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B-radical  +   962d ago
oh wow looks like Microsoft paid game to say this........sarcasm
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Tyre  +   962d ago
Who would willingly put the shackles on? a single game for the X1 can only be shared once with someone who’s been on your friends list for at least 30 days. That effectively puts an end to game rentals, and X1 games will be tied to your Xbox Live account as well. Not only that, you can only trade-in and resell your used games at “participating retailers,” and the X1 requires you to check-in online every 24 hours and Every game is region locked. People who are pre-ordering must be asleep. Never accept this!
Captain Qwark 9  +   962d ago
no, it can be shared with up to ten family members. it can only be sold once to a friend of 30 days or more. if your gonna troll you ought to get your facts correct before you do.
Bhai  +   962d ago
Ummm, yes u r right B-radical, its a 'deal/paid' affair:

Its all part of MS' thursday event, expect a news everyday like this, with 'strong BS' but no real numbers ;)
MS has worked its ways into GAME. GAME should be bold and less greedy, and show out their numbers like Amazon or many of the rest. Otherwise they'd be just deceiving their buyers!
gamertk421  +   962d ago
I don't lend games. My friends have jobs.
Tyre  +   962d ago
I'm sorry dudes above me(Bai & Captain Qwark 9), we all are getting played by the spindoctors of MS. Major Nelson in an interview with Angry Joe specifically left out the most important details on the purchase of a game (like they all do at MS, stay vague till after everybody has bought the X1) he said 'If one family member buys a game, that doesn't mean every family member can play this game' Kinect will make sure the IDTAG to the licence is tied to one person and will charge every family member if they start playing the game. Sony is just straightforward in this. Can't you see? MS is trying to isolate every single individual from each other so they can MAXIMIZE profits unjustified. Pure unnecessary in gaming. Sony just keeps it simply and fair. You buy a game and after purchase you can do with it what you want(the rest is the customers business and rightly so). WHY on earth would you willingly give MS these options to charge you extra unjustified. Even the publisher are doing away with the DRM. MS is just overstepping it's boundaries and just taken the space that belongs to us and this space also involves legal issues like our privacy. MS is bordering on a criminal act. XB1 will definitely be banned in Germany and other countries will follow. Wake up, do not believe the lies of MS.
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JokesOnYou  +   962d ago
I told you the internet is about who yells the loudest and most often, people who hate something overwhelmingly are prone to want to be heard, people who like something generally can't be bothered to stop and make comments unless they are enthusiasts and not just your avg fan of that particular the end just like with sports, Lakers have millions of fans that support the team but most sports blog comment threads are filled with negativity about them same with many of the major team franchises, especially when they are doing well. Yet despite the short-sighted hate they will continue to run their organizations well enough to consistently be contenders for the championship most of the time.

Ironicly X1 has some really cool convenience features that are made possible because of drm, micro needs to start running ads highlighting this ASAP.
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nukeitall  +   962d ago
Lending digitally is far superior than physical disc. Here are the benefits:

* instant lending, no physically handing the game to your friend needed. Live across the country, no problem!
* lend to 10 friends instantly
* no scratched disc
* no physical disc to loose
* game collection goes with you wherever you are
* access games without disc
dcbronco  +   962d ago
Tyre game rentals are actually far better with a always on system. Gamefly doesn't really work because they are always out of copies of a game people really want. With digital, the person just orders the game with their gamertag and MS allows them to download it. When their membership is cancelled, so is the temporary license. On One Gamefly always has the game you want and it is ready for DL immediately. No more waiting on the mailman.

Also when it comes to region locks, outside of games restricted in certain countries like Germany does sometimes, your family list is worldwide. So having a friend in Japan would be great for JRPG players. No more worrying about a game being made for the Western market.

There's no guarantee those things will happen, but if MS is all about the money like Sony fans claim, Gamefly will support One quickly. And Japanese developers could get a real idea of which games would get major support in the West and could make better decisions about what to export. It would also open up a lot more games to a more varied audience which should drive more sales for the developers.

Tyre you're being a little short sighted. There are a lot of benefits(except the 24 hour check-in, extra features should be active when connected, inactive when not) to being connected.


The big thing about no need for disc is if you keep your games. Imagine if a game becomes a classic and you have this pristine copy because it was in a box packed away and not spinning in a machine or suffering wear and tear from use.

I also seem to remember that changing disc was something PS fans hated doing. Who has to keep getting up now.
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fr0sty  +   962d ago
@nukeitall - game lending only works with one friend at a time (out of a list of 10). In other words, it works just like PSN already has been for years. PSN lets you install any of your games on a friend's PS3 if you choose. You just have to deactivate their copy before it can be installed on another system. Xbone is pretty much the same, they just added 9 more friends to the waiting list (only you and one friend at a time can play though).

DC, there you go making things up again. You have a habit of pulling hypothetical situations out of your ass that have absolutely no basis in reality. There have been no such plans laid out by game rental companies like Gamefly. They do not even host digital game rentals, nor do they have the server capacity to do so. Keep on dreaming.

And did you seriously try to spin region locking into being a good thing? Your friend in Japan won't be able to play your region-locked games on their Japanese console (not like a Japanese person would buy an Xbox One anyway).

"There's no guarantee those things will happen, but if MS is all about the money like Sony fans claim, Gamefly will support One quickly. And Japanese developers could get a real idea of which games would get major support in the West and could make better decisions about what to export."

You're right there's no guarantee, because you made all of it up in your head. Gamefly has nothing to do with Microsoft, and Microsoft doesn't make money from game rentals so it isn't in their best interest to support them. It's only in the gamer's best interest, and we all know who MS is looking out for... As for your second comment, you seem to forget the Xbone is region locked. It WILL NOT PLAY those foreign games at all. That's what region locked means. You must play games approved for your console's region.

"The big thing about no need for disc is if you keep your games. Imagine if a game becomes a classic and you have this pristine copy because it was in a box packed away and not spinning in a machine or suffering wear and tear from use.

I also seem to remember that changing disc was something PS fans hated doing. Who has to keep getting up now."

Part of having a "pristine copy" is for it to be unopened, so your argument falls flat on it's face. Another area it falls flat on is the fact that blu-ray discs have a hardshell scratch-resistant coating on them. None of my original PS3 games have a single permanent scratch on them.

As for switching discs, you better hope you have one big ass hard drive hooked up to that Xbox One, being that you can't change it's internal drive (better hope it doesn't break or your system is bricked!). Your argument again falls flat on it's face considering PS4 games are also available digitally, so those who do not want to change a disc can just download the game. However, PS4 owners also have the CHOICE of playing their games off the disc if they like.

Nice try, but that was a whole lotta fail.
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Tyre  +   962d ago
@ Jokes on You Unbelievable, It is a shame that some of still think we're saying this out fanboyism. I've have a PS1/2/3 an XB Original & 360 since launch, i've got a huge library of Xbox games & almost the whole library of XB360 games...i absolutely love it but this goes well beyong gaming and MS is giving the wrong impulse to the world in all facets of services to the customers.most example/ They R just hijacking the relationship to the customers...this bad for the gaming community and other services in the world. We must force them to change. They R so transparent and out of passion for games it is just not funny any more. I'm so dissapointed. Vote with your wallet, i know i will.
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AhmadCentral  +   962d ago
Well i wouldn't be surprised after reading that the same company is opening an Xbox exclusive store....

Money talks...

It's clear that in the UK GAME will be the retail partner who can trade in used games with the Xbox. This really explains that GAME is on Microsofts payroll, especially with all the news coming from their Press releases.
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loulou  +   962d ago
just please tell me wht the f'ck would thet lie???

what are they going to get out of it??? people will buy what they want. ffs.

by the way, someone sent a message on line asking who was buying what.... and everyone on my friend list has already pre-ordered an xbox
Drekken  +   962d ago
Game... the same place opening an Xbox Only store?

With all the money already invested in that black hole money sink, I am not surprised if they are lying. I mean look at all of the other retailers... the xbox is getting a beat down.
Manic2014  +   962d ago
Not Surprised the GAME store in ilford and Westfield Have sold out of launch day for the xbox one and are on phase 2, Same with the PS4. Looks like Both Consoles will do good.
B-radical  +   962d ago
Without a doubt they will both do good.
Perjoss  +   962d ago
I'm sure they will both do good, but in my humble opinion one of them deserves to do a whole lot better than the other. Personally I dont like all this anti-consumer stuff flying around right now.
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No_Limit  +   962d ago
Overall, I think PS4 will win this generation due to the worldwide brand recognition and the price advantage but the Xbox One will be a solid #2 and there is nothing wrong with that. For those gamers that like Sony, preferred physical disc without restriction, the PS4 is the console to get.

For those gamers that like digital, discless gaming, an all-in-one entertainment system, digital game sharing with friends and family and don't mine having to check in once a day, the Xbox one can be a great system for them.

I will get both eventually so I have no beef about any of these consoles.
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slampunk  +   962d ago
Great comment mate. Good time to be a gamer regardless which company you prefer.
merciless  +   962d ago
I live in the UK and I really want to convince you that this guy is lying! I have been to three game stores asking about ps4 bundles and I ALWAYS ask how the preorders are going and so far the highest has been

Ps4 3200
X1 800

Here in London. What you're forgetting is that as a business model "GAME" will be the most popular place to resell x1 games. Used market is 50% of their business. PS4 can still go on ebay etc so it makes sense. Mark my words come release day the ps4 is going to crush x1. Just check out amazon uk preorder numbers.
EasilyTheBest  +   962d ago
So game staff are Willy nilly just giving out the numbers to anyone. Yea sounds really genuine.
merciless  +   962d ago
Silly beast

You can ask the employees at the purchase counter in each store some might say "They can't give you that info" others simply click the computer and read off exact numbers. 3200 vs 800 was at a semi popular North London Store! Check amazon right now Ps4 has 5 ps4 skus in the top 10 right now. A margin of 5-1?
DARK WITNESS  +   962d ago
lolol, it's not that hard to make friends with the staff and find out.

I live in london. use to live in east london and now I live north.

I have always managed to make friends with the staff at any of my local game shops to the point that they hold stuff for me or give me staff discounts etc.

it's not that hard, they are people with opinions and having a friendly conversation can reveal interesting info all the time.
EasilyTheBest  +   962d ago
Game staff are asking to be sacked, but yeah your right, just popped in there this afternoon and they have so far sold 720 PS4s and 1080 X1s.
gamertk421  +   962d ago
5 to 1? Haha, that only works if all 5 ps4 skus are each selling the same as the one Xbox sku. Have you ever seen Breaking Bad? Pinkman likes to sing a song called Fallacies...
Neko_Mega  +   962d ago
Yeah I fine that kind of hard to believe, are Gamestop has a higher limit of PS4's then Xbox One.

So whats their limit? Because 60PS4/45XO isn't the same.
pandehz  +   962d ago
Both are decent consoles and both will do well.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   962d ago
Well, XboxOne is a console that seems obviously designed primarily for the US market. Would UK and EU buyers be able to use its full potential - ie the TV aspect?
Just curious.
B-radical  +   962d ago
Well in australia we got foxtel and stuff and 360 intergrated that very well i hope xbox one makes it even better. But im sure xbox will work with uk tv services prob be big on the soccer and whatnot
urwifeminder  +   962d ago
Pre order tomorrow but not at game I don't think they are still alive here EB for me.
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ger2396  +   962d ago
The xbone will sell very well, but how is Microsoft going to explain the do's and don'ts of the console. We can't assume that the average consumer knows about drm, always needed to be online and so forth.
despair  +   962d ago
I agree it will sell very well, gamers are the ones complaining and we make up a very small percentage of the target audience.

BTW why is everyone using this "xbone" abbreviation, it just looks like...well "x bone".
gamertk421  +   962d ago
I think that's their point, just like some of us might say the PoS4
FITgamer  +   962d ago
@gemertk421 I don't see how the PS4 could be a PoS. Based off looks and specs the PS4 is like Bruce Lee while the X1 is like Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja.
ramiuk1  +   962d ago
game staff at my local store have been telling custoemrs that the fans in the ps4 are really weak and they was overheating really easy at e3 and that sony is going change its terms and conditions on used games after launch once everyone bought them.
saying the cloud makes the xbone 3 times more powerful than the ps4.

the issue here is most parents will believe it and its wrong for game staff to do this,i imagine they are a selected retailer on microshafts trade in gang
gamertk421  +   962d ago
I like it.
WeAreLegion  +   962d ago
It is not GAME's stance to do this. If any employees are doing that, it is by their own idiotic choice. Please tell them to stop. These are baseless claims. They are disgruntled Xbox fans.
hellvaguy  +   962d ago
The fans r supposedly bigger on the xbone and the controllers are using wifi direct, which is pretty sweet.

Other those minor points, Kinect and used game fees, no ty.
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