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strigoi814  +   990d ago
is there gonna be a couple of change to the characters final appearance
Rusty515  +   990d ago
Since it's gonna take place in Seattle, can we expect a grunge-based soundtrack?

(Hey I can dream right?)
r21  +   990d ago
Hopefully someone asks if past inFamous characters will be back.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   990d ago
didnt they say past characters wont return when the game first got announced?
stuntman_mike  +   990d ago
not even zeke :(
r21  +   990d ago
They did? Link please.
The_Infected  +   990d ago
How big is the map compared to Infamous 2?
The_Blue  +   990d ago
Im not into the skinny jeans and goth thing.
uncharted56  +   990d ago
Goth I agree with but it seems you are quite old to understand todays culture.
The_Blue  +   988d ago
Im not old. Im just not into skinny Jeans. lol
Koyes  +   990d ago
I hope someone asks how long the campaign is

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