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Monkeycan8  +   969d ago
BiggCMan  +   969d ago
I don't think you, or most of the people below me even read this article. It has nothing to do with there not being a Saints Row 5. It is simply impressions of 4, with a question at the end of how could they possibly top it.
Monkeycan8  +   969d ago
NihonjinChick  +   969d ago
I read it and the whole game sounds... ridiculous. Aliens, gangs running the white house, and super powers? This isn't Saint Row anymore.

I hope there isn't anymore SR games after this.
turgore  +   969d ago
Good. I couldn't stand saints row the third.
GREW50ME  +   969d ago
Me neither... I quit after 10 minutes.
LightofDarkness  +   969d ago
They'll reboot or spin-off. They just bought the franchise, they're hardly going to kill it one game in.
TesMgsFan  +   969d ago
I never expected that, but saints row 3 is the same as saints row 4. The best one was saints row 2.
animegamingnerd  +   969d ago
i want saints row to go back to its roots
NihonjinChick  +   969d ago
This franchise could have gone to GTA heights but they ruined it. I want to punch the person who came up with the idea to put all this over the top stuff in SR.
JsonHenry  +   969d ago
I never played the first 2 which is probably why I loved how over the top and funny and Saints Row 3 was. It is the only GTA style game I've actually beat since GTA3.
ChickeyCantor  +   969d ago
Im not sure why people want another GTA like clone. The reason they went bananas with The third is because they realise there is already a serious open world game out there ( GTA ).
Donnieboi  +   969d ago
@Sidar: If I was determined not to like it, then why did I pay $120 for it (and an additional copy for my GF to play on her brother's Xbox) and pay for the season pass? Is that the best excuse your mind could conjure up?

Try re-reading my original statement--it provides more than enough ample reasons for why it sucked.
Donnieboi  +   969d ago
U dont have to have played or even liked the first two games in order to see how stupid SR3 is. Even if somehow u can look past the horrible gimmicks of aliens and cheesy slapstick "comedy" (I never once actually laughed), anyone can still see that the poor animations, crappy city, handful of recycled npc's, lack of customization, lack of any inspirition in innovation of gameplay, uninspired rambling dialogs, and lack of customization for clothing, and you can clearly see that the game was trash on it's own merits.

SR 4 will be lucky if it sells even 200,000 copies, especially since GTA 5 is coming up a mere 3-4 weeks after SR 4 comes out. Plus people have better things to spend their money on: We're all about to go broke saving up for GTA 5, Gran Turismo 6, PS4, (or an Xbone if your a fool), next gen games, bills, rent, other fee's and costs.

SR4 is gonna be the exact same city and assets as SR3. It was a DLC for sr3, turned into a "full" game (but is actually a $60 stand-alone expansion pack. Same crap city design and map, npc's, animation, developers, etc. But repackaged for $60. This shoulda been a $10 expansion dlc. They don't deserve $60 for dlc.

So who the hell has money to waste on such a dumb game? Even a millionaire wouldn't buy that game. Better of giving that $60 to a bum on the street.

So if u can't tell by now, I hate this series now. I can't even pretend to ignore how bad it's gotten. They say that in order to truly hate something/someone, u had to have loved it at some time, in order to be so angry with it later. Well, I used to LOVE this series. Me and my GF would sink hundreds of hours into it. And now it's ruined. I can respect change, but this is a joke. Even if it wasn't named Saints Row, it would still be considered a joke based on it's own merit.

R.I.P. Saints Row, u had so much potential, now your the laughing stock of the industry.
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JsonHenry  +   969d ago
I feel the same way about Command and Conquer 4 man. I completely 100% understand. When they change a game/franchise you love into something it isn't it does make you upset.
ChickeyCantor  +   969d ago
I think the reason you didn't laugh is because you were determined from the beginning that you didn't like it.
Donnieboi  +   969d ago
double post
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ChickeyCantor  +   969d ago
I honestly think you're overreacting badly. But whatever, to each his own.
NihonjinChick  +   969d ago
Thank god. The Third was horrible and this one probably is too.
trickman888  +   969d ago
Dumb ass title.
jeenyus  +   969d ago
Peasant makes misleading title to get hits.
TheUndertaker85  +   969d ago
Reading that tells me why they shouldn't bother with SR IV, even more why they shouldn't even be thinking about a V.

The trailer is enough to show me. Game looks overly stupid and catered to the average twelve year old.
NarooN  +   969d ago
Misleading title lol get out.

Saints Row 2 was the peak of the series. It was the perfect balance of realism (in terms of not being ridiculous like SR4) and whacked-out craziness. Then SR3 came along and decided to ignore the cool story threads established in SR1 & 2, and just making the game about... taking over this bland city which doesn't have anything on Stilwater. SR3 had improved gunplay and vehicle physics, and better gfx, but besides that it was inferior to SR2 in every way.

SR4's story, as far as I know, takes place in a simulation, so SR5 would theoretically be a retcon of some sort or a slight reboot. I don't even care though, the series is tainted as far as I'm concerned. I knew when they did that crap with Gat in SR3 (don't wanna spoil it here, google it if you're curious) that the series was already downhill. Unless they take advantage of this opportunity and retcon the SHIT out of SR3 and 4, I'm done.

I could sit here and type a crapload of text, explaining in great detail how SR2 blows SR3 and 4 out of the water, but most of us already know. The sad thing is that I used to be a huge Volition fan, ever since the Red Faction 1 days. They have had a habit of taking their series and ruining them. Look at what happened with Red Faction.

The same thing that happened to Saints Row -- where the story and characters started out great or really well, then eventually they abandon it all and replace it with garbage -- happened originally with RF. Red Faction II, while a good game on its own, took place quite some time after RF1 and barely even mentioned the original characters, and didn't explain what became of them later on. Then after like six or so years they came back with RF Guerrilla, which was a third-person shooter (why!?) and once again took place like a bazillion years after the first two games, abandoning all those characters for good. Then they killed off the series completely with that TRASHBYSMAL RF Armageddon, which was a joke of a game because it was Red Faction in name only. At least Guerrilla kept with the spirit of rising up against oppression and fighting for freedom. Armageddon was about blasting these poorly-designed aliens...

SR3 didn't have anything to do with the Dex story, which is what I expected them to do, especially since the Boss actually vowed that they would go to the city he was in and annihilate him. I immediately assumed that since SR3 would be in a new city, that finally we'd get payback on Dex. Nope. He was only mentioned in one microscopic throwaway line and then never mentioned again, as if the Boss somehow forgot about it. What significance did Steelport even have? None, besides being a scapegoat of a town to abandon everything that made the series good, to pander to the immature 12-year old CoD crowd by making the game as douchey and over the top as possible.

SR4 just built on that even more, which is a shame. That's what most devs seem to be doing nowadays, just dumbing their games down for no reason.
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koolaid251  +   969d ago
Saint's row has went from a gta clone to ratchet and clank meats star wars/ Spaceballs lol

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