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ltachiUchiha  +   981d ago
I know one thing for sure, it brings in alot of cash but does nothing new to show why it sells so much & why its worth it. The series got stale after modern warfare 2. Its been the same game with added feats each new release but nothing close to ever getting GOTY. To those that love it thats ok, its your choice but your missing out on alot of better games just playing COD.
rigbybot127  +   981d ago
I don't miss out on anything by playing Call of Duty. It's called "multitasking", and it's not hard. I enjoy the series. They're not Bioshock, but they're good games, with smooth gameplay.
Black-Helghast  +   980d ago
There's stereotypes even in gaming. If you play cod, you're 12-16, don't know about good games, immature and probably 'fat'.
GDDR6_2014  +   980d ago
^^ the top 4 selling games of all time on either ps3 or 360 are CODs, it's more than just 12-16 year old playing them
Blackdeath_663  +   979d ago
there are a certain type of people who are not interested in gaming news they find out about a console when it hits the highstreet and they only buy two games on it Call of duty and fifa everytime a new one comes out they are the first to have it and spend the whole generation playing those two games. i personally know a large number of people like that they only ever occasionally buy another type of game if its really popular like red dead redemption or skyrim.
alot of these people will have no idea about DRM, always-on, backward compatibility, used games etc.. and usually when they find something they really don't like or doesn't function they just sell it and swap it out for the next most popular console on the market they are also the type of people who will put up with subscription fees and don't question what they are actually getting for their money or if there is a better service.
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lucaskeller1  +   979d ago
Sales =/= Quality. It can but in this case I beg to differ. COD ghosts looks like a ps2 game pushed to the max, or an early ps3 game.
Rusty515  +   979d ago
I despise mw2. Multiplayer was complete bullshit. AA-12, noob tubes, campers, commando, quickscopers (i don't care how "pro" you are. That's not how you use a fucking sniper), etc. I hate how people are starting to say that game was good. No. Go play it again and come back and tell me that game isn't broken. (Probably even more broken now due to hackers) After WAW is when it started to suck. (Black Ops 1 was an exception though)
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T2  +   979d ago
You have some good obs here .. I agree there can be no such thing as quickscoping ... And waw I thought was boring ... But obviously people are buying it so no wonder they leave it ... Campers , shotguns , etc never really bothered me you can always outsmart them
dazzrazz  +   979d ago
What else can you expect when you are fawkin' shoved into a map size of a matchstick box with 12 people ?
fourOeightshark  +   979d ago
Wow we think alike.
FITgamer  +   979d ago
He didn't say if you play COD you're missing out. He said if you JUST play COD you're missing out. I know 3 people that have owned current gen consoles since launch and have only owned COD games. One of which has 44 days played on BO 2 alone, i have 3 days and feel like that's too much. Extremely sad and pathetic, he knows because i make to tell him that at least once a week. People that are missing out.

EDIT: How in the hell did i end up down here? This was @rigbyot oops!
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fourOeightshark  +   979d ago
I know people like that too and some of them actually played all kinds of games last gen but now they don't like anything that isn't CoD.
FITgamer  +   979d ago
I don't understand it, I've even offered to let him file share any of the 70+ games on my HDD and he tells me he doesn't have time to play anything else lol.
Mutant-Spud  +   979d ago
Yeah but how much of the COD experience is actually about perfecting a skill set or memorising button sequences? The gameplay is almost incidental to the levelling and unlocking, playing COD multiplayer is pretty much like grinding in an MMO.
titletownrelo  +   978d ago
In one article they spoke so proudly of their "skull" logo they created. But to be honest I think Blacklight Retribution's is better.

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kraigslist_killa  +   981d ago
Playstation being hacked was the best thing thats ever happened to me, before then it was COD and nothing else. After, I played the uncharteds, resistances, kill zone, bio shock, etc. At this point I fear COD its like crack cocaine.
optimus  +   979d ago
I really don't get why people keep pitting the 2 call of duties together as one game when they are really 2 separate games with just the same moniker... I was more into infinity wards games so it wasn't a "yearly release" for me. Even if it was, i wouldn't mind as i really like the epic scenes in the game. I'm not into multiplayer so i never bought it for that, and granted the story has been lacking each time but i have played worse (i.e. Bioshock, fallout 3,)...

hopefully with Ghost it will be a huge step forward as it was from call of duty 2 to 3: modern warfare.
knifefight  +   979d ago
First sentence:
"In case you have quite literally been under a rock,"

Ugh, I hate this misuse and abuse of 'literally.' Come on, my parents wouldn't know what the hell Call of Duty is and they don't "literally" live under rocks.
(Scroll down to "literally" section)

We all know people who wouldn't know the name of the franchise.

...But yeah, I wish the CoD thing would slow down. Gamers just keep buying the same thing, and that might be the bigger problem.
rigbybot127  +   979d ago
Your parents wouldn't be reading this, would they? These articles are always only directed towards the gamers, not their non-gamer parents.
knifefight  +   979d ago
It'd be a silly notion to think that every person who plays console games also reads game websites ;)

(Which is kind of the reason so many games get huge online buzz, but end up with low sales. Online enthusiasts are the minority.)
Bonerboy  +   979d ago
Tumor on the face?!'s engulfed the entire head now, and hopefully working its way down to the heart where with any luck it will explode and end this black hole of perpetual misery once and for all.

Mouth breathing CoD gamer...."whoooaaa! yeah but look at dat sweet badass painted skull mask dat guy has! Im buyin' it!"
strigoi814  +   979d ago
COD is like beer addicting and good but in the end of the day you will end ip drunk and looks junk
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   979d ago
Me and COD had a love hate relationship during MW2 days but pretty much quit the series after that. My friends would let me borrow future installments but, ithey all felt the same so I didn't buy another 1.
trenso1  +   978d ago
me too ive played the latests ones from borrowing and game sharing, but i will not spend any of my money on this franchise
GeisT  +   979d ago
Fanboy articles. Tumor on the face of humanity.
rigbybot127  +   979d ago
I am not a fanboy. I would not say Call of Duty is in my top 10 franchises of all-time. My favorites are Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Mario, Zelda, Half-Life, Sonic, Portal, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, and Resident Evil, with RE4 being my favorite game of all-time. I'm not here to say "OMG Call of Duty is hardcore elite video gamez!", I'm here to say that it's nowhere near as bad as people are making it out to be.

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