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isyourhouseonfire  +   889d ago
Like I've always said, DRM is a good thing and is what we need to propel gaming to the next generation. Stop being such stubborn old schoolers!
Yo Mama  +   889d ago
LMFAO. Ummm No.
Imalwaysright  +   889d ago
DRM is a good thing for people that want to bendover.
wynams  +   889d ago
As someone who hopes the PS4 slaughters the Xbox this gen ... DEAR EVERYONE AT MS PLEASE KEEP TALKING!
Yo Mama  +   889d ago
I highly doubt this interview happened. Larry Hyrb would not say that about anyone, let alone, Don Mattrick even if they did wish he'd keep quiet. Sounds too fishy.
reaperofsouls  +   889d ago
Why is it called XBOXone?

- Its called the XBOXone because only one person is going to buy it, and it won't be me.
SephirothX21  +   889d ago
PR nonsense. GDDR5 may run slightly hotter than DDR3 but its not a problem. If it was, then all modern graphics cards in the market would fail. PS4 has significantly better hardware than Xbox One and that's a fact and no amount of PR talk can change it.
esemce  +   889d ago
True no ram get too hot unless you overclock the shit out of it.
Deadpool101  +   889d ago
To be honest I want a xbox one, I really like the games that I've seen on it. I like the look of the new controller especially since, for me, the 360 controller is the best in the business. Im not fussed by the online check in or used game restrictions but two things are putting me off firstly the price, the uk are paying the equivalent of about $650! (And I've recently learnt they aren't even throwing in a headset with the console). And secondly its their blind arrogance, they keep dismissing peoples concerns away with crap about the future of gaming without addressing the problem.
I have been a stark defender of MS for a while but they just keep making it harder to do so. This "PS4 is not a threat" line shows the same attitude as Don. There is another product out there guys which doesnt require an Internet connection and its not a bloody 360, it is a machine that will eat away at that impressive user base you created with all your hard work on the X360.
Swallow your pride, show some humility and make some changes (especially regarding the indie developers) or the XboxOne may join the likes of the 3DO, CD-I, Jaguar and Saturn (i know the Saturn wasnt segas last console but it still sucked and im not putting the Dreamcast on the list simply because it was awesome)
iliimaster  +   889d ago
wow this guy thinks hes the best thing since sliced bread.... kinda reminds me of ninja theory and their whole im better than everyone attitude how did it work out for them? this console is a hot mess, yeah the fact that we get to keep the two games they give pretty much limited the quality of free games we will get because its MICROSOFT can they really be this confident? its insane
Stefanrules7  +   889d ago
M$ and EA are working hand in hand to create the ultimate DRM surveillance device that steals all of your money and takes away your human rights.
lucidity  +   889d ago
They should've been talking up the "benefits" of their system from the very start. The fact they haven't is indicative that the only benefits to it are to Microsoft's bottom line. Major Nelson is full of it, as expected.
GamersHeaven  +   889d ago
Ha this guy is a joke sorry you lost next gen and PS4 is more powerful #dealwithit
Mister_G  +   889d ago
Major Nelson? Major Damage Control more like.
OneAboveAll  +   889d ago
I'm confusedabout this 24hr check up deal. What happens if i'm moving across the state and won't have internet for 2 days? I can't play my console anymore?
Mister_G  +   889d ago
Yes, unless you can connect to a public wifi hotspot.
OneAboveAll  +   889d ago
Ok, lets say its been two days and i get my net setup again. If i connect my console all will be good again?
esemce  +   889d ago
Yes that's right, welcome to the future sponsored by Micro$haft.
ps360owner09  +   889d ago
OneAboveALL to answer your question yes if you get your net setup and connect your console two days later everything will be fine again. I believe microsoft has said that you can still play blu rays and perform other functions with the console without the 24 hour checkup deal but for games it has to connect once every 24 hour period. I think I have also seen somewhere where they said you could use the internet on your phone to perform the checkup for your system but don't quote me on that.
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Deadpool101  +   889d ago
If you're xbox is not connected for 2 days it means that its just a blu ray player until you get it back online then everything goes back to normal. Some folks on here have the idea that its a permanent shut down of the gaming abilities of console if you miss a "check in", which is tosh. Think of it like the present Playstation Plus model, if you dont renew your subscription you lose access to all those free games you downloaded but as soon as you renew and log back in, everything is available to you again.
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OneAboveAll  +   889d ago
Thanks for the replies.
esemce  +   889d ago
FFS are we going to have to read about this for 5 months, never trust what MS say, simple.
SilentGuard  +   889d ago
Wouldn't my games library be updated if I logged on every time I installed a new game, making logging on at least once every 24 hours redundant and thus unneccessary? PS4 may not be allowed on DOD networks but offline play is still an option so that argument goes out the window. As for the 2 free games a month it is worth noting that it is only for the 360 and only until the Xbox One is released.
cell989  +   889d ago
Wait wait wait.. DDR5 heats up faster than DDR3? Da Fuq?
i3eyond the Circle  +   889d ago
Just get both systems if you're not broke. Bam..

Fuck whatever you're talking about...I just want to play games.

I have pretty good internet and a 4G cell phone in case that 3 times a year anomaly of my internet..."not working" happens.

I don't resell my games. Never a lot of the hate towards the Xbox One doesn't apply to me.

Who are you to tell me what to spend my money on? For the sake of others? To make a point? People...believe it or not there will be an age where all avenues of convenience for software will be closed.

This is already implemented on phones and other online devices. If you want it you have to buy the hardware...then exclusively download the software.

Anyways...I'll have both systems come November and a lot of you guys have been on N4G for years and unless you were 9 way back then by the time this gen gets really good most of you will be pushing 30 years on while you can and invest into the online network you find more comfortable and convenient.
tnynll  +   889d ago
major nelson is a major pain in the ass
MontyQ  +   889d ago
also 360 can plug into xbone lol why would I want to plug a big ugly box into a big ugly box ?
fatstarr  +   889d ago
Bracing for Microsofts Education Sessions at all Stores Selling videogames. LOL 1984 is really coming.

I cant believe they are that deluded.
Groo  +   889d ago
Microsoft is becoming like the American Government! Bullshit people to death and treat us all like children that don't know whats best for ourselves.. The freaking arrogance of this freakin company is down right hysterical.. and people still support them! Jesus ppl.. wake the fook up..
Groo  +   889d ago
and btw the 2 free games a month he claims are yours forever, well guess what, you will still need an internet connection to play your damn xbone which means you need xbox live anyway.. i dont know what kind of crack hes smoking but he should just stop.. PS+ gives you more free games and stuff a month for the same price so major nelson, please stop trying to make everyone belive a pile of shit is a pot of gold..
MikeyDucati1  +   889d ago
This is an excellent opportunity for gamers to really understand how corporations work and how products are decided for you. Apple has done that for years; telling consumers exactly what they need, can do and what they want. In fact, Steve Jobs has said many times it is not on the consumer to know what he/she wants. And he's been recognized for that and other ideas that he implemented.

The fact of the matter is, this thing going on with MS is no different than any other corporations that does the same thing. The buck doesn't stop with MS. If you look at the entire picture, instead of this narrow perspective of blame MS, you will see the problem isn't only MS. Privacy concerns shouldn't start and stop at MS. You might as well take the whole vine down instead of clipping what you don't like.
GhostTurtle  +   889d ago
Ive been on multiple tours to afghanistan and if it wasn't for my xbox 360 it would have sucked a lot harder. I was in a remote village that had no internet what so ever. Every few months we would go to Bagram Airfield, one of the largest bases in all of afghan land. The internet there is so slow, we are talking 15-35 kb/sec slow. So even if you are there, and can get your Xbox One online, It wouldnt do any good. Major ****face here has no ****ing idea what hes talking about. I will be going back to Sony this upcoming gen.
Welcome2Die  +   889d ago
The biggest benefit of Xbox Ones DRM policies is the Playstation 4.

Go buy a PS4 people! Dont let M$ try to make a norm out of this!
Genki  +   889d ago
There's been a lot of damage control bandied around lately.
Lykon  +   889d ago
M$ had a choice ... to carry on digging the hole they are in , Or to shock everyone and say they were wrong and make some changes. They carried on digging. I expect they will come up with some package to entice the COD squad
H3ADWOUND81  +   889d ago
Yup the COD squad will totally look past the fact the consoles poor, anybody else of the opinion that by MS standing firm on their restrictions rather than working with gamers to create a system everybody is happy with is kinda like shooting yourself in the foot?
Lykon  +   889d ago
thanks for replying. no one ever replies to any of my comments and I never manage to get on the first page and get loads of likes . I'm just a bottom feeder. I'll always be a bottom feeder but at least I'll get a PS4. Anyway you replied and made my avatar have a little red message alert thing on it . which gave me a happy feeling.
XisThatKid  +   889d ago
Ya know, I came to the conclusion what MS is trying to do is shove an Apple style platform down our throats is anyone else seeing this? It's like "We bring you to this mansion and use our golden toilets and eat a buffet of food that we decide and beautiful everything but the thing is its not yours and you cant change anything love the world we create for you and play by our rules and you can't leave" although not a bad world to live in but it's not our world not our freedom. MS is trying to reach success by taking the Apple way like how they did with the mobile market and cpu entertainment and cramming into our living rooms and games. As gamers I said this before and I'll say it a thousand times over, we DO NOT LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT WE CAN AND CAN'T DO WITH OUR ENTERTAINMENT MEDIUM.
mossman  +   889d ago
Maybe this is the way it's always been, but I'm struck by two things right now with this site. First, clearly the members on this site are generally siding with Sony. That may have been generally true before, but it's really true now. So far so good, nothing unusual about that from my point of view. But then it's the second thing that really confuses me. Why is this site obsessed with promoting positive XBox One articles and then spending time pissing all over them in the comments section? I mean, aren't there better things to talk about then how much we all think Microsoft is crap and a real loser with their XBox one policies? I mean, I'm with you, but the point's been made, I think it's time to move on to something else, don't you?
H3ADWOUND81  +   889d ago
They are aiming to get hits on people reading & commenting on the articles, majority loves to hate on MS (I know I do), hence the positivity towards Xbone..

Let's face it, Sony doesn't really need to do anything, MS are killing themselves..
Their stubbornness will be their biggest downfall..
SicilianGunner  +   889d ago
i cant believe microsoft messed up so bad all they had to do was make an xbox 720 ,,,,and xbox 360 fans would rush over to buy it they messed up their fanbase all the better for SONY i gues LOL i just hope SONY makes their online just as good as microssoft's was
H3ADWOUND81  +   889d ago
Educate the masses?
I love it, why didn't we think of that?
That's bloody brilliant..
Your gonna tell people about the benefits of these terrible restrictions?
Well done MS, just a little thought but I think it may take more than an explanation to get the people who have jumped ship back onboard..

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