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ziratul  +   442d ago
Nintendo Flawless E3 Victory
Neonridr  +   442d ago
5 minutes to go. Bar has been set by MS and Sony. Let's see what Nintendo has up their sleeves.
Shinobi100  +   442d ago
Fat-Milkers  +   442d ago
Come on Nintendo, stick your foot into MS too x)
That-Guy  +   442d ago
It's at for those who don't know.
CruelAib  +   442d ago
its not up where can i watch it .
Neonridr  +   442d ago
you can see it here, but it keeps buffering, so it keeps pausing every few seconds.
Neonridr  +   442d ago
well this sucks. Guess I won't be watching the feed until they have the whole thing up later on.

Damnit, they are showing the new 3D Mario too.. and it's so hard to watch.. sigh

Mario Kart looks awesome.. damnit, stop buffering.
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sashimi  +   442d ago
The stream is horrid @ 240p wtf and it keeps buffering
despair  +   442d ago
I'll wait for the gaming sites to report it, can't really sit through this after watching MS and Sony yesterday.

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