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Drakesfortune  +   965d ago
out of this and destiny...i would rather go for destiny...never really like mechs and stuff
humbleopinion  +   965d ago
I'd get both. Goodbye Battlefield and COD, hello brave new IPs.
Whitey2k  +   965d ago
Hell what do u know after the split there still up microsofts arse
ironmonkey  +   965d ago
Like yoshida said, of course ps4 can do cloud lol. Im sorry but ill stick to the actual physical power in my ps4. With ddr3, xbox could really use a boost from that internet connection they call cloud. And what happens when you lose connection hmmmmmm???.
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gazgriff2k12  +   965d ago
My fart cloud is more powerfull that microsofts
ginsunuva  +   965d ago
Wait, soooo, because it connects to the internet (teh cloud), it cannot be on ps4, but only pc and x1?

Clarence  +   965d ago
I wish they stop lying about this cloud and windows 8 bull$h!t. Just say M$ paid us a lot of money to make a exclusive game for their console.
porter470  +   965d ago
will this be a GFWL title, how are they planning to digitally distribute this game for pc, Steam? considering it needs to use the Cloud lol how are they going to spin that?
Faztkiller  +   965d ago
I was excited for their new game the and many other people I know were to but we are not an Xbox one and not going to putting Windows 8 on our PC. They should come up with a better excuse as to why cause this just sounds like crap and Microsoft pr talking through them.
WeaseL  +   965d ago
So the XB1 has to always conected then and not just once every 24hrs
cunnilumpkin  +   965d ago
hmmmmm.....should I get the version that won't be usuable on the next gen of consoles, that requires me to check in every 24 hours, that will most likely still be ugly 720p or below 1080, still has jaggies all over???

should I get the version that's 2560x1600 with anti aliasing that actually works, runs at 60 frames, most likely has mods and better/dedicated servers??

tough choice

every multiplat game next gen I'm going pc!
that's why I really don't see my self needing a xboxone!

PC and PS4 next gen baby!!
Stallion  +   965d ago
The whole Power of the Cloud thing is horseshit.
Playstaion has a cloud with equal potential as well. Its purely relationship based.
Regardless, A PC and a PS4 will get you everywhere you need to go this generation.
ninjagoat  +   965d ago
If its windows 8 only they can go get stuffed.
mochachino  +   965d ago
The cloud that rained money down for a long term timed exclusive. If its on PC then any cloud functioning could also work on PS4.

I'm losing respect for Respawn with al this PR BS
Game0N  +   965d ago
Planetside 2 will be our titanfall. PS4 baby.
ATi_Elite  +   965d ago
Titanfall NOT on PS4 LOL LOL LOL

I'm already playing Planetside 2 on PC

Do not sit there and act like your not HURT about NOT getting Titanfall.

Titanfall, Destiny, BF4 were E3 BEST GAMES
SITH  +   965d ago
I am playing planetside 2 also. It is great and all, but a MAX unit even with my two guided missile launchers, is nothing compared to a mech.
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solidworm  +   965d ago
If it sells a mil on the DRMBOX it will be an achievement. Respawn backed the wrong horse but hey we all make mistakes...its no biggy lol.
kasser  +   965d ago
Six months later, Titanfall: GotY Edition on PS3 & PS4.

Cloud talk is kinda BS when you consider this game is also available on 360.
Inception  +   965d ago
I just saw the trailer and it's got some pretty cool Mirror Edge style in there. But i'm not a fans of MMOFPS like this or Planetside 2. So, i will skip it and just wait for Mirror Edge 2 ;)
Npugz7  +   965d ago
The ps4 has cloud too it's gaikai so that a load of BS!! Microsoft paid for exclusivity for one year that's why!
McScroggz  +   965d ago
Titanfall is a timed exclusive for the Xbox One because Microsoft threw a bunch of money at Respawn. And I must say, while I really hate exclusive third party games, Microsoft probably was smart because the game looks pretty awesome.

The cloud? Child please...
TBONEJF  +   965d ago
I could care less bout CLOUD GAMING i'd rather have a physical disc.
frankthetank28  +   965d ago
What happens when its sunny outside?
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GraveLord  +   965d ago
PS4 haz the "powah of da cloud" too.

Just tell us the real reason. Microsoft paid you a shitload of money.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   965d ago
but does it have the power of the unicorns?? cauze these cloudz are magic!.
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ala_767  +   965d ago
for one or two Microsoft exclusive games I ain't gonna shift to Microsoft!!!
supersonicjerry  +   965d ago
That's a lie its also coming out for 360 the lies man smh hahaha dev's
Jamaicangmr  +   965d ago
This is desperation at it's best. Trying to talk up a feature when they know it's BS because the PS4 can also do it. Only difference is Sony isn't relying on it, Cloud computing is an option not a requirement.

Respawn needs to get off Microsoft's shaft and focus on their game.
kupomogli  +   965d ago
Yeah. Cloud is pretty powerful. He uses a sword that's almost as big as he is.

What? They don't mean Cloud Strife? Oh. They mean that cloud. Yeah. I don't buy it.
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quenomamen  +   965d ago
Yea im gonna take the word of the Devs who crapped out Call It Doodie for years, oooh yees, ahuh of course it can only run on X1, no no I totally understand the cloud makes it 10x more powerful. Lol, what joke.
PurpHerbison  +   965d ago
This is just another FPS game, even when you are in the mech it just looks like an average FPS game with some sort of Robot HUD. I was not even close to being impressed.
GamersHeaven  +   965d ago
Bet you Respawn and EA are kicking them selfs in there a$$es knowing Xbone wont be selling very well.This will be on PS4 within a year most likely or less than a year EA don't wanna miss out on the money.
noctis_lumia  +   965d ago
pc it is then
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