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MultiConsoleGamer  +   988d ago
Sony is going to come at Xbox One with guns blazing. I'm expecting very aggresive pricing, and some big surprises on the software front.

But the question is... Will it be enough to counter Microsoft and their one billion dollar advertising budget? MS seems content to buy their way to a cheap victory. (Maybe "cheap" isn't the right word...)
Arai  +   988d ago
1b isn't for advertising it's for "new content", so most likely that 1b is calculated for the 15 games they are making.

Unless there's confusion about that as well amongst the media, but that's what I read the budget is for.

Some months ago people did some rough B.O.M. calculations which came to approximately 400 USD (all expenses included).
Most likely both consoles will remain within 50 USD difference of each other, 399,99 USD is a sweet spot IMO.
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BluEx610  +   988d ago
MS has $60 Internet XBL fee. Also controller still uses AA batteries, so $20 Charging Station add to that as well. Also 500 GB HDD is too low, so expect to drop $100+ on a HDD add on, since you can't replace your HDD. Kinect 2.0 is mandatory, so that upped the price into Xbox One's hardware cost. I would gladly prefer that to be optional $150 peripheral and drop the price of the console by say $50 or more. I'm also suspecting that there will be additional costs to use ESPN, NFL, and Cable features. MS also said they're not selling this console at a lost so expect $399 or more.

I love how MS dropped $100's of millions into a Halo TV series, instead of supporting their game developers, EPIC or Bungie. Invest more on developers since the industry is struggling so much. Not give TV media more money.
Koyes  +   988d ago
I hope the PS4 is between £300-350. I'll still buy it even if it's £450 but the cheaper it is, the more games I can buy at launch ;)
waltercross  +   988d ago
The PS4 will have a built in HDD but we don't know yet on the size. I Expect the prices to be almost the same, give or take $50. I expect the PS4 HDD to be at least 1TB. I also don't think the PS4 Will require Full game Installs like the XBO Has.
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fermcr  +   988d ago
Give me a PS4 at 350€-400€ maximum, and i will likely buy it at launch. More then that, I'll just wait.
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ANIALATOR136  +   988d ago
I'm expecting between £350-£400 here. Anything less though would be great
CommonSense  +   988d ago shit. anyone out there that thinks they could charge 30k per system and still have a successful launch?
NameRemoved0017  +   988d ago
The launch will be a crash and burn while Sonys sales exceed expectations.
DivineAssault  +   988d ago
$400 for a basic model is perfect imo.. With a $450-$500 deluxe version that includes the camera, bigger HDD, & other goodies possibly a game & a yr of PS Plus
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waltercross  +   988d ago
The PS4 Comes with the camera already.
DivineAssault  +   988d ago
ya your right.. I wonder if it HAS to be plugged in for the dual shocks to function.. The LED lights are color coded & can be used for other things so im curious if the PS4 eye needs to be on & read its position
Saints94  +   988d ago
Have to say it: about tree-fiddy.
Bathyj  +   988d ago
Tree Dolla an Fiddy Cent
hakesterman  +   988d ago
The prices are going to be pretty high, I'm thinking that Xboxone will be 499.99 and PS4 will be 549.99. I think the PS4 will Launch November 3rd and the Xboxone on November 29th. Both will have a Free month subscription for online and will most likely have two free Games of some sort.
waltercross  +   988d ago
I Think both will be around $399, give or take. No really new tech to bump that up much more, if anything the XBO might even be a little more. I think XBO Will be released in late October and the PS4 Sometime in November. MS Will try once again to get a head start on Sony.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   988d ago
A man doesn't recall the launch of a system having 2 games bundled with it. Also PS4 will most likely have free online for basic play and charge for all the Gaikai stuff and the current PS+ perks (for the same PS+ fee of $50 a year). A user's prices are probably $100 too high.
NameRemoved0017  +   988d ago
Will the xbox one also play the amazing new VHS tapes just like it can stream innovative live TV?
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PigPen  +   988d ago
I will be surprised if Sony launch at $400. I think they will go for a $449 basic model at most and not lose alot on hardware. That's better then the PS3 price but not the sweet spot.
talisker  +   988d ago
After watching all that Xbox TV commercial crap I decided to get PS4 day 1 no matter the price. Time to stand up for my gaming hobby or it's going to die.
DJ  +   988d ago
$400 for PS4, $500 for Xbox One, and $400 for Xbox One with an XBL Gold subscription.
GreenRanger  +   988d ago
I think the Xbox One might cost more than the PS4.
I mean, that giant new Kinect camera can't be cheap.
waltercross  +   988d ago
True but the PS4 Releases with the new bigger, 2 cameras and 4 Mics PS Eye. Well some articles say 4 mics, some say 2 so i dunno the Real facts when it comes to the Mics.
jessupj  +   988d ago
But the eye toy's optional isn't it?
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Tultras  +   988d ago
Is the ps eye important? Can we buy the console without it??
forcefullpower  +   988d ago
It will be so cheap that it won't make a difference to the price if the console compared to kinect.
Prcko  +   988d ago
sony gonna win!
MonkeyNinja  +   988d ago
Did anyone else notice that on the site, The "TV" tab is green (Xbox) and the "Games" tab is blue (PS)?

Not sure if it's always been that way and just coincidence, but thought it was pretty funny in an ironic kind of way.

On Topic: I don't think PS4's price matters too much. As long as it's not US$600+, and as long as Xbone isn't free or comes with a genie in a bottle that grants you 3 wishes, I don't think Sony have anything to worry about. Really hoping for $400-$450 though.

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