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Skips  +   975d ago
In all honesty. It was better than I expected. But no megaton bombs were really dropped.

The only things that surprised me was the MGSV opening, Ted Price announcing their first exclusive for MS, Dead Rising 3 being exclusive, and Halo 5 coming so soon.

Everything else didn't exactly warrant a $499 price tag for me IMO.
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Larry L  +   975d ago
I'll probably get torn apart for this or be labelled a fanboy (which I am, but I'm an honest and objective one), I think the conference was a whole lotta fail with a couple high points here and there.

Trying to compete with Sony's Plus program with 2 ancient games a month? LOL I can't believe the crowd didn't burst out laughing. Instead they cheered....yeah....right.....

Killer Instinct would be great.....too bad it looks like crap.

Most of the Xbox 1 games didn't even look as good as PS3 exclusives.....and in some cases even as good as cross-platform PS360 games.

Turn 10 being the typical BS artists they are say outright....."and here's a trailer of all in-game footage" and the trailer in all had less than 1 second of actual in-game footage.....WTF was that? And "Hey watchc how smart this amazing human A.I. it just spins and crashes for no reason at all and the next car gets passed like rookie Gran Turismo A.I. LOL What a joke. Why are Turn 10 such BS'ers?

Halo without even a slight look at game footage? It's gonna be a LONG wait then because they showed Halo 3 and 4 footage LONG before launch.

Best looking game at the conference was MGS5 and it looks GLORIOUS.

About the X1 pricing. I think the price of $499 would be great if the hardware and more importantly software were actually worth that. Unfortunately, it's not...... I think people on the internet already tearing up the price are being rediculous. That is a good price for real next-gen hardware. Xbox 1 however......isn't worth it. If PS4 is $499 with plenty of storage space, I'll be happy as a fly on doodoo.
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Loki86  +   975d ago
Yeah, how people like you are still on this site is beyond me. Completely expected based on your posting history. MS had a solid conference and several titles that graphically crush the PS4.. Just gonna stop no convincing those with their head in the sand.
TheBrit  +   975d ago
You obviously did not listen or understand the human A.I side of it because spinning out like that was exactly how it was supposed to be.

It was showing how the system was racing like the human player it was representing because it had learnt from it.

That demo was demonstrating how a person can be at work but their A.I counter-part is racing for them based on how they race so if a bonehead driver makes a bone head move and spins out time and time again, the computer is learning from that and driving in a very similar fashion.

At least that's what I got from it, maybe I'm the one that's wrong - wouldn't be the first time.
Skips  +   975d ago

"and several titles that graphically crush the PS4"

LMFAO!!! You can't be serious... XD

The best looking title in that conference was MGSV which is pretty funny considering the PS4 version will probably be superior. LOL!

And I'm sorry but...

Killzone SF > Titan Fall
DriveClub > Forza 5
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Urusernamesucks  +   975d ago

tittan defenitly lookz more amazing than kzsf, youd need to have your head up your ass to say other wise.

Forza has more realistic and more closer to a sim.

Larry L  +   975d ago
What about my posting history? I don't sit on here ripping apart MS all day. I call it like I see it. Their presser was solid, yeah. Compared to their last 3 years at E3 with conferences filled with nothing but non-sense. AT least this was all about games. I gove them credit there. But nothing other than MGS5 and The WItcher looked what I'd call amazing, both on PS4.

RYSE *LOOKED* good, yeah. But graphics was all I saw there. Content wise it looks like a poor man's God of War without all the amazing, compelling, huge boss battles, and gameplay/combat wise it looks more boring and repetetive than Assassin's Creed 1.

I'm not sure it's me with my head in the sand.

@ The Brit

So you're telling me that after he went on about how we racing game fans want better, more realistic A.I. that actually races like real people......and after he says they came up with this amazing system that learns how real gamers drive, and that gamer can then let others use that Gamer's A.I. in their offline racing......the very first thing that happens when they show you actual in game examples of this system being implemented is 2 cars just wreck for no reason at all, and the second thing that happens is another car that had no issues at all just get's passed like it's standing still putting up no fight at all.........this impresses you?

That whole little video showing that A.I. in play was showing complete idiot A.I. or at best decent A.I. that could at least keep a line. It looked no better than what Forza has now in fact I'd say it looks worse.

I'm sorry....I race online for hours almost every night in multiple games. None of that looked like racing other people online in a realistic racing game.
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Jdoki  +   975d ago
I think that's a fair summary.

Although wasn't Halo just 2014?... So could be a Sept release next year.

Didn't blow me away at all, but some nice stuff. Especially Dead Rising 3 and Project Spark.
TheBrit  +   975d ago
I love the xbox but I doubt project spark works as quick and well as they just showed.
Jdoki  +   975d ago
Yeah, these things are never as slick in reality. LBP can be a pain sometimes. But for those who persist I think there's going to be some mind blowing community content made for Spark.
Flipgeneral  +   975d ago

A solid conference overall. But it still lacked that bombshell that would make me insert the Fry meme from Futurama :)
Lazarus69  +   975d ago
TechnoSphere  +   975d ago
They nailed it.
Vip3r  +   975d ago
What? The coffin?
Urusernamesucks  +   975d ago
Sonys coffin, that is.
despair  +   975d ago
awesome games but nothing super surprising just really good looking games. Unfortunately without addressing anything of the DRM etc. and the push for cloud computing I think always online games(not the console) will be prevalent.
Pillville  +   975d ago
Games looked good. Too bad I'll never buy a DRM machine.

If Sony does the same, I won't buy PS4 either.

I guess I'm just an old fashion person to think I should own what I buy.
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givemeshelter  +   975d ago
If Sony states
"We will leave it yup to publishers..."
Then you will have a PS4 DRM machine also for 3rd party games as Publishers will follow suit almost for sure
givemeshelter  +   975d ago
Was better then I expected. No real "bombs" but good to get people excited. Now that price tag? MS better pray that Sony's machine is not lower....
urwifeminder  +   975d ago
Lol I was silently clapping so I would not wake my fiancée they really had the goods for my tastes and now I cant sleep at 5.00am cause I am so amped good times indeed.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   975d ago
It was not a bad conference at all honestly, it showed games, most of it was games that look mediocre in my opnion but games none the less. Sony is going to top this conference easily though.
givemeshelter  +   975d ago
And if Sony does not top this........ Careful of your predictions...then again this is N4G.COM...If Sony showed One game and it was Pong, most on this site would praise it as the second coming.... LOL
AO1JMM  +   975d ago
I liked it but then again I didnt go into it hyped. Titanfall looked awesome. I like Ryse, what lies below,
AngelicIceDiamond  +   975d ago
I thought it was a solid show.

One of the best games MS showed off was Project Spark along with KI, Quantum Break, Insomniacs new online shooter Titan Fall it was a great conference no kids, no Kinect (Kinect integrated in games this time around)No Usher and dancing. MS finally doing PS+ type subscriptions

It was a solid show who can't argue with it.
rela82me  +   975d ago
If it wasn't for that price tag shock I was happy at the reveal. The little hiccup with DICE was funny, but I was upset not to see Fallout 4, and I am no racing fan but I really liked the Forza demo. AI could be a thing in the past, if this feature could be implemented right.
Daz  +   975d ago
Good show. the DRM thing is crap but you can not lie that this was one of Microsoft best showings.
Broburger  +   975d ago
It was better than I expected and a few of the games had my interest (Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Project Spark). The graphics on most of the games didn't look next gen to me, they looked more like current gen pc games at mid-high settings.
Deadpool101  +   975d ago
Whether you're an xbot, a sony fanboy or even (heaven forbid on N4G) just a gamer, you have to admit that this was the best MS E3 conference in years. Loads of games, covering lots of genres, no awful kid actors or Usher dance routines. It was a great showing for MS. Is it enough to come back from all the negativity since the reveal? we'll have wait for the sales figures to come in. I for one was impressed, Deadrising 3, Spark, Titanfall, MGSV all looked great though I was most stoked to finally see a new Killer Instinct. Either way after such a great to E3 I can wait for Sonys conference
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Jdoki  +   975d ago
Possibly the best E3 MS has ever put on. Getting all the crap about DRM out of the way beforehand, then completely ignoring it at E3, was a smart move.

Sony will have to pull it out of the bag to top this - especially as they have to focus on Vita as well, and show more support for PS3 than MS did for 360.

However, what MS did show did not blow me away at all. Nothing has changed my stance that I will not be buying an XBox One at launch - but what HAS changed is that now I am definitely considering an XBoxOne after one or two price drops - so maybe in Year 4 I'll pick one up.
Deadpool101  +   975d ago
True, regardless of the games that price is gonna hurt them. Sure they may say that your getting a console and the kinect for your money but as the kinect isn't exactly a top priority for alot of folks I doubt that reason will hold much water. I'll wait a few months for the price to drop...though I am curious as to what is included with the "DAY ONE EDITION"....

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