a choice. Microsoft is operating like people don't.
TOBLERONE538  +   967d ago
DRM is certainly the future but MIcrosoft is forcing it to happen when it will just naturally happen by its self
Kidmyst  +   967d ago
If the PS4 sells 5 million to Xbone 1 Million, do you really think Devs will sit back and say "if you build it they will come" and their bank accounts dry up? Nope! Looks at Valve and gabe, he trashed the PS3 early on, but when he say the money and market was really there, next thing he strongly supported it. Gamers, we will decide with our wallets.
Harmonizer  +   967d ago
Customers flocking to the PS4 means only one thing, Publishers HAVE to go for PS4 because that's where the money is.

Besides, it's entirely possible for Publishers to put DRM on PS4 if they wish so as stated by Sony themselves.

4 > 1
JohnS1313  +   967d ago
That's dumb. DRM won't help anyone win the console war. It will kill their console if they're the only ones using it. This having to connect every 24 hours is stupid. If you only play single player games you shouldn't even need an Internet connection.
iliimaster  +   967d ago
i dont see it that way at all i see the xboxone struggling HARD once a GAMER realizes wtf is going on or an internet outage there will be RAGE and disgust.... its a problem that will happen eventually,,,,
Godlovesgamers  +   967d ago
Whatever you need to tell yourself in order to justify your stupidity for buying one.
ziggurcat  +   967d ago
" This has gotten me thinking that this will actually help Microsoft win this generation yet again"

x360 is third in global sales, so no, they didn't "win" this generation, and they certainly won't win the next one.
Neurotoxin  +   967d ago
They haven't experienced piracy the levels of the 360 has. Guaranteed if the PS4 is hacked to shite the next gen of consoles after PS4 will have aggressive DRM
Gamer Muzz  +   967d ago
I think the major flaw in this (articles) logic is that Developers do not want to publish their games on a console that does not have a large installed base.
If the Xbox one fails to gain a foothold, If gamers shy away from it, then Developers have no option but to abandon it as well.

I've been an Xbox guy since the beginning, Supported the format for 12 years between their first two consoles, Payed for XBL gold for 7 years, and built up a respectable gamer score of 40K+...I have a lot invested in the Xbox brand.

That said, there's no question, that I will not be buying into the X1.
many gamers think Like I do and if we are a majority, then who will develop for the console?
Hell, we saw what happened to the Wii U's support when they failed to sell enough consoles for EA. They abandoned them after all that "we're gonna support the Wii U" talk. Does anyone here honestly believe they wouldn't do that to MS as well?
dmixwell  +   967d ago
developers should be grateful that we chip out 60 bucks to buy most of their games. i remember some time ago that the next gen games were said to be 49.99 . don't get greedy . do as Nintendo do. make more quality games that the owner would treasure for many years to come
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ShowGun901  +   967d ago
I wonder how this articles author feels now that M$ flip flopped on the whole DRM thing...

still not buying an xbone... PS4 baby!
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