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iamtehpwn  +   812d ago
I am pretty sure Xbox One is it's own enemy at this point.
boybato  +   812d ago
Andreas-Sword  +   812d ago
No Internet? Get an Xbox 360, says Microsoft Chief Don Mattrick

Here is the video:

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Booyah  +   812d ago
How does internet works on X-One ? Do I really need internet at all time on it ?
Isis06  +   812d ago
Every 24 hours... sadly : L
ybadr  +   812d ago
@Booyah as Isis06 said, if you do not connect your xbox 1 within 24 hours , which means at least once a day, you wont be able to play even your solo offline games.
rainslacker  +   811d ago

Wow...even Geoff Keighley seemed annoyed with that solution...if not mad.
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itBourne  +   812d ago
Lol agreed, its not like the ps2/ps3/ps4 where is still being supported into the next consoles cycle. M$ stopped supporting the 360 a while ago. So its only 3rd party stuff, people still have a reason to buy xbox one for exclusives (not counting their own mess ups)
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Blackdeath_663  +   812d ago
the XBone compared to its closest competitor

joking aside and on topic: the xbox's enemy is microsoft and then the publishers. microsoft for pushing the idea of tv,kinect and smart glass all of which hold very little relevance if any to gaming and the for implementing features that enable the use of DRM. also the fact that kinect is mandatory is really unnecessary why did they do that?what is the point? the publishers because they support the DRM
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ybadr  +   812d ago
Lmfao ! the comparison is hilarious :D
harkki86  +   812d ago
pretty well put. i mean for me this is what i keep asking about all three of the next generation consoles: i already have a ps3 and wii and pc, so why upgrade? sure i can understand if people want to dive right in to the new consoles. thats okay. but will the general public buy the most expensive console on the market when many of those games are on cheaper platforms? probably not.
CalamityCB  +   812d ago
They have been upgrading for the past 25-30 years .__.
This console gen has gone on long enough to a point where I can see some games being limited by the hardware; it's time to move on, but remember you never have to give up your old consoles too.
KwietStorm  +   812d ago
For months, people and "journalists" have been asking what you just said. People have been asking are new consoles necessary, do you need the new system, 5 reasons why blah blah. Guess what..this is the 8th generation we're moving into. That means we've been through the transition several times before. I cannot wrap my head around the questions of why upgrade or do we need new consoles. If *you* don't need them, that is all well n good, but technology never slowed down for anyone, and I'm quite positive the people saying we don't need new systems for some reason, will upgrade at some point when they want new games. Because that's what we're all here for isn't it? More games and more gaming experiences not possible on old hardware? The general public NEVER is the first to adopt. That's nothing new either. But PS2 didn't sell 150 million units in it's first year. This has actually been the longest generation ever, so yea, I'd say we're all due for an upgrade, at the very least, available to us as an option. Cute smile though.
Kevlar009  +   812d ago
"No internet access? Stick with the 360" *facepalm
porkChop  +   812d ago
LMFAO. He literally just told the more than 50% of 360 owners who have never taken their 360 online, to NOT buy an Xbox One. What a moron.
r1sh12  +   812d ago
@Kevlar009 OMG lol.
What a tool!?!?!?

How can he say that?
I know a few people who buy a console and play the games that are more 'tailored for single player' eg skyrim, assassins creed, GTA (to an extent).
They do not have a requirement for the internet.

If Microsoft are not kicking themselves at this point they must be insane.

Can MS save this complete train wreck:

Yes, Fire someone as a scape goat who made some horrible decisions and backtrack even more than you did with the windows 8 start button.

I really wanted to get the one, some of the games on it look quite good.
Whilst this DRM/Used game/ Internet connection crap is on the box Im not touching it.
rainslacker  +   811d ago
I love how even Geoff Keighley was like, "...WTF kind of answer is that". I think even Don Mattick realized he screwed that one up.

This is a different type of approach than Sony takes with their prior gen. They say(paraphrasing), "We understand not everyone is going to adopt right away. That's why we continue to support our older platforms to give people a reason to join/continue on in the PS family". Maybe Mattick should have said something about how long they will continue to support the Xbox one, and how the past few years weren't indicative of where they see the 360 going.
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jc48573  +   812d ago
i can imagine
majiebeast  +   812d ago
Only good game was Titanfall which is available on PC and 360 and isnt a launch title.

Killer Instinct is made by a studio that has as shitty track record as Nihilistic. Why would you hire the studio behind such gems as Silenthill Homecoming,Battleship,Green Lantern and Gi Joe for such a iconic franchise as KI. Microsoft is really destroying everything Nintendo and old Rare build up in the 90's.
dedicatedtogamers  +   812d ago
Agreed. When you sit down and actually examine each and every aspect of the Xbox One conference (setting aside all the baggage from the last three weeks), not a lot holds up. Many of the games shown are multiplat, many of the games have TBD launch dates, many were trailers instead of gameplay, and most of the interesting games at Microsoft's conference had 2014 launches.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   812d ago
I agree. I would have at least went with NetherRealm for Killer Instinct and for Titanfall, I'd say sit tight for the next generation of Armoured Core......
DoesUs  +   812d ago
Where are the new 360 titles? Middle of June and there's been practically nothing all year. What about the second half of the year? Relying on 3rd party titles to do the business for them?
majiebeast  +   812d ago
World of Tanks brah!
RiPPn  +   812d ago
Welcome to Microsoft since 2009.
KwietStorm  +   812d ago
Well that's been their MO for most of this generation. Third party support paved the way for them to gain marketshare, that steadily shrunk over time as the PS3 began gaining ground. Fast forward to today, and Sony is actually introducing no less than 3 new IPs in the same year that PS4 launches, one of which is already being called contender for game of the generation. With PS4 shipping cheaper, easy to code for, and at the same time as the Xbox One, I don't feel that Microsoft can get away with the same strategy again. They say they have xx number of games in the cache, but Sony also has a metric sh!t ton of Indie and f2p support, which doesn't even include games from their own top level studios like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, and Guerilla. It's going to be an interesting turn of events in the next year, but Microsoft took a wrong turn somewhere and didn't ask for directions.
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madjedi  +   812d ago
And yet sony seems quite content to have people still buying ps3's and ps3 games.

The xbox one's greatest enemy isn't the 360 or even the ps4 atm, ms's policies and restrictions are doing far more damage than the 360 or the ps4 would do to the xbone. At least the 360 will still earn ms money for a couple of yrs.
DxTrixterz  +   812d ago
X1 has 3 main enemies.
1.Xbox 360
Vip3r  +   812d ago
That list needs reversed tbh. ;)
DxTrixterz  +   811d ago
3.Xbox 360
Excalibur  +   812d ago
I've been saying this for a while now.

M$ claims they have sold 76 million Xbox 360's, it doesn't matter if the exact number is true or not the thing is, why exclude that many potential customers to a system that has sold ZERO consoles so far?

Let's just say the Xbox One sells a million consoles it's first year, that doesn't mean that it will have a 1:1 attachment rate, Devs call their games successful if they sell a million copies.

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