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Godchild1020  +   986d ago
That partnership with Microsoft or is Sony just waiting until the next update?
extermin8or  +   986d ago
maybe they are waiting for sony's decision on DRM? I'm pretty certain EA are the ones pulling the strings behind all this-always thought the hating on them was ridiculous but now I'm beginning to wonder...
badz149  +   986d ago
something good from EA
get ready for the shitstorm guys!
ginsunuva  +   986d ago
good? no they're just waiting for MS's used game fee instead.
HammadTheBeast  +   986d ago
lol. this isn't good. you think they'd just open the doors for people to buy their games used? lol.

Remember, this is EA we're talking about. Nothing has changed.
Yo Mama  +   986d ago
Even if MS wanted to scrap DRM, it's too late. They've already signed agreements with EA and if they tried to, they'd be in legal trouble.
FamilyGuy  +   986d ago
This is actually good news, they actually mean what they say about removing online passes and it isn't just because of the Xbox Ones new DRM. They will continue to produce games (at least sports games)for current gens systems for years to come so this is legit. Removing the pre-owned pay-wall from upcoming aaaand all older titles is a real commitment, not just some underhanded, looks nice with an ulterior motive, move.

Given the recent article about GTA 5 creator saying that they should get a cut from Mircosofts re-sell strategy is an indication that developers aren't necessarily even informed yet on whether or not Microsoft plans to give them a share in those re-sell profits. EA might not even have known about Mircosofts plans before making this online pass removal plan. The X1 conference is the only indication that they might have.

Either way this is great news.
bub16  +   986d ago
Now i understand why EA has got rid of online passes. its because you will end up paying full price for a pre-owned game anyway!

make more money this way then you do charging £8 a pass
Ashlen  +   986d ago
This is pretty much what I expect.

You have got this closed platform in Xbox, which limits competition completely using DRM. At that point why even bother lowering prices, when there is no competition?

I fear that if Xbox DRM succeeds you won't be able to buy a bunch of older games (but still new) for 20$ from Amazon (or what ever store) anymore, because the prices will be fixed by the publishers.
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extermin8or  +   986d ago
that is a nasty situation- there are many games I have bought before for reduced price that I never would have risked buying at the full price on release but it turns out I loved-I bought their sequels day 1.... It works both ways EA you didn't want to create new IP's etc tilll next gen well I wont buy them if my money is being called to by better games and I can't afford both. With UNI starting thats going to be most every game that's not a present or something...
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dmeador  +   985d ago
@Ashlen Man do you even know what a closed platform, competition, or demand is or how it works?

So you think older games will be MORE expensive due to publishers knowing that the consumers will have to pay a fee to actually play it? That would make them want to lower the cost if anything.

I'm know people will downvote just bc it sounds like I'm for it, but people need to wage smart battles if they want to fight this
ger2396  +   986d ago
If they don't do this for the ps3, it pretty much confirms that ps4 will not block used games or charge a fee. It seems Microsoft and ea have entered a partner ship that requires you to sell and buy your used games through them.
SlavisH2  +   986d ago
This also means EA is more likely to make exclusives games&DLC on xbox one, aka mirror edge2, because they will recieve more revenue. EA is about money and if m$ is doing this for them they will do something in return. DES:Double-Edged-Sword
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Drekken  +   986d ago
Who cares? I haven't bought an EA game in ages.
DevilishSix  +   986d ago
Up yours EA.
stage88  +   986d ago
Pretty much this.
Sharius  +   986d ago
when EA suddenly doing something good, then you will know something much worse going to happen

now prepare to be screw

PS: i don't miss any EA's game on my playstation, so i happy to give them away for xbox's guys
greenpowerz  +   986d ago
Maybe Battlefield 3? I fired up BF3 yesterday and all my premium content reloaded as if I just purchased them (again) and it reset all my gameplay settings. BF4 on teh cloud in coming
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WeAreLegion  +   986d ago
I don't think people read your comments. They just hit "disagree". I would recommend changing your name (if you haven't used that one-off yet) and starting with a new attitude. :)
Funky Town_TX  +   986d ago
You guys are funny
KrisButtar  +   986d ago
The only EA games I have are Dragon Age Origins Ultimate and Kingdom or Alamur: Reckoning. They really haven't put out anything worth having this Gen
fourOeightshark  +   986d ago
I only have BF3 and i sure can live without it.
KrisButtar  +   986d ago
Does that game have 4 way split screen for MP? I would like another choice other than COD and Halo for when friends come over for MP
fourOeightshark  +   986d ago
Nope, it doesn't have split screeen.
aquamala  +   986d ago
they really mean "older" titles too. aren't these games pretty much dead online?
dazzrazz  +   986d ago
I think BC2 still has some people playing, MOH has 996 people atm and warfighter around 2800 :D
sway_z  +   986d ago
Notice they mentioned only 360??

Online passes have only been scrapped on Xbox systems...PS4 will retain online pass fee's to play used games online.

YES Xbox will get some exclusive full games as part of this shady deal, but the fee's will help funding overall multi plat development.

Thanks to the (B)army of 'ready to pay' Xbox users...this benefits PS4 much like that MS GTA 4 DLC 50 mil deal with R*..PS3 got all DLC eventually and it helped fund the game.

As for multi plats even Wii U benefits ...Result!!
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ziggurcat  +   986d ago
no release of the back catalogue online passes on PSN?

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