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deafdani  +   808d ago
It's simple, Nintendo: make the blue shell wreck EVERYONE in the race ahead of the player that shot it, not just the person in first place.

That way, the person that shot it has a chance to get into first place (along with any other player behind him).

Myst  +   808d ago
That'd be perfect rather than being hit by like 2 blue shells almost at the same time and watching everyone pass you >_>
mcstorm  +   807d ago
I think it should be like the blue shell from the N64 where it runs along the ground and will hit anyone in its path if they are near it.
GuruStarr78  +   808d ago
Just make it slightly easier to avoid... still keep it difficult, but not nearly impossible... like it has been.
Dgamer  +   808d ago
I like your idea defdani, hopefully Nintendo is listening.
MNGamer-N  +   808d ago
What sucked is when you are about to win the race, then get blue shelled and end up in 8th place. That's what sucked about the KartWii.
linkenski  +   808d ago
I don't trust them. they said they did the same with MK7. It was still friggin annoying. What they need to fix is giving us manual drifting back again. It takes so much of the skill away when the drifting is based on how long you hold it.
ZeroX9876  +   807d ago
I loved mario kart on the original DS, it's probably the lastest game in the series that I enjoyed that much (not that the other are bad).

hoping to see this feature come back, but there's little to no chance, since it's way more noob friendly without it and nintendo tends to go the casual gamer way (younger audience).
BosSSyndrome  +   808d ago
Ban them on the last lap.
jcnba28  +   807d ago
I would like the blue shell to take out everyone in its path not just the player in first place. But maybe they shouldn't allow it on the last lap of each race so it's fair for those who are winning.
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despair  +   807d ago
Never quite got the blue shell, its an FU to the guy in first place from the guy in last or near last place who would never reach there anyways. It helps the guy in 2nd place (given that he avoids it) help rather than the one who used it.
Khordchange  +   807d ago
the damn blue shell wont leave lol
Errefus  +   807d ago
the blue shell can be fun and horrible, especially when you are playing online and in 1st place and then you get hit in the third lap and i rage on getting hit xD, I think the blue shell from previous games where it hits everyone was the best one.
nato25  +   807d ago
Nintendo pay attention! Make the blue shell have a chance to hit everyone in front of the player that used it, the lower position of the player about to get hit by the shell, the more chance that player has to avoid it. E.g Player is in first place they only have a 10% chance to avoid the shell by making it hit a wall or another object. Basically the homing of the shell becomes better and better as it gets closer to hitting the person in first.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   807d ago
There was no forgiveness in double dash
Foxgod  +   807d ago
It should just hit the player in front of you, not the person in first place.
So make it like a red shell+
Red shell only hits the next opponent as long as nothing is in the way, while the blue one should hit the player in front of you even if something is in the way.

This way the red shell is a 75% chance on hit, while blue is 100% chance.

Only 1 out 10 times a red shell should be a blue one.
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manny1up  +   807d ago
Bring back double dash NINTENDO !!!...Best mario kart EVA !

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