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xhi4  +   845d ago
"It's been easier to get our game onto a Sony platform than it has been to get on Steam," said Cobb. That's how drastically things have changed these days."

Wow, imagine in a few years having as deep a library of awesome games as Steam with the ease of self-publishing as apple store on the PS Store and Gaikai. Good move Sony.
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Arai  +   845d ago
Great read, especially for gamers it gives a good view of what goes on, how these guys struggle and only gives you more respect for them.
TheFallenAngel  +   845d ago
Lol ever since they gave The Last of Us that review, I've been seeing a lot from this website.
jamesgavin06   845d ago | Spam
FamilyGuy  +   845d ago
The sites name is just a lot more noticeable because of that review than it ever used to be. It wasn't well-known and now it's infamous. You and most of us here are noticing it now when before we wouldn't of given the site name a second glance like how we treat many of the smaller game site stories that get posted here.
mistecheese  +   845d ago
mission accomplished? :P
ElitaStorm  +   845d ago
jamesgavin06 is a spam bot he should be banned

on topic

good for gamers
S2Killinit  +   845d ago
so hyped for PS4

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