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GentlemenRUs  +   973d ago
Shame, But at least take time to make it a good game will ya.

When one rushes a game, It dies/flops all over the place...
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Saksoy  +   973d ago
I doubt it will be missed.
DragonKnight  +   973d ago
You'd be wrong.
blackblades  +   973d ago
You are a 100% wrong
nick309  +   973d ago
I wonder who will get to develop it
Der_Kommandant  +   973d ago
I hope Santa Monica get the rights
paris007  +   973d ago
i prefer a dante's inferno sequel....darksiders was meh.....
sdozzo  +   973d ago
Is there a Dante's in the work? I really enjoyed both games.
sdozzo  +   973d ago
Too bad. I thought it was a fun game. Played it like hell for two weeks and sold it. Great game for the $30 it cost when all was said and done.

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