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FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   547d ago
Wonder how much they have to pay them to say the power of the cloud.... same shit as sony had at the beginning of the ps3.... only possible because the power of the cell....

Gamers start learning PR speak and learn to ignore it no matter the name of the brand
mrmarx  +   547d ago
must be true metal gear and uncharted are beautiful
MoreRPG  +   547d ago
This game looks really fun but im pretty sure it'll come to the ps4 in a year or two
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evilhasitsway  +   547d ago
see that's werer they missed up making it for pc and x1 that would have been there system selling game but like always ms is stupid so ill just stick with getting pc version and rock out on the ps4
NateCole  +   547d ago
360 has the power of the cloud??
dreamoner  +   547d ago
BF4 doesnt support W8, and Titanfall only supports W8... EA wants a civil war :P
ninjahunter  +   547d ago
Lol, isnt that what EA said about Sim City?

XD ile trust the cloud with my screenshots and save games.
Soldierone  +   547d ago
"power of the cloud" aka "Microsoft paid us to use always online."

Who cares, saves me 60 dollars.
mrmarx  +   547d ago
lmao "power of the cloud" what a joke
Sideras  +   547d ago
Considering he talk so much bullshit, I'll actually boycott the game all together.
The mechs looked stupid anyways.
pop-voxuli  +   547d ago

"Titanfall is Only on Xbox One and PC due to Power of the Cash, Good Relationship With Microsofts Checkbook."

Bet you ol Respawn is shitting bricks now due to the massive xbone hate, AND I'll bet the bump up the PS4 version to sooner than later.
rmw2hot  +   547d ago
Should b called Call Of Duty Titanfall. No thanks I'll stick with Killzone Shadow Fall.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   547d ago
So there relying on the cloud, you need to have the internet to access the cloud therefore people without out internet can't play this game. Microsoft are officially in it just for the money they have no respect for the consumers buying thier product
mep69  +   547d ago
I hardly believe that statement. As this game runs on the Source engine.
360ICE  +   547d ago
Bull. Crap.
kingPoS  +   546d ago
Latency would be cloud computing's worse nightmare. I'm not sure what the average threshold is, but I'd guess it might be between 17 and 35ms back to back.

I guess Microsoft's acquisition of that bit torrent protocol makes a lot more sense now.
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