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rasputiny  +   905d ago
list is spot on.
blitz0623  +   905d ago
My list:
Gaming101  +   905d ago
lol you can tell they're fishing for people to subscribe to their website when they end with "Let us know how shitty you feel about this list in the comments section! Don't worry, we have thick skin we can handle it!" Only for them to force you to register instead of allowing you to comment as a guest.
Troll article, voted down.
3-4-5  +   904d ago
Yea. List is highly accurate and informative and really doesn't brown nose the most famous FPS games.

Kind of refreshing and he wasn't hating on them either, just stating solid opinions mixed with a few facts.

I've bought every COD game, and play each one slightly less and less hoping for a great experience and getting a medium to good one in return.

I like the series and am not abondoning it, but I'm not into it like I was with COD3,MW1,WaW
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Philoctetes  +   905d ago
Resident Evil 4 is one of my all-time favorites. Sorry.
Transporter47  +   905d ago
that game is really good
3-4-5  +   904d ago
I liked a ton of games for N64 that I'm only recently finding out were rated 5/10...6/10....and me and friends had hours and hours of fun with these games.

There are plenty of sub 8.0/10 games I love. He was just giving an opinion but it's a highly accurate one.
crazypenguin08  +   905d ago
should of put halo higher on the list
Enemy  +   905d ago
Resident Evil 4 is overrated? Wow. I love how they end the vid by practically labeling anyone who disagrees with this list a "fanboy" too. Yet another website to abort.
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Transporter47  +   905d ago
Apparently they don't know the qualities of a good game, even if it hits the in the face.
SexyGamerDude  +   905d ago
Resident Evil 4? That video was bull****.
SpiralTear  +   905d ago
You know, I'm noticing a trend in that many articles who aim to provoke an audience into console or developer-specific fanboyism (aka trolling) use the word "overrated."

It's such a loaded term; it's like you're begging for people to disagree with you.
NioRide  +   905d ago
Its because it generates views and gets them a bit more cash from the hits their page takes.
breakpad  +   905d ago
Halo CE and only CE (all other HALOs are mediocrities) is one of the best FPS of all times if not the best (for me it is)his gameplay mechanics and the fluidity of the battle and shooting are unmatched even by today standards (plus the grafics which were made from very special grafic engine not seen even on PC that time) HALO CE was a rare gem ... for all the other shooters the reviewer has a point but for HALO he should put the other titles of the series (2,3,4,odst)
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mmccarthy4  +   905d ago
local mp on halo ce was a blast
cpayne93  +   905d ago
Halo 2 was better in just about every way, even if it wasn't as revolutionary. Halo 3 was also great, but halo 2 was the best halo imo.

These lists are kind of pointless, for every gem you will find someone who thinks it's crap.
CanadianTurtle  +   905d ago
Are you kidding me? Halo CE only felt fun the first half of the game. The second half felt very monotonous, tedious and boring with copy/pasted levels and missions that lasted for nearly hours.

Halo CE isn't as good as all the fanboys claim. Just be careful. I wasted 40 bucks on Halo CEAnniversary edition because I thought it'd be good since there was at least one guy in the comments section for every Halo video on youtube stating how "amazing" the first Halo was. And they also say things how it's the best in the series.....its not.
I've played it and it is a mediocre game at best. Every Halo after the first was good.

And why is Resident Evil 4 on the list? It deserved all the great review scores it got. Not overrated in the slightest.

Oh, Gears of War is on the list too?
I'm outta here.
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mmccarthy4  +   905d ago
For it's time halo was very well done and I believe the first fps to utilize the dual analog control scheme used in every console fps today.
breakpad  +   905d ago
you r clearly a noob in games... Anniversary edition was crap game... the original HALO CE was a masterpiece from every aspect ..his awsome gameplay is yet to be redone in recent games ... go play HALO CE coop on legendary and you dont need to play any other FPS
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CaulkSlap  +   905d ago
Could not agree more. Halo 2 had a terrible campaign and ruined most of the subtle gameplay elements that made Halo CE so incredible. Played Halo CE LAN parties for years and nothing to this day has matched it imo.
spaceg0st  +   905d ago
To sum up the 10 minute video. ..

5. Halo Combat Evolved
4. Gears of War
3. Resident Evil 4
2. GTA 3
1. Call of Duty Series

Pretty lame list/video
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mmccarthy4  +   905d ago
COD is a given but everything else is just troll bait each of those other games significantly changed there respected genre.
StoutBEER  +   905d ago
Well said.
MysticStrummer  +   905d ago
GTA isn't a shooter, so the list is lame based on that alone.

RE shouldn't be a shooter but it's become one, sadly. I was so bored by RE4 that I didn't finish it and haven't played a RE game since, so I agree it's overrated.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was definitely not overrated, but every CoD since then has been.

I agree that Halo and Gears are overrated, but I also think Killzone and Resistance are overrated.

*fanboy heads explode*

I find most highly reviewed FPSs to be overrated though.
nigelp520  +   905d ago
Half Life 2
Rainbow Six Vegas
Resistance Fall of man
Call of Duty games after Black ops
young7yang  +   905d ago
I agree with every game on your list.
j-blaze  +   905d ago
he was nagging about RE4 not being a true Resident Evil but then complain about the lack of freaking ammo the heck!
Upbeat  +   905d ago
Very good list,can spot the bum hurt Resident evil fans in the comment section, resident evil was a 4/10 although thats 4 more marks than any RE game of late.
USMC_POLICE  +   905d ago
Don't agree with GTA or cod 4! GTA in my opinion is great and call of duty 1,2,&4 were great all others were over rated.
doi  +   905d ago
really RE4? the game that revolutionized the 3rd person shooter with the over the shoulder aiming.

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