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Protagonist  +   970d ago
I never thought I would write this, but go Reggie!!!

I have a good amount of Shin Megami Tensei games which I wont trade...
I´m even thinking about buying a 3DS because of SMT.
chronoforce  +   970d ago
to big publishers games are nothing more than products that can marketed and sold for a profit.
Hadoukameha  +   970d ago
The best way to deal with used games is not just to make great games, but ones with a ton of replay value, and make them long.

Also, there should be better incentives to buy day 1 and buy new. Not just a poster or costume but something really special.

It's simple.
D-riders  +   970d ago
yeah, tell them nintendo. when you make sequels every two years your games loose vavlue really fast. stopp complainin b**ches
ShaunCameron  +   970d ago
They do have a point. After all their games are rarely found in the used-games bin.
animegamingnerd  +   970d ago
pretty much this i will sell games like persona 4, kingdom hearts 2, mass effect 2, xenoblade, cause i love all of these games to death and they are all in my top 15 games
swice  +   970d ago
They have a good philosophy in my personal opinion. Nintendo is looking a little bit better each day
fatstarr  +   970d ago
THank you Nintendo i have been saying this idea for 6 years now. IF its a shit tier game put it at a shit tier price.

look at xenoblade the most wanted game of the generation. hes right Nintendogames are held onto more than the typical fps or fodder games on other consoles.

one step closer to the gaming industry redeeming its soul. I rather the wiiu have 5 quality games vs 25 avg games and if it effects sales so be it.
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Realplaya  +   970d ago
You can't even diss them for saying it because they are 100% correct.

Nintendo doesn't just sale a lot of games because people love there systems. They sale a lot because people don't really trade them in therefore you can't buy them used. So instead of companies trying to make these games look better than the last (Aliens, Fuse) make them play better.
SuperSteve  +   970d ago
-Backwards compatibility
-Used games
-Free online
-Virtual console
-Least expensive

Now just get me damn games and everything will be tits.
WPX  +   970d ago
"Now just get me damn games and everything will be tits."
I like that
GamersHeaven  +   970d ago
Exactly Nintendo gets it :)
R00bot  +   970d ago
That is so right, I've never actually traded in a Nintendo game.
fsfsxii  +   970d ago
Nintendo telling it how it is.
I've never traded Heavy Rain or God of War or MGS4 because they're such memorable games i would love to keep
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