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ExDexteraDomini  +   979d ago
They need to show us the positive sides to all the seemingly negative changes they've made , as well as the capabilities of their machine. If it really is a 'next-generation gaming machine' they need to show us that their console will be able to keep up in the long run.
aiBreeze  +   979d ago
What positives? If they can legitimately give me reasons why these negatives are actually positives without trying to do some PR spin on it, I'll consider the console.

At this point for gamers, the most important thing Microsoft can show is humility and recognizing the error in their own ways.
ExDexteraDomini  +   979d ago
This is my opinion: all the decisions made in making the console and the requirements they have put in place do have their positive sides. It wouldn't make sense for Microsoft to make a console that had qualities we gamers would only perceive as "negatives". Perhaps there are some things that seem more positive than negative. For example, the requirement to have Kinect seems like a frustrating and bad thing, but there IS a positive side. If devs know that it comes with each console, it'll be more likely that they implement it into their games. Kind've a nudge to make more unique gameplay if you ask me.

Yes it's different. Yes it's not perfect. Neither is the PS4. You could probably get much closer to perfection when it comes to gaming machines if you built your own PC. Thing is, The Xbox One is very different and a bit weird. There have been many decisions by Microsoft on this console that I perceive as very weird. It would've been much safer to make the same sort of moves as Sony. I think they know that, I think most people could easily see the safe directions for the companies to head.

The Wii was a radical change for Nintendo, they went in a very strange and unique direction with their console. In the days of the Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2, our consoles were different mainly in what they had under the hood, but when it really came down to it, we all played games the same way. Then Nintendo decided they wanted to change the way we played games so they got a little weird with the Wii. This may be the case with the Xbox One as well, perhaps Microsoft is ready to diverge from the pack just as Nintendo did with the Wii. Speculate as much as we will, we'll have to wait till its release to know.
creatchee  +   979d ago
Completely agree with you. So far, the new restrictions only have obvious benefits for the publishers, with the exception of game sharing, which I'm still trying to figure out and digital availability from any console, which is pretty cool.

What I'm hoping for is possibly a lower price point for games. A 10 dollar decrease would be wonderful for gamers, and would help alleviate the strain that those who primarily buy used games would feel.

But yes, it's time to see what we get out of all of this, if anything.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   979d ago
What more can be shown now that Microsoft has shown their true colors? What unanswered questions can people possibly have that will somehow make the Xbox One magically not be the Xbox One.

It's like some guy saying "Hey, I heard a serial killer moved in next door. I wonder if he's gonna bring brats or steak to the neighborhood BBQ next week..."

Any gamer who accepts Microsoft's smoke-and-mirrors magic show tomorrow, I pity you.
MonkeyNinja  +   979d ago
They need to get rid of:

- 24-hr connect
- Kinect being on 24-hr
- used game fiasco
- (for me personally) bigger hdd since all games are required to install

Basically, what people have been saying all along, stop being so anti-consumerist. THEN people might start caring about Xbone.

BTW, has anyone else noticed all the sudden Xbots on this site recently? And they all just created their accounts? and every comment is about how good Xbone is. Just saying.
notkon  +   979d ago

Sony is also hiring people to comment positive things about the PS4 on social networks.
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nukeitall  +   979d ago
Oh, the hypocrisy!

The original post (right above you) get 17 agrees and 2 disagrees, while yours is completely opposite with 2 agrees and 7 disagrees!

ssj27  +   979d ago
if is true, Sony is wasting cash .. they don't need to since we are doing it for free as a thanks to them for pleasing us the gamers.

They are pleasing the fans like me and won my respect.. they are not perfect but they could be wor$e..

so I talk good about the PS4 i mean what gamer will not love that baby!! is so cute it looks like is grandpa the PS2 ..
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MysticStrummer  +   979d ago

You ignored the actual issues Monkey brought up.
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darkhitman  +   979d ago
ops wrong reply
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shuuwai  +   979d ago

you joined on "09 Jun 2013 (4h ago)"
very shady work here, double pay?? since it's sunday.
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bullymangLer  +   979d ago
true gamers are excited for xbONE for this years E3 < fact

the whining and complaining will stop
aiBreeze  +   979d ago
Yo shill, they got you working on Sunday evenings? My condolences.
infamousinfolite  +   979d ago

Here's another Xbot. His check just came in so he's buying the Xbox One.

On Topic: With everyone of these articles the over all solution to win over these gamers is to do the opposite of what they are doing now and just improve Xbox Live and make a purely gaming console first with great games and great multiplayer games and then work on some other things.
Testfire  +   979d ago
A true gamer would realize the long term implications of the direction MS is trying to take and how it could negatively impact the future of the industry. A true gamer would exhibit some form of self control and not buy every shiny new system or game just because. I come to the conclusion that you sir, are NOT a "true gamer".
MysticStrummer  +   979d ago
It's less than a fact that true gamers are excited for the One?
SegaGamer  +   979d ago
I am a true gamer and i am not excited at all. The Xbox 1 is turning out to be the worst console i have ever seen, and it hasn't even been released yet. This is a joke of a games console.
Sitdown  +   979d ago
Hahaha.....there are hard core gamers, now we got true gamers. Is there some kind of gamer boys scout patch you get for defining yourself as one of these? What if a true gamer is someone who purchases all systems and all games despite future consequences?.....cause they live in the here and now. Again I say, unless you got stock in these companies, no need to go all crazy because opinions differ.
Tyre  +   979d ago
@bullymangLer, WHAT? Excited for Kinect 2.0 & Draconian DRM? A (true)gamer knows that this will kill the (true)gamers hobby. The only thing MS has to show is: I can decouple Kinect from the system and start the (console). That we Never have to connect Kinect at all. That we can play used games without a fee. No visual DRM. Games? I'm a longtime gamer but with THIS Microsoft closed system as it is...i'm not interested in what games they have, cause i will not by their Nightmarish construct. A shame on them their losing a longtime loyal buying gamer & a lot of people like me. But i realise now that they do not give a shit about the gaming customers...they only want to use the gamers to get this horror off the ground. F them and their lame system. No game in the world would change this. F some journalists & some retard gamers for supporting this and helping a company (so dissapointed in them) to erode our freedoms. Only if they drop the mandatory Kinect(hardware disconnect possible) & the DRM/Always Online. The press conference will One long sugar coated lie and everything will seem to be dandy. Beware people they will try to do anything to make you believe there is foul stench in the air...privacy software settings, no DRM etc etc. But if this stays the way it is and Kinect cannot be disconnected, the whole always online & visual DRM/other DRM will still be there...they need Kinect to impose this system. Kinect is the center piece, No mandatory Kinect is the key. So as long as it's is there, i will not buy it.
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darkhitman  +   979d ago

Iv got one, I would classify my self as a natural gamer,
I can get to grips with almost any game with in 10-30 min of starting (apart from "birth of the federation" that one I had to read the manual for)

when i get into a FPS/3rd person for the first time i jump about shot and generally test the physics out

if i see a bird or a fish i try and shoot it too see if its "real"

alway look behind waterfalls
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mrmarx  +   979d ago
they are most likely paid shills from microsoft sent to troll gaming websites and comment boards.
gamertk421  +   979d ago
If so, then N4G is the training grounds for the Sony equivalent.
WarThunder  +   979d ago
Like i always said, MS are destroying console games...
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S2Killinit  +   979d ago
they need to stop the assault on Privacy rights, and they need to stop the assault on ownership rights.
optimus  +   979d ago
What they need to do is take back mostly everything they said... Although i like the possibility of sharing my games with 10 people (meaning they don't have to buy) i DON'T like the 24 hr check-in... Since i'm now a casual gamer I rarely turn on my 360 everyday, so the thought of being "forced" to check in especially when i don't feel like it concerns me a lot. What if i go away on vacation?

Granted, it's not seen as a big deal because everything will work once you establish a connection but if i don't connect for several days then will i have several days of download updates to contend with each time?... That is a major deterrent for playing a game for a few minutes. It annoys me now with the 360 with games i haven't played in a while they usually have a title update and i have to wait...and considering my internet speed, that tends to be a few minutes as it is, which will be a lot longer for these blu-ray games.

Not to mention what happens 8 yrs from now when they announce the next xbox? Will i simply be stuck with a blu-ray player since none of the games will work when they shut down the servers?
As of right now, for my money there isn't a single game they can show that will win the public over (or at least me).
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SignifiedSix91  +   979d ago
Replying to the last part of your comment regarding the servers in 8+ years.

I think BC will be very easy after this next generation. Thats if they stick with the x86 architecture.

There should be no excuse for either company when it comes to BC.

Also, they may just keep the servers up and just add more to the existing infrastructure.

Would be a smarter idea imo.
optimus  +   979d ago
They COULD do that, but they'll won't...they had the chance to do it NOW with the new xbox and they DIDN'T...they went through this "problem" with the 360 and their best "solution" was to provide the most "popular" games and after a couple of yrs of adding games they said "that's enough"...

The logical "fear" in backwards compatibility is that it slows down sales of new games dedicated to the new console...and it's just not microsoft cause it happened with the ps3 as well...

The fact of the matter is, when people get a new console they are less likely to play their old games on it, especially if they simply look the same... I still have my 1st xbox sitting next to my 360 and i can't remember the last time i turned it on...
sure we like the option to play them on our new systems but this is where it would hurt the game companies...if you're talking about Christmas it is less likely that you or a parent will buy 3 xbox-one games if the xbox-one was backwards compatible. You're more likely to buy 1-2 and say you'll just play your old 360 games on it to "hold you over"...
This is when developers decide to release hd versions and charge you again for it. If people buy it then that shows them the backwards compatibility is not necessary...personally, i would like to have it since i tend to buy used games to save money but i don't see it being implemented on ANY system from here on out.
Godmars290  +   979d ago
I expect that the MS show will be the usual staged presentation and any staged responses they think they can get away with. Really doubt they'll directly address the online and used game issues, because the general consumer doesn't know about it and they wont want to draw attention to it.
optimus  +   979d ago
They HAVE to address it. They painted themselves into a corner, it will be the elephant in the room. Plus, they already said they would be giving more details about it at e3 because people have been "misinformed"...if they don't then they shouldn't even bother releasing it this year cause it will for sure sell poorly.
EverydayDigitals  +   979d ago
I agree. They have to address it head on. That's been the biggest problem with this whole thing. If they came out in the first event and just explained it clearly they may not have had such a negative reaction.
Godmars290  +   979d ago
No. They don't.

Or they may bet that they don't have to be upfront about it. Major game sites aren't making much of an issue about online and used games, so its a good bet that the regular media wont pick it up. They could very well get away with only showing and emphasizing the positives, then give out packets about any "problems" afterwards.

I mean, I don't think that they've ever admitted to RRoD or Vista, so why would they start admitting to their problems now, even before they've launched the product?

That most companies wont address problems head on is exactly the problem with companies today.
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MrsJazzy  +   979d ago
@Godmars290 as much I think they SHOULD address the used game issue, I think you may be right and they may try to relegate it for the press after the press conference so mainstream viewers don't hear too much about it.

It would be kind of a sleazy move but at this point I wouldn't put it past them.
rainslacker  +   979d ago
They likely won't address it at the conference. The conference is a PR thing. They will play up the couple good things they had in that "clarification" and roll with it. I'd be damned surprised if any of the other stuff gets mentioned without saying how it's a feature that is actually a benefit, not unlike they did in the "clarification".

I'm sure it will be the number one question they will be receiving if they give any interviews to the press which aren't canned though. At most it will be very easy to tell which interviews are paid for based on the nature of the questions asked in them.

Realistically, there are going to be plenty of MS press people there to field questions at the booths. There is absolutely no way for MS to avoid the topic altogether at E3. It just won't be on the main stage, which is what gets the most mainstream press.
optimus  +   979d ago
Well e3 is a 4 day event, i wasn't talking about their 90min presentation which they said will be mostly about games... If anyone mentions features it would be the developers explaining how their games will work concerning the cloud and multiplayer which basically covers the whole "sharing" scenario...

I don't think microsoft will be handing the press any packets afterwards since they cancelled most if not all their e3 interviews which is why i said they HAVE to address it otherwise the press will eat them up, even the ones that took a neutral side after their reveal...this is their biggest chance to get people back on their side if they don't want people running past store shelves full of xbox1's and go straight to the ps4 in nov.
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infamousinfolite  +   979d ago
I think with the whole used game situation, Microsoft won't block used games at least not entirely they'll won't say that it will be blocked but they won't say that's it's entirely accessible, either.

So my take on it is that it will be blocked and at the same time it won't.
gamertk421  +   979d ago
Never admitted to RROD??? They changed their entire warranty setup and spent billions of dollars to rectify it! Wow, please tell me you aren't that blinded. @mars
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Godmars290  +   979d ago
Addressing a problem is not the same as admitting one exist. The warranties though directly specific ignored associated issues like the damaged discs, though I think they covered that separately.

But really, the big difference between addressing a problem and admitting to one is that in the latter case you learn from it in the hopes of not repeating it. And by all accounts the XB1 might be running into overheating issues where the PS4 isn't.

That very much says to me that MS is repeating mistakes.
gamertk421  +   979d ago
That is a boatload of conjecture, though don't you think? In terms of your position on addressing and admitting, I'd strenuously disagree. In order to address it in the manner in which they did, by shelling out 10 figures, the implication is absolutely one of admittance and rectification. Any argument to the contrary is merely one of semantics, but in my opinion, is not one that holds water. Oh well, agree to disagree.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   979d ago
games games games
Heavenly King  +   979d ago
AND stop being anti-costumer. When that happens people will begin to be interested in it.

until then; most people wont care about what M$ does; including lots of 360 users.
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infamousinfolite  +   979d ago
What I don't like already is the hurdles you have to jumped through just to play A game. The info we got dealing with policies, always online, and kinect that was a checklist for us gamers (those who pick up an Xbox One) that we must go through before we play A game.
Supermax  +   979d ago
Show the next big thing not he same ol.
KwietStorm  +   979d ago
Show a Killzone Shadow Fall screenshot like on Facebook. If all else fails, "Xbox, do a barrel roll."
BillytheBarbarian  +   979d ago
Gamepro member from way back?
KwietStorm  +   979d ago
? I had a subscription to gamepro years ago, if that's what you're asking..
BillytheBarbarian  +   979d ago
Nah, there was a member back in 2006 or so that used to say "do a barrel roll" all the time. His member name was ShammonX. shut down at the end of 2011 and I find members scattered around that I used to talk to on those forums.
notkon  +   979d ago
They should focus on the big library of game they said they'll have for the console. E3 should be all about games.
from the beach  +   979d ago
Exclusive from Insomniac.

Just kidding, obviously.
gamertk421  +   979d ago
Hahaha, too soon, man. The wound is too fresh, and the salt too sharp!
PerryCaravello  +   979d ago

If I see multiplats masquerading around as "exclusives" I'm going to laugh.

Sony is going to show exclusives, so I think microsoft can muster up one or two that aren't total shit.
KingMe42  +   979d ago
I bet their going in for their early month dlc thing
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   979d ago
games are irrelevant when your XBone is designed to rape you in the ass
ssj27  +   979d ago
This is what m$ does not understand.. they think sheep's will fallow and sadly many will but is obvious that they will fail and hard.
PANTHER1030  +   979d ago
Master chief destroying at Xbox One, apologizing for Microsoft's stupid policies, presenting the new Xbox Infinity with amazing features like: free region, free online, NOT DRM and completely playable offline. Later he would present an amazing lineup with a tons of new games like Halo 5, Fable 3, Forza 5, Metal Gear 5, Killing Instinct, Banjoo , Civilization V, FF XV, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Half Life 3, Halo wars 2, Mass Effect 4, Fallout 4, etc. For close the event he would say that Kinect is optional and Xbox Infinity will cost only 299 USD and for the people who want watch TV please buy a tv antenna... Simple not?
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BillytheBarbarian  +   979d ago
I like your idea.
EverydayDigitals  +   979d ago
This is magnificent!
Darkshader  +   979d ago
I've been playing videogames since the atari years and I'll tell you that xboxone is the worst video console in the history of videogames because it is anti-consumer and policy that will definetly change anytime microsoft want to earn more money from us. Console was suppose to be played anytime, anywhere, offline without any additional cost or hassle.

For microsoft to bounce back this E3, I doubt it. Better luck next time.
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spike  +   979d ago
Microsoft needs to show us the new Red Rings Of Death Demo. I loved playing that one. They also need to tell us how much were gonna have to pay to play online. I hope they raised the price up.
Duraji  +   979d ago
They need to absolutely blow us away with exclusives that look, feel, and play better than anything the competition has to offer, have far better gameplay and replay value for the money, and show why these anti-consumer features are necessary for the advancement of the industry without being corporate greedy pigs. But I doubt this will happen.
SOULJER  +   979d ago
I would be excited if they announce they sold their game division to a company like Samsung.
Nunchez  +   979d ago
Well now I really don't give a crap about their exclusives and other amazing stuff they may show. After the used games policy and connecting to internet once in a day, I'm done with them.
urwifeminder  +   979d ago
I am excited already the games will be sweat MS has never let me down they filled the sega void for me perfectly looking forward to some Kinect games for the family and to see new PC games.

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