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Toon_Link  +   811d ago
Pretty solid list. I never thought to include watchmen which is nuts considering how much I love that comic. If I had to pick my favorites from the list I'd have

1. Rorschach
2. Starfire (teen titans kick ass)
3. Bizarro
4. Black manta

And if I got to add a character myself i guess I'd add beast boy, I think his transformations would make for some bad ass looking combos and I could see him being a hybrid power/speed character from the different forms(and might as well round out the titans).
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RAGEWorks  +   811d ago
Beast Boy would be a welcome addition as well considering he was a founding Titan member. So many great characters they can work with.
DarthJay  +   811d ago
I agree with solid list. Some that I had on my list as well.
ironfist92  +   811d ago
Would love to see some Young Justice characters get to shine. Aqualad, Superboy, Kid Flash, Red Arrow, M'gann
RAGEWorks  +   811d ago
I think people might pay for a dedicated YJ DLC pack.

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