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LOL_WUT  +   894d ago
Not bad ;)
WarThunder  +   894d ago
Ahhh Metro Last light one the best FPS this generation if not the BEST!
CrossingEden  +   894d ago
no its not contemporary art and its not CGI, its terrible sexist storytelling at its finest because it comes out of no where and completely ruins the mature atmosphere, tits=/=mature
SexyGamerDude  +   894d ago
If there was a male stripper, would it still have been sexist?
CrossingEden  +   894d ago
yes, because it it would still be out of place, random, and completely unnecessary -_-
Blacktric  +   894d ago
"its terrible sexist storytelling at its finest"

Because they just can't be trying to tell that some people wouldn't give up this sort of thing, even in a post apocalyptic world right? It just can't be a commentary on the human nature.

They only could've added this scene because they think women are inferior and are only good for doing a lap dance half naked for petty cash... /s

Just grow up already.
CrossingEden  +   894d ago
no, its not about that, its about pleasing the lowest common denominator, because if that scene was written well, the woman would have responded to the fact that she just got pulled into a room against her will with her mouth covered, but no, obviously she just cares about making sure you get off -_-
cleft5  +   894d ago
Something isn't inherently sexist just because you show a woman stripping. If you think that is true than you have no idea what sexism really is all about, this remains true even if you are a woman.

Showing women in sexual clothing or performing sexual acts doesn't equate to sexism. Saying or implying that a woman's only place in life is to be one type of thing, be it a soccer mom, stripper, teacher, or even only a counselor is sexist. The reason is simple, it's because you are saying that because of a person gender this is the only role they can do with their life.

In that scene, Artium never says or implies that this is the only role for women in this new bleak future. All that is happening is a lap dance and guess what there are plenty of places you can get a lap dance at in the real world. Also, the player is free to refuse the lap dance and the location that he is currently in makes sense to the story. So maybe you should figure out the context before you imply something is or isn't sexist. Oh and a poorly written scene, doesn't equate to sexism.
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CrossingEden  +   894d ago
every woman in this game is shown in a sexual manner -_-
Hazmat13  +   894d ago
i remember this part. walked in venice in 300+ MR (military rounds) walked out of venice with 100...... never bought a single gun mod or a gun.
pop-voxuli  +   894d ago
It's cool and all but that creepy ass face is freeking me out!!
cleft5  +   894d ago
I love that they are taking one scene out of an entire game and trying to ask if that one scene out of the entire game is art. Is every movie art? No. Is every piece of music art? No. Is every painting made art? No. Is every book written art? No.

So what do you think they are trying to prove by taking one scene out of one game and asking if it is art? Some people will say this is art. Are they wrong? No. What is or isn't art is ultimately left up to each individual person to decide.
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Lbong  +   894d ago
What's the big deal with this, You get lapdances from strippers in GTA 4 and that's completely out of context but, so what. This is a game for adults, so it has adult content.

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