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Crazyglues  +   992d ago | Funny
LMAO... OMG! hat's off to this company for making fun of Call Of Duty's dogs... that was hilarious

||.........___||............ ||
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Mario20  +   992d ago
Do not laugh! Yare not allowed to laugh at this. I will call the cops on you. I have you ip address and soon your cell phone. Captain Jack will also like to question you so expect him at your office.

This meeting will end when I put my hands down. And they are not down! This meeting is over! Darn xbot.. or shall I say Stukloliakalio
sengoku  +   991d ago
OMG that was so funny.
that reveal is really becoming the laughing stock of the industry.
BlmThug  +   991d ago
This vid is hilarious x'D
sikbeta  +   991d ago
Nobody knows who these guys are, make a 20m sales games first and then mock others...
UltraNova  +   991d ago
So DICE if your reading this then you should definitely consider doing something like these guys cause you're gonna be left in the dust, I mean seriously they have dogs and snowmen, you guys have shit!!

So listen up I got this! You should put a super hot chic the game who can kick some ass and have her follow the main player around, in her bikini!!

How bout dat!!!??
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condemmedman  +   991d ago
, @Sengoku

Giant crabs???
That was way more hilarious lol
Maddens Raiders  +   992d ago
pixelsword  +   991d ago
Microsoft invented interactive Emotions.

And Avatars.
HammadTheBeast  +   992d ago

And they're totally right about "When he inevitably dies in a scripted cinematic.... you'll feel sad" LOL.

ABizzel1  +   991d ago
Another sad truth is that COD is still going to go on and sale 15+ million even after all these LOL's.

But might as well have a good time with it up til then :D
hesido  +   991d ago
If I were Infinity Ward, I'd change the part of the script that the dog dies RIGHT NOW.
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first1NFANTRY  +   992d ago
comment disabled lol
Prcko  +   991d ago
Anon1974  +   992d ago
Ru roh!
Snookies12  +   992d ago
I've actually not heard of Takedown, but man that video was hilarious!
Abriael  +   992d ago
It's not very well known, as it's a niche shootera and the kicktarter didn't explode like others out there, but it has some good potential.
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Canary  +   992d ago
Just had a bit of a mind=blown moment when I realized FPS games have become so homogenous and samey that "niche shooter" is actually a thing that can exist now.
Virtual_Reality  +   992d ago
You should, check out the concept of Takedown
hiredhelp  +   991d ago
Im a backer of Takedown witch can be found here.
The guy that started this started as a modder worked on projects games such as rainbow six ghost recon, even Halo hes also a way cool guy.

The game is gonna be on all platforms if you like old school close quarters think Socom/rainbow six Vegas you'll love this. Anyways plz visit the link.
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FullmetalAlchemist  +   992d ago | Funny
NO! The Snowman can't die, he just can't! I'll perform snowman transmutation if I have to.
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FlameAlchemist  +   992d ago | Funny
No Edward you can't risk it again! It's a forbidden taboo.
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FullmetalAlchemist  +   992d ago
But Colonel, if Activision wants me to have any emotional bonds to their game they can't keep killing off their coolest characters! First Roach now snowman! Whats next?
FlameAlchemist  +   992d ago
Enough Elric! All emotional ties to call of duty were severed the moment Battlefield 4 was announced.
Reverent  +   992d ago
Damn the both of you; making me crave FMA. Now I'm gunna have to watch it all over again from the beginning for like the eighth time.
vickers500  +   991d ago
Wish Brotherhood was on Netflix so I can see how the story ends. I only got to watch the regular Fullmetal Alchemist.
Axonometri  +   992d ago
I want to see the Snowman! Great fun!
latincooker214  +   992d ago
Damn that was funny as hell lmao:-) PS4 FTW.
okmrman  +   991d ago
in case you didnt know
its coming out for ps4 also
hesido  +   991d ago
The emotional-attachment-to-dog is an XBone exclusive.
Ser  +   992d ago
The whole "dies during a scripted cinematic" thing is great. 'Cause that's exactly what happens. Every. Single. Time.
Abriael  +   992d ago
Lol yeah that mae me laugh, a lot
Canary  +   992d ago
It'll be different this time.

He won't take a stray bullet, or suddenly die from a cold (looking at you, JRPGs). He'll just melt when it's time for the desert level.
NarooN  +   991d ago
Hahaha yep! I bet your player character will get knocked down by some random explosion or gunshot or something, and be incapacitated, with the slow motion-esque whirring sounds all over the place, your character doing that typical "CoD heavy breathing thing", and then the dog charges someone and gets shot.

Calling it here lol.
GreenRanger  +   992d ago
"You're dealing with something that has three base parts....and a nose."
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Fairchild Channel F  +   991d ago
I wonder if the nose will have a tattoo like the real seal team snowman does.
Pillsbury1  +   991d ago
They should use your dragonzord instead! It's morphin time!!
nosferatuzodd  +   992d ago
ha ha i know EA must be like damn we should of never let Microsoft drag us down like this ha ha ha ha
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ApolloTheBoss  +   992d ago
Seeing as snowmen have a short life span, will the campaign be like 20 minutes long?
HammadTheBeast  +   992d ago
25. There's a snow level.
MidnytRain  +   991d ago
nikrel  +   992d ago
Dr.who snowmen would be nasty
NewEra7  +   992d ago
This reveal has caused some of the most hilarious backlashing videos, gifs, memes etc. I have EVER seen lmaooooo!

Takedown Snowman > Collar Duty
ginsunuva  +   992d ago
I know, this is actually better than if MS announced a great console.
Rockstar  +   992d ago
"Lead Eyebrow Animator"

Lovin' it.
Dannehkins  +   992d ago
Lol Always makes me chuckle this whole thing.

Massive selling franchise and the best they come out with is a dog that is 'someone you're supposed to care about' and fish that swim away from you as approach.

They practically asked for this spoofs. Makes you wonder what they were smoking in those offices at Infinity Ward eh?
Braid  +   991d ago
I don't think IW was ready at all, seems to me that they had to put something together just to be on the stage.

I might be wrong though, but compared to other COD reveals this should be the weakest. I was at least expecting a gameplay demo.
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pr0t0typeknuckles  +   992d ago
lmfao,they just trolled activision.
Der_Kommandant  +   992d ago
I can't drink water anymore because it's snowman's blood
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ginsunuva  +   992d ago
Look! I finally found CoD Ghosts gameplay:
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WeskerChildReborned  +   992d ago
"He's a teammate, you know he's someone that you can feel emotionally connected too, you care about him....he's a snowman." Lol.
kaozgamer  +   992d ago
lol "Is your new snowman model taken from high resolution scans of an actual seal team service snowman?" (from video comments)
MassOnesumis  +   992d ago
Thats the voice of the scout from TF2 Nathan Vetterlein.
Geovanny  +   992d ago
The guy is the lead eyebrow animator lol
Freddy_Millz1  +   992d ago
I attended college for game software development and i honestly have to say, non of that schooling would EVER land me the epic job of LEAD EYEBROW ANIMATOR....I'll never be ready. *Sadface*
madpuppy  +   992d ago
I was hoping to see the Snowman MoCap.

hunggago  +   991d ago
I guess in battle it's fitting to tell him to stay frosty...
Belking  +   991d ago
lol...but the call of duty devs will be the one's laughing all the way to the bank.
sashimi  +   991d ago
Lol jokes on them activision keeps most of the money
Belking  +   991d ago
"Lol jokes on them activision keeps most of the money"

Of course they funded it so what do you The devs will still have a better payday than 90% of the others in the industry.
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CanadianTurtle  +   991d ago
I think everyone knows that the dog will die an emotional death in the game. That was probably the only main purpose for adding a dog. Just to make the gamers "cry."
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PigPen  +   991d ago
I don't care about that, I am getting this game!
quenomamen  +   991d ago
So what if the snowman dies in this game, they can always bring him back in a sequal of his own right ?
nutcrackr  +   991d ago
He's melting, melting!
NarooN  +   991d ago
+100 for STALKER avatar :D
mrmancs  +   991d ago
Snow man attack!
Prcko  +   991d ago
lol snow man
Thomaticus  +   991d ago
I love you Snowman!
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