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cell989  +   801d ago
Didn't we just read it was possible on PS4? What's all this PR BS about the cloud
esemce  +   801d ago
It's EA so it will eventually come to Playstation no doubt timed exclusive, Unless any game is funded by MS then it will probably always be a timed exclusive even more so next gen as PS4/Bone will be so similar.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   801d ago
it is coming out for ps4,.. it's a timed exclusive,..the BS your reading about the cloud is exactly that.. BS
esemce  +   801d ago
Sick of hearing about the 'cloud' like it's some mystical entity full of magic wonder, it's all just marketing BS.

They talk about using the cloud for AI in titanfall but it's multiplayer only so wtf?

And this will not be on windows 8 only as it would destroy sales and this game runs on a modified source engine so even basic PC's should be able to run it, not worth buying A bone to play it that's for sure.

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Flames76  +   801d ago
No game at E3 came close to Titanfall.Hell PS4 fanboys already have a petition to try and get it on the PS4 lol.Bottom line is games like this are only found on Xbox and will never be on a playstation console. Its just to bad microsoft messed up the Xbox One with kinect,always online and blocking used games.So im just gonna keep my 360 and pass on next gen. See how it all plays out and hope they bring Xbox back around to real gamers
psyxon  +   801d ago
...but it's on pc?
TKCMuzzer  +   801d ago
This has all to do with money, once that expiry date passes you know what EA will do........

Plus on a personal note, I thought Destiny looked a better game, far more depth and interaction with other players. That looks like it could suck up game time very easily.....
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   801d ago
just like EA's exclusives for 360??? nope, all came to ps3.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   801d ago
I rather have watch dogs,destiny,killzone and the division....just sayin.
plaZeHD  +   801d ago
'The power of the cloud' LOOOOL, this is the same bullshit as 'The power of the cell' on this current generation.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   801d ago
psyxon  +   801d ago
not at all. i love when kids who don't understand technology try to hate on it to seem cool lol.
Shane Kim  +   801d ago
Hhhmmm so the Xphone allready needs to use cloud computing? It's outdated even before its out.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   801d ago
I guess Microsoft really Does have to Lie to kick it ,,.
nikrel  +   801d ago
I'm not buying this game even when it does come to the PS4, they can eat it.

When the F did PC get access to X1 Cloud? gimmie a break buncha PR spin bullshit.
Marugo  +   801d ago
I wish i could play this on my windows xp desktop
HarryB  +   801d ago
This game looks like fun. I might get it for pc. Too bad it looks like homefront. They couldn't ask ea for the frostbite engine? This shit is on source engine. Its fucking old man.
TripC50  +   801d ago
Well that's a shame then
psyxon  +   801d ago
lmao. this is hilarious.
shaenoide  +   801d ago
I want to see the X1 version please i saw enough of the PC version already
TKCMuzzer  +   801d ago
I wish they would stop treating gamers like idiots. You need to compete against your rival and you need an exclusive to draw people in, answer? get your cheque book out. It's EA for starters, they would not go platform exclusive unless paid to do so. Also knowing EA, it will be timed, there is no way they would want to miss out on possible PS4 sales.

The game does look good but there was a whiff of COD about it and that worries me a bit, one of them on the market is more than enough.
GentlemenRUs  +   801d ago

I'm sorry but this is just getting more and more pathetic... The CLOUD can not make a console even more graphically powerful... Its even been proven!

All together... I think this is just an excuse...
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Silly gameAr  +   801d ago
I'll be good with or without this game.
Bonerboy  +   801d ago
HAAHa This "good relationship" is.....
1. MS waves money around and unzips tailored pants.
2. Devs and pubs get down on their knees and suckle away.
3. MS throws buzz words around to dupe the general public.
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Shreddie  +   801d ago
It will obviously come to PS4 sooner or later, after being a timed exclusive for X Box One for a year or so. The developers at Respawn are not denying it, and they definitely would have, had it been a permanent deal with Microsoft. It`s not.

The cloud computing argument is of course unsubstantiated due to a lot of reasons like everyone having differentiated internet connections, but Microsoft and the new X Box are in seriously dire need for some bullet Points.
Ashby_JC  +   801d ago
So ...did SONY pay Bungie money to get Destiny exclusive to the PS4???

Its like anytime a game is exclusive...MS paid all this money for it. SO what...who cares its there money...why you care so much??
Pintheshadows  +   801d ago
I have to say that I don't believe this at all. Compare this to Battlefield of KZSF. It looks like COD with Mechs. In fact it has the same washed out colour pallette and bland textures that MW3 did. I can see the appeal of the concept but I was very much unimpressed with the actual showing. It didn't look very next gen at all.
H3ADWOUND81  +   801d ago
Gotta admit, nothing looked that great about it or to put it another way nothing I saw made me wanna go out and buy once released.. Even if it did go to ps4, still wouldn't buy it..
DFresh  +   801d ago
I'll just get Titan Fall on PC.
The platform supporting this game that doesn't have restrictions on DRM, Used Game Policy, etc.
Not to mention superior controls and visuals.
annus  +   801d ago
U wot m8?

It will more than likely run on Windows Live, which is DRM, and the game requires online connection to play anyway. And most PC games have CD-keys, most of which tie to accounts, so how are you going to sell them?
Sy_Wolf  +   801d ago
The power of the cloud? You can't do anything cool with "cloud computing" because of how slow the Internet is. Even with something like Google Fiber you couldn't do anything cool. Local hardware pushed hundreds of gigabytes a second around, anything you offload will take forever to show up.
KontryBoy706  +   801d ago
PC version for me... don't play on owning an XB1
AutoCad  +   801d ago
Best game at E3 By far, cannot fucking wait LET GOOO
InTheZoneAC  +   801d ago
lol @ "power of the cloud" comments

M$ is like the new AOL touting all these extra features with xbox one. They'd make you pay for the extra stuff for dialup that were already available every where else...
mirroredge  +   801d ago
Titanfall will be become best shooter when he come
This games exclusivity is very meaningful for ms they know it sony fans will be attract to ms side to play this amazing looking game
Victorvondoom8  +   801d ago
Reason for this is because Microsoft payed more money....Simple this is probably the reason why infinite ward fired his butt.
Metfanant  +   801d ago
of course THESE guys had no problem getting dev kits and had no hoops to jump through...they are the guys that used to head IW...the same studio that has had exclusive deals with MS this entire generation lol...
boom4u  +   801d ago
think about it people...... if ur respawn.....ur gonna make all the statements u can to sell the sysyem ur game is being sold on right? ur not gonna make the platform sound bad.... any game can be made on any system if you want to....
310dodo  +   801d ago
This game actually looks really fun.
I will be getting a PS4
hopefully one day I can get a chance to play it.

Is it multiplayer only?
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