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snipab8t  +   809d ago
Good, I hope they focus on a solid single player experience. I really like Just Cause 2 and I think Avalanche will do great things with next gen tech.
xc7x  +   808d ago
what does Just Cause have to do wth Mad Max? MM should have both options.
snipab8t  +   808d ago
Avalanche studios made Just Cause.
bobtheimpaler  +   808d ago
Agreed. No need to make a multiplayer segment that will likely feel tacked on, or be the same trudge that can be found in many other games except with a Mad Max skin. That doesn't automatically make a game fun or immersive.

As long as the game is actually compelling, that will give the game replayability and that will make someone want to keep it.
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xc7x  +   807d ago
@ snipab8t

no duh but not the same games
xc7x  +   807d ago
@ bobtheimpaler

wel it dont have to be that way if they took the time to make it good
Mr_Nuts  +   808d ago
Thank God :)
CrossingEden  +   808d ago
what is with you and hating multiplayer
Mr_Nuts  +   808d ago
I don't hate it, I nothing it...I don't mind some games that have it but usually they end up becoming like every other multiplayer game...basically like COD

Single player games are better and when you have developer who is better off making single player games then wasting time on co-op or multiplayer you want it to stay that way because you know they are wasting their time.

Bethesda is a good example since there single player games are full of bugs and even these guys...look how big, but empty, Just Cause 2 was, I'd rather them work on adding onto the world then wasting resources on multiplayer.
CrossingEden  +   808d ago
there is no proof that single player games are better -_- that's subjective, also, what you are saying is that developers shouldn't try new things, which is very insulting to any developer, and apparently you don't know how budgeting works
ZidaneNL  +   808d ago
"there is no proof that single player games are better"

The entire population of oldschool gamers would like to have a word with you. Singleplayer will always be a thousand miles better than multiplayer.
Dannycr  +   808d ago
I buy games primarily to be immersed in a cool world and experience a great story, not to play with others a part of a game that is mostly competitive and doesn't tell me anything.
xc7x  +   808d ago
that sucks,wanted to battle with friends on the wide open roads
first1NFANTRY  +   808d ago
it would have been awesome to roam the desert wastelands with your clan of goons, scavenging and ambushing different clans. Setting up camps and building your own empire.
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xc7x  +   807d ago
precisely,i like your idea!!
thegamersteve  +   808d ago
such a shame :(
MikeyDucati1  +   808d ago
How will this game work?
RockmanII7  +   808d ago
Multi Player is Multiple Players, so I'm sad about a lack of Co-op mode. My biggest complaint about Just Cause 2 was that there was no co-op, maybe it will be in JC3.
urwifeminder  +   808d ago
No multi no buy simple for me fetch quests don't give me the replay value I never finish them co op does though make things better could be his dog.
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WeAreLegion  +   808d ago
Darn it. Just Cause 2 could have benefited greatly from having just 2 player co-op. :/ I'll probably buy this, anyway. These guys know how to make a fun game.
Rhezin  +   807d ago
Good, focus on a great SP campaign. I think people are starting to want more epic single player experiences than rehashed multiplayer.
Somebody  +   807d ago
What about open up the game maps into a free-roaming multiplayer? Just for fun so players won't have big expectations(like ranking, K/DRs or points) and let loose on the game world. They could add other stuff in updates/DLCs later on.

Like what modders did with Just Cause 2. The game doesn't support mods at all and yet some modders made it into mayhem paradise- with thousands of gamers sharing a single server doing whatever they like.

Do that for the Mad Max game and add zombies or monsters. Let the players decide what they do in that world (a bit like Day Z, I know).

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