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wheresmymonkey  +   858d ago
Well lets look at it this way. If Sony do the same thing, There's always Nintendo.
joeorc  +   858d ago
"At a roundtable this morning, Sony's game studios chief, Shuhei Yoshida, told reporters that any requirement for users to register a game online in order to play it would be left to game publishers. Sony won't require that." (Emphasis added.) "

"Yes. That's the general expectation by consumers,"


"They purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that's my expectation."
jay2  +   858d ago
No. Sony aren't @@##656 like ms
Sithlord-Gamble  +   858d ago
Difference is that Microsoft depends on 3rd party games to boost their library. Sony does not.
Sincere0121  +   858d ago
Im glad I bought the Wii U. Clearly the better console this gen. Roll on E3!
Angeljuice  +   858d ago
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for Sony to have the same restrictions as M$ for the simple fact that you can play the system without ever having to go online.
Ms has it locked in, every game registered, every game has to check-in.
The very worst scenario possible with Sony's model is that a fee is incurred for a game being played online after you sell it, but then if the person selling it had never been online, again it would be impossible for the machine to know the game was second-hand.
You can therefore buy, sell, lend, rent or trade any game through ANY channel and still have it play (if only offline). That is the very worst possible scenario.

Its the required internet connection and check-ins that allow Microsoft to have ultimate control over games in this way.
Why do you think people were so pissed off when it was first announced?


The reason sony said that you don't have to go online is because in large parts of the world there is no/ very bad internet connection. Your solution still requires an internet is nonsensical.
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patsrule316  +   858d ago
"but then if the person selling it had never been online, again it would be impossible for the machine to know the game was second-hand."

Its not impossible. If they include a code in the manual that you need to go online (not on your PS4, just on the internet to a DRM website) and enter the code, and it gives a code back to you to enter the PS4 before you can play the first time, it could get blocked. Its complicated, and I am not saying they WILL do it, but it is possible. I am getting tired of seeing keeping the system permanently off-line means there cannot be DRM, because there are other ways.
patsrule316  +   858d ago
What if they don't require the system to ever go on-line, but still impliment DRM? If they have a fee of 10 dollars to play a game that was used previously. Yes if the person who owned it first has NEVER gone on-line since before they installed the game, the next person would get around paying the DRM fee. But would you buy a game from a stranger if you were unwilling to pay that fee? How would you know they never went on-line? Are you willing to never going to go online again until after you beat and are done with it? Buying a used game would still be detered. Not to the extent of the Xbox one, but it would have some effect.

Not saying they WILL do it, but I expect it and hope I am wrong.
Angeljuice  +   858d ago
It is agreed then, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Sony to have THE SAME restrictions as Microsoft. That was the point I made.

I totally understand what you are saying and I agree that there may be DRM restrictions on PS4, but they cannot possibly be as far-reaching as those on the Xbox One. That is all I've ever claimed.
SpinalRemains  +   858d ago
If MS does it so will SONY

No. No they won't. You guys said the same thing about charging for free online and forced camera integration. Those weren't true, and neither is this.

MS has historically pioneered consumer rape and you guys continue to support it. SONY has not gone this route, instead, they give us the choice of what we want to use. PS+, or free multiplayer. Eyetoy if we want, but not necessary.

Finally, they are on record as having said that the PS4 need not be online ever and DRM is up to publishers.

Do the math. Seems MS didn't, and that's why their product is an utter disaster, destined to go all Dreamcast and Kin.
blueduke59  +   858d ago
Sony has said pratically nothing about their used games policy (and no one seems upset about that). Common sense should tell you if their policy differed very much from Microsoft's they would have been yelling about it from the tallest tree. Instead they've said nothing (Curiously those that have been demanding MS fess up aren't asking Sony the same questions). Perhaps it's b/c Sony has nothing good to say? Duh
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SpinalRemains  +   858d ago
They have no policy. Its up to the publisher.

How can they comment on something they neither know or control.

They've told us the deal 4 times. What exactly are you confused about. The PS4 will come with no manufactured restrictions. No online required for 1p games and DRM policies are left up to publishers.
blueduke59  +   858d ago
"The PlayStation 4 could be as restricted as the Xbox One"

What parts of this story don't you understand? Seriously. It certainly caught you attention as you posted in it's comments section. Show us where you and the author don't see eye to eye. Btw, unless you're working on the PS4 you don't know anymore than anyone else about it's potential restrictions.
Angeljuice  +   858d ago
Or perhaps Sony has already answered those questions months ago!
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SpinalRemains  +   858d ago
He doesn't want to hear the truth.

He will continue saying "it could it could it could, they've been vague, it could it could".

But it won't.
It's not even as if he is explaining how it could have the same policies in place. This tells us that he knows exactly what SONY has said. He knows what they said and he is in denial. Otherwise he would have offered a reasonable response as to how SONY would implement an offline DRM.

Every SONY supporter's statements rely on facts that are verifiable, while every MS supporter's statements contain ifs and maybes.
-A 5 year old could see the difference.

Instead, he just plugs his ears and pouts because his machine of choice is going to rip him off. Id be mad too, but I wouldn't deny reality.
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josephayal  +   858d ago
PS4 won't block used games but its up to publishers to use it
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ceedubya9  +   858d ago
Personally, I feel that the only chance that Microsoft has is if Sony does something similar. Otherwise, I don't know how they thought that console gamers would be happy with this. Too many new restrictions that nobody really asked for, and the benefits don't seem to outweigh the questionable choices. Making bold, forward thinking moves like requiring your console to use high speed connection to game online (orginial xbox) is on a completely different scale to what is going on now. I can deal with most of the stuff that they are doing, but I don't like being locked out of offline portions of games due to something that could be out of my control. There is no good reason for that.
ZeV  +   858d ago
No...Ps4 won't be restrictive as the xbox one...
Sony CEO says it loud and clear !

Ps4 business model will be the same as Ps3 !
Flatbattery  +   858d ago
Yes it's possible, but what has been said suggests it will be the lesser of two evils. That being said if it does turn out that publishers are implementing the same DRM policies on PS4 games then personally I won't buy either console.
Grindlefly  +   858d ago
It isn't going to happen, Sony have already stated multiple times about not having to go online etc. this repeated request to Sony to confirm what they have already confirmed is just a tactic to divert the heat away from the x1.

If publishers are applying pressure then Sony should say a big f u to them. The publishers will ultimately need Sony more than Sony will need them. Lets fast forward a year, MS have released the x1 with all the restrictions and the likes of EA, Activision etc are releasing exclusively on Microsofts console. Big problem, as can you imagine the install base that Sony will have if they follow suit as what they did with ps3? Give it a year tops of EA etc boycotting Sony, who will still have all their own studios plus have the indie scene on board too, as well as the used game market players buying the console, and these money grabbing companies will be crawling back as they will be cutting out the majority of the next gen market. Hell if it takes a year or two without playing FIFA. BF, eft then I can deal with that as, quite frankly all these 3rd party publishers have been trying to screw us over this entire generation. Half assed titles, pointless dlc, micro transactions, online passes. Before long it will be pay 1.99 to save your friggin game! It's time for all gamers to unite about this and say NO! Hell no!! Keep all your rip off tactics, your dlc, your always online. Shove it with your console built for your own agenda not for the gamers who made your company what it is today ill go to a system where gaming is the focus, where by creating a system people will enjoy the money will roll in anyway! Enough with the in house arguing surely, the ramifications of this will change the gaming landscape forever and its time to take a stand!
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Max-Zorin  +   858d ago
If Sony did it, there would be too many angry people.
S2Killinit  +   858d ago
I hope not or else I may have to reconsider my playstation purchase.
justrandom  +   857d ago
No man ,Sony wont block used games.Sony has catered to gamers since the 1st PlayStation caring about us(obviusly for money too,its reciprocity).They cannot turn evil all of a sudden.Sony always has tried to make things better and better.Not like microsoft that,s gone for worse.
The japanes mentality is for the long run.Just think about it man-We are getting The Last Of Us this far into current generation,amazing game(havent played it yet)almos all the media are praising it.YOu would think they care about us ,dont you think?
S2Killinit  +   857d ago
I have no doubt that Playstation has the best gaming support, but I just don't want to contribute to any company that wants to take our rights away so easily. I swear what is happening right now would never happen to any other industry. But we as gamers are so divided, that these corporate a55 wipes think they can push us around. I really hope Sony doesn't go the way of Microsoft. (well at least Sony still wouldn't be spying on me, but still)
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Monkeyonfire13  +   858d ago
Theres no way after the Microsoft debacle. They'd be digging the same grave.
alcapwn180  +   858d ago
At a roundtable this morning, Sony's game studios chief, Shuhei Yoshida, told reporters that any requirement for users to register a game online in order to play it would be left to game publishers. Sony won't require that." There is your proof. That is all. It's up to developers for things like online passes and what not. Move along. Stop thinking sony will put DRM on it
waltercross  +   858d ago
Another one of these Articles?, Sony already said Online Isn't Required, Used Games Fee is up to the publishers/Developers and Indie Developers can self publish so how is Sony just as Restrictive?
unicron7  +   858d ago
Really wish people would stop deflecting and accept reality. Sony is not making DRM mandatory....Microsoft is. Done. They've stated it several times...and yet you cover your ears. Stop it.
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gnothe1  +   857d ago
you guys are is doing the same thing they did with the PS3...thats why some early PS3 games didnt even have voice chat because sony left it up to the if the game is lacking DONT BLAME US.. an if the game has DRM DONT BLAME US... their gonna use the developers as the scape goat to their DRM when developers use the same DRM online requirement for both systems sony can sit back an say...IT WASNT OUR if you guys think sony isnt gonna have any type of DRM on their exclusive games your was quick to put online passes on their games(uncharted)...MS didnt have an online pass for gears..halo or forza..but sony did for their you tell me...
justrandom  +   857d ago
Guess what?The online passes are for Online?right?They have to maintain the servers,I buy most of the games new anyway but i buy also used.Why am I wasting time?have o good day bye
strifeblade  +   857d ago
umm - oh wait i forgot you cant play halo or forza online! and xbox has no servers to mantain so god knows why online passes are not used for msoft's top selling franchises while sony does.
isarai  +   857d ago
Well they already stated it will not require online, so that alone makes it less restricted. And yeah there is quite a bit that still needs to be clarified as far as used/lending games, but with their positive reaction to the #NoDrmPS4(or whatever) campaign coupled with their public mocking of DRM in general i just don't see them going the same rout as Xbox after mocking it(DRM not MS). also seeing as how they value their online being free as a major selling point, i doubt they would change that. Now i could be wrong on all of this(it's just my opinion) and they could completely fuck it up in which case i'm just going Wii U and PC) but seeing their past history, and seeing how they treat their customers, i just don't think it'll be NEARLY as restricted as XB1, but again it's just my opinion.
kupomogli  +   857d ago
Sony has admitted they've got DRM in place, but nothing that hasn't been available on the PS3. Registration codes are the only DRM that Sony has, and it's been used on the PS3 to block out content on games.

Remember Alice 2? The first game is on disc as well, but locked out unless you use the "online pass."

So Sony has stated that the DRM isn't going to be at a console level, meaning that every developer who does such will be doing it on their own. Most developers don't have the balls to do it. Most developers don't sell enough games to go through with the backlash anyways.

So very few developers but the big name ones are really going to go through with it if they do.

People are saying just because Sony is similar to the Xbox One being it's the same generation console. The Wii U has no restrictive DRM outside of online passes. Developers could lock games on the Wii U if they wished as well. Maybe it will happen, but more than likely it would have already happened.

How about the Vita? Sony's next gen portable. It just came out a year ago. You'd think they'd add DRM to it, and no, not Death Ray Manta, but actual DRM if they were interested in doing this type of thing.

No one knows what's going to happen, but Playstation fans can make a good argument that it won't be as restrictive as on Xbox One, while Xbox fans are going to try and push the issue with nothing to really back it up other than. "The Xbox One does it and the PS4 is also next gen so it's going to do it too."
kupomogli  +   857d ago
One thing I have to ask though. Why do people feel the need to be vested in a console that isn't already out?

You have yet to pay for the Xbox One and PS4. So why don't you make your opinion on the information already released? Why try to defend one console which is clearly not the way to go if you want to keep your rights over being a Xbox fanboy just because you owned the previous system?

I don't see how you can't care about the faults of a console just because you want your preferred brand to win so badly. It's just a console.
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